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Air Orient (Ligne d'Air Orient)
IATA ICAO Callsign
Founded 1929, France
Commenced operations 1929, France
Ceased operations 1933
Operating bases Paris, France
Headquarters 2 rue Marbeuf, Paris, France
Key people Ernest Roume (1858-1941) - Chairman
Maurice Noguè - Managing Director

Air Orient was an airline based in France. Created in 1929 from the merger of Air Asie(c. 1928) and Air Union Lignes d’Orient (c. 1927 - renamed from Messageries Transaeriennes 1923),[1][2] the short lived airline was merged with Air France October 7, 1933.


The airline connected France and parts of Europe to the Middle East and Far East, many of which were French colonial outposts:

  • France - Paris, Lyon, Marseille
  • Great Britain - London
  • Italy - Naples
  • Greece - Corfu, Athens
  • Syria - Damascus, Aleppo
  • Iraq - Baghdad
  • Persia - Allahabad, Bushehr (Bouchir), Jask (Djask)
  • India - Karachi, Jodhpur, Calcutta
  • Siam - Bangkok
  • Burma - Rangoon, Akyab
  • Indochina - Saigon
  • Lebanon - Beirut


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Recently the Ukraine-based Air Charter Asia airline changed its name to Air Orient [3]

Code data[edit]

  • IATA Code: UT
  • ICAO Code: ORT
  • Callsign: Air Orient


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