Air Routing International

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Air Routing International
Privately held company
IndustryBusiness Aviation
SuccessorRockwell Collins
FounderRudy Fabre, Tom Balousek, Richard Wilkens
ServicesFlight planning, aviation weather, Jet A fuel, and aircraft ground handling
ParentRockwell Collins

Air Routing International (commonly called Air Routing or ARI), was a worldwide provider of international trip support and corporate flight handling since 1978. Air Routing was acquired by Rockwell Collins in January 2010.[1]

Air Routing International was founded by Rudy Fabre, Tom Balousek, and Richard Wilkens in 1978. The founders developed a network of agents in markets throughout the world.

Air Routing guides corporate flight planners and pilots through the challenges of domestic and international air travel, providing services that range from international permits and route planning to weather reports and refueling.

The company's technical platform, Flight Manager, the cornerstone of Air Routing's client interface, was introduced in 1998. Flight Manager, in tandem with Air Routing's staff, is used by flight departments to obtain current flight details on their planned trip.

Air routing has been expanding its service offerings since its inception which, today, include arranging on-board catering, ground transportation, and hotel reservations for business, private, and government flight operations. Air Routing International and its associates, Wilkens Weather, Air Routing Fuel and Air Routing Card Services, maintain its corporate headquarters in Houston, Texas.[2]

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