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An Air Expeditionary Task Force (AETF) is a deployed numbered air force (NAF) or command echelon immediately subordinate to an NAF that is provided as the U.S. Air Force component command committed to a joint operation.[1]

Notional AETF Composition[edit]

Forward Deployed (75 total) Function On-call (100 total)
18 x F-15C Counterair 6
10 x F-15E Counterland 14
8 x F-16CJ Counterair/Counterland 10
12 x A-10 Counterland (CAS) 14 (ANG)
3 x E-3 Surveillance/C2 0
3 x HH-60 CSAR 9
8 x C-130 Airlift (Intra-Theater) 10 (ANG)
4 x KC-10 Air Refueling 2
3 x KC-135 Air Refueling 7 (ANG)
3 x KC-135 Air Refueling 7 (ANG)
3 x C-21A Airlift 6
0 x B-52/B-1 Strategic Attack 6
0 x B-2 Strategic Attack 3
0 x F-117 Strategic Attack 6

High Demand/Low Density assets tasked as required: E-3, E-8, U-2, EC-130, RC-135, CSAR

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This article incorporates text in the public domain from the U.S. Department of Defense.

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