Organizational Excellence Award

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Air Force Organizational Excellence Award

Organizational Excellence Award ribbon

Ribbon with "V" Device (discontinued January 1, 2014)
Awarded by Department of the Air Force
Type Military ribbon
Eligibility unique, unnumbered organizations or activities that perform functions normally performed by numbered air wings, groups, squadrons, etc.
Status Current
Established 26 August 1969[1]
Next (higher) Outstanding Unit Award
Next (lower) Prisoner of War Medal
AFOEA Streamer.jpg
Air Force Organizational Excellence Award Streamer
AFOEA with Valor.jpg
Air Force Organizational Excellence Award Streamer for valor (discontinued January 1, 2014)

The Air Force Organizational Excellence Award is a unit award of the United States Air Force created by the Secretary of the Air Force on 26 August 1969. The award is presented to Air Force internal organizations that are entities within larger organizations. Examples of eligible organizations are MAJCOM headquarters, Field Operating Agencies, Direct Reporting Units, and other unique unnumbered organizations.[2]


The Organizational Excellence Award is presented as a service ribbon only. The ribbon has a narrow blue center stripe, flanked by a thin white stripes, a wide red stripe, separated by a thin white stripe, and edged in a narrow blue stripe.

Additional awards of are denoted by bronze oak leaf clusters worn on the ribbon. The "V" device (discontinued January 1, 2014) was authorized to be worn for the units participating in combat operations and or direct combat support.[1]


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