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Air Warfare Officer – Command, Control and Communications (AWO(C3)) is a new vocation that was introduced in 2009 in the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF). AWO(C3) was previously known as Weapons Systems Officer-WSO(C3). The introduction of this new Air Warfare officer vocation was due to the transformation of RSAF to a 3rd generation(3G) fighting force. The 3G RSAF needs airmen who have the ability to orchestrate air warfare at the operational level, on top of displaying competence on the tactical level.

The AWO(C3) is involved in commanding fighter aircraft to perform strike missions, intercept operations and time-sensitive search-and-rescue missions. These officers must possess sharp reflexes, quick thinking alertness, and have good communication skills to control air operations. They also master precision-demanding air traffic control and are the ‘eyes and ears’ of the RSAF on a 24/7 basis in peacetime.

In charge of Command, Control and Communications(C3), the Air Warfare Officer(C3) plays an active role in every RSAF mission.


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