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Air Power Australia is a private non-profit Australian think tank. It was formed by Dr Carlo Kopp and Peter Goon in October 2004. The stated primary aim of the organisation is 'air power research and analysis, especially in the context of a modern integrated joint national force structure.' Air Power Australia is not affiliated with the Department of Defence, the Australian Defence Force or any other Australian Commonwealth government organisation.


The Air Power Australia website archives well in excess of 350 articles and papers dealing mostly with contemporary military aviation and Australian defense issues.

The Air Power Australia Analyses journal (ISSN 1832-2433) is also hosted by the website. Its stated aim is to provide a vehicle for academic and professional research, analysis and discussion articles and papers which do not fit the parameters of established publications in Australia. Most of the journal's publications to date are concentrated in the areas of policy, policy reform, strategy, technological strategy and basic technology.


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