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Air Miami was a band from Washington DC. The band was formed by Mark Robinson and Bridget Cross, both former members of Unrest, and drummer Gabriel Stout. They had releases on the 4AD Records and TeenBeat Records labels.

The 7" single "Airplane Rider" received quite a bit of attention from college radio, as did the song "World Cup Fever".


  • Fourteen Songs cassette (self-released, 1994)
  • Airplane Rider 7"45 (Teenbeat, 1994)
  • Sixteen Songs cassette (self-released, 1994)
  • Me, Me, Me LP (4AD/Teenbeat, 1995)
  • Fuck You, Tiger EP (4AD/Teenbeat, 1995)
  • World Cup Fever Remixes EP (Teenbeat, 1998)

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