Air Mata di Kuala Lumpur

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"Air Mata di Kuala Lumpur"
Song by Saloma
English title "Tears in Kuala Lumpur"
Published 1972
Writer(s) P. Ramlee
Language Bahasa Melayu

"Air Mata di Kuala Lumpur" (Enghish: "Tears in Kuala Lumpur") is a song written by Malaysian silver-screen legend P. Ramlee. The song was his last song composed before his death on 29 May 1973, at the age of 44. The song was sung by his wife, Saloma.


The lyrics depicts the gloomy days of P. Ramlee, upon his return to Kuala Lumpur after years with Shaw Studio in Singapore. His dream of bringing the Malay film and music industry to a par with international level did not eventuate.

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