Air Raid (Atari 2600)

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Air Raid
Air Raid Cover art.jpg
Platform(s)Atari 2600
Genre(s)Shoot 'em up

Air Raid is a 1982 shoot 'em up published for the Atari 2600 by Men-A-Vision, the only game released by the company.[1] The cartridge is a blue T-handle design with a picture of flying saucers attacking a futuristic city. It had extremely limited distribution,[citation needed] making it highly sought after by video game collectors.


The player controls a ship which scrolls side-to side directly above two buildings, with the objective of protecting the buildings from being destroyed by the bombs of enemy ships above.[1]



On April 10, 2010, the only believed to be complete game at the time (cartridge and box) known to still exist sold for $31,600.[2] The next known copy to surface on the internet was on October 22, 2011. The eBay auction offered an incomplete version of the game (cart only). Air Raid still sold for an impressive amount of $3,575 US. The transaction was completed, having both parties exchange positive feedback making this the second highest confirmed price paid for the game.[3] On October 24, 2012, the first truly complete game (cartridge, instruction manual and box) was listed for auction and eventually sold for $33,433.30.[4][5] Due to the media attention that this complete copy brought, on October 26, 2012, a third boxed copy (although without the instruction manual) has surfaced on eBay.[6] Near the end of 2010, the AtariAge website made a cartridge with a new label as a magnet.[7]


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