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Air Ambulance Jamaica - EMed Jamaica LTD

Air Ambulance Jamaica was established in 2009 by President & CEO Duane Boise. EMed Air Ambulance Jamaica is Jamaica's only government approved air ambulance service that provides ground ambulance, air evacuations and medical concierge services for government officials, Jamaica's largest trade unions, Jamaica's largest credit unions, and many high end resorts for tourist and Jamaican citizens. EMed transports many patients from Jamaica to Florida in the United States of America, Canada and the United Kingdom.

Air Ambulance Aircraft[edit]

EMed Air Ambulance Jamaica has access to several aircraft in Jamaica to accommodate their services for air ambulance. These aircraft are Lear 35, Piper Navajo Chieftain, IAI Westwind Jet and Pilatus PC-12.

Air Ambulance Electronic Health Records[edit]

Emed has established the very first EHR for the country of Jamaica.[1] They began this project to help doctors move from paper based workflows to electronic health record based systems on Jan 3rd 2010. The reason for the push to help doctors with medical records was to save more lives and have an accurate trail of medical data to ensure each patient was treated properly.

Air Ambulance Health Tourism[edit]

EMed has partnered and assists several large hotels, resorts and cruise lines to provide tourists with emergency air ambulance services in so doing they create a network to provide emergency services that were not available before. Several large companies have been instrumental in helping EMed help more people get the medical services. EMed is the center of health tourism for helping people who have an emergency medical condition fly to their home hospital and doctor's care.[2] Air Ambulance has become EMedical Jamaica's primary business helping several tourists per month fly to their home to receive medical treatment. Most recently the Jamaican Port Authority[3] asked EMed to set up an emergency access office to provide ground and emergency air ambulance evacuations.


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