Air Holland

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Air Holland
Air holland logo.svg
IATA ICAO Callsign
Founded 1984
Commenced operations 1985 (first time)
20 December 1991 (second time)
Ceased operations 25 March 2004
Operating bases Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
Fleet size 21
Destinations Charters & Scheduled
Company slogan Air Holland Love it in the Air
Headquarters Oude Meer, Haarlemmermeer, Netherlands
Key people John Block (Founder & CEO) [1984-1991]
A.R.Marx (CEO) [1991-2004]

Air Holland was an airline based in the Netherlands. It operated passenger and cargo charters to Africa, Asia and the Mediterranean, as well as dry and wet leasing of aircraft to other airlines. It ceased operations on 25 March 2004.[1] The airline was headquartered in Oude Meer, Haarlemmermeer.[2][3]


Air Holland was founded in 1984 by John Block. It took a while for the airline to gain its operating certificate after KLM and Transavia Airlines attempted to stop the airline from getting it.

In the 1990s, Transavia Airlines attempted to purchase Air Holland but they were unsuccessful.

In 1991, Air Holland had to temporarily suspend all operations due to financial difficulties and a loss of DFL 30 million for the end of 1990. On the 20 December 1991, Air Holland took to the skies again under A.R.Marx's management.

On 25 March 2004, Air Holland ceased operations again due to financial difficulties.


Air Holland operated a fleet consisting only of Boeing aircraft:[4]

An Air Holland Boeing 757 at Schiphol in 1999.


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