Air Liquide (band)

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Air Liquide
Air Liquide.jpg
Air Liquide
Background information
Origin 1991, Cologne
Genres Acid House
Ambient techno
Years active 1991 - today
Labels Structure
Rising High
Sm:)e Communications
Members Ingmar Koch
Cem Oral
Past members Mary Applegate

Air Liquide is a German electronic band which is composed of Ingmar Koch (a.k.a. "Dr Walker") and Cem Oral (a.k.a. "Jammin' Unit") which was formed in 1991 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Koch and Oral continued to record together under the pseudonyms Madonna 303[1] and Jammin' Unit & Walker.[2]


Oral and Koch in 1991 met at a recording studio in Frankfurt.[3] After a variety of jam sessions in Koch Studio, the duo released Neue Frankfurter Elektronik Schule. Lyrics and vocals for some songs contributed chef former girlfriend Mary Susan Applegate. Air Liquide was in the mid-1990s especially known for their live performances. The band broke up in 2005 after the previous year's album Let Your Ears Be the Receiver. The duo has continued to reunite and perform at various festivals since 2012. An Air Liquide clubtour is announced for summer / fall 2017.



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