Air New Orleans

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Air New Orleans
Air New Orleans Logo.png
IATA ICAO Callsign
ANL Air New Orleans
Founded 1981
Ceased operations 1988
Hubs New Orleans International Airport
Birmingham International Airport
Destinations Southeastern United States
Company slogan The Gulf Coast Connection, Air Alabama
Headquarters Birmingham, Alabama (1986-1988)
Panama City, Florida (1981-1986)

Air New Orleans was an airline based in Birmingham, Alabama that was conceived as a commuter airline to provide service to cities throughout the Southeastern United States from Texas to Florida.[1] The airline operated scheduled passenger service between 1981 and 1988 and was founded in 1981 in Panama City, Florida.[2]


Despite its name, the airline's original headquarters was in Panama City, Florida with some executive offices being located in New Orleans.[1] However, in 1986, the airline moved its headquarters to Birmingham, Alabama, and was located there until its closure in 1988.[1]

In June 1986, Air New Orleans was operating service as a Continental Express air carrier via a code sharing agreement with Continental Airlines in order to provide passenger feed in and out of New Orleans flown with British Aerospace BAe Jetstream 31 and Beechcraft C99 commuter turboprops.[3] [4]

By January 1988, the airline would file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, and would subsequently cease operation on June 17, 1988.[2]


Accidents and incidents[edit]

  • On May 26, 1987, a Continental Express flight, operated by Air New Orleans with a British Aerospace BAe Jetstream 31 (Registration N331CY) flying as flight 2962, crash landed just after takeoff from New Orleans International Airport. The plane crashed into eight lanes of traffic and subsequently injured two persons on the ground. Of the 11 occupants on board, there were zero fatalities.[6] The cause of the crash was attributed to pilot error.[7]

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