Air battle over Merklín

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Air battle over Merklín
Part of Cold War
525th Fighter Squadron - Republic F-84E-10-RE Thunderjet - 49-2270.jpg CIAF 2015 MIG-15 1.jpg
USAF Republic F-84E and MiG-15
Date10 March 1953

Czechoslovak victory

American F-84 fighter-bomber shot down
 Czechoslovakia  United States
Commanders and leaders
Czechoslovakia Jaroslav Šrámek United States Lt. Warren G. Brown
2 MiG-15 2 F-84 Thunderjet
Casualties and losses
none 1 F-84 shot down
Pilot survived

The Air battle over Merklín was an air-to-air engagement between Czechoslovak and USAFE air units over the Czech village of Merklín, in the Bohemian Forest, on 10 March 1953. During the action Czech pilot Jaroslav Šrámek, flying a MiG-15 (from 5th Fighter Regiment, 2nd Squadron, Plzeň-Líně air base), shot down one of a pair of American F-84E Thunderjets (from 53rd Fighter Bomber Squadron, 36th Fighter-Bomber Wing). The American pilot, Lt. Warren G.Brown ejected from the aircraft, which crash-landed in German territory, approximately 35 kilometres (22 mi) from the border, and survived.[1][2]

It was reported in the London Times that the attack on the American aircraft was 10 miles (16 km) from the border near the town of Falkenstein, Bavaria.[3] The aircraft crashed near Regensburg, Bavaria and the burnt out wreckage of the F-84 was recovered by American soldiers.[3] The attack followed reports of other Czechoslovak aircraft over Bavarian territory. Brown, the pilot of the F-84, reported they were on a routine patrol along the border when they spotted two aircraft appear from the East, he was fired upon and bailed out after losing control.[3]


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Coordinates: 49°33′38″N 13°11′52″E / 49.56056°N 13.19778°E / 49.56056; 13.19778