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The Air Melo Line of shoes is made by Nike, under the Air Jordan brand. The Air Melo's are the signature shoes of NBA star Carmelo Anthony.[1] Currently there are 12 different shoes out. The first two shoes made, the Air Jordan Melo 1.5, and the Air Jordan Melo 5.5, were not completely Carmelo's own design. They took other Air Jordan shoes and made them into an entirely new shoe.

The Air Jordan Melo 1.5's made an appearance in Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide, which Ned wanted after he found them in the Lost and Found. The shoes sold so well that in 2006 Air Jordan decided to give Carmelo his very own shoe, with its very own design. The shoe is called the Air Melo M3. Carmelo Anthony's shoe sales are third only to the Air Jordan retro series and the Air Jordan XXII.For the 06-07 season Carmelo was given his 4th "Melo" shoe, the Melo M4. The shoe was his second signature shoe that went on his own design and not off any other type of Air Jordans. Carmelo Anthony has said that he will have a new signature shoe out called AIR MELO M5 RAD/SHARK, this was apart from the Air Jordan naming competition where Carmelo Anthony picked the name himself. Since then he has released the Melo M5,Melo M6, Melo M7, Melo M8, Melo M9, Melo M10, Melo M11 and the Melo M12.[2]


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