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Air China Cargo
IATA ICAO Callsign
Founded 2003
Fleet size 16
Destinations 36
Parent company Air China (51%)
Headquarters Beijing, China
Air China Cargo headquarters

Air China Cargo Co., Ltd. (simplified Chinese: 中国国际货运航空公司; traditional Chinese: 中國國際貨運航空公司; pinyin: Zhōngguó Guójì Huòyùn Hángkōng gōngsī) is a cargo airline of the People's Republic of China with its headquarters in Shunyi District in Beijing.[1] It is an all-cargo subsidiary of Air China and operates scheduled freighter services to 20 cities in 10 countries around the world. Its main base is Beijing Capital International Airport.[2]


The airline was established on 12 December 2003 and started operations shortly thereafter. It is owned by Air China (51%), CITIC Pacific (25%) and Beijing Capital International (24%) and has around 4,000 employees (as of March 2013).[2]

In May 2011, Air China and Cathay Pacific have announced the consolidation of their cargo business to the new Air China Cargo.[3]


Air China Cargo serves the following airports as of July 2015:[4]




Current Fleet[edit]

Air China Cargo Boeing 747-400F
Air China Cargo Boeing 777F at Beijing Capital International Airport

The Air China Cargo fleet consists of the following freighter aircraft (as of August 2016):[7]

Air China Cargo Fleet
Aircraft In Service Orders Notes
Boeing 747-400F 3
Boeing 757-200PCF 4
Boeing 777-200F 8
Tupolev Tu-204-120F 4
Total 15 4

Retired Fleet[edit]

The Air China Cargo retired fleet consists of the following freighter aircraft:[8]

Air China Cargo retired Fleet
Aircraft Fleet Introduced Retired Notes
Boeing 747-200SF 3 1997 2010 Sold to MK Airlines and Uni-Top Airlines
Boeing 747-200F 1 1990 2011 Sold to Uni-Top Airlines
Boeing 747-400BCF 6 2009 2014 Five aircraft are stored
Boeing 747-400BDSF 2 2006 2014 Sold to ACT Airlines
Tupolev Tu-204-120CE 1 2008 2011
Total 13

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