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"Fly-in community" redirects here. Fly-in community may also refer to a remote and isolated community.
Hangar homes at Independence State Airport.

A residential airpark (also spelled air park) is also referred to as a "fly-in community". The word can also refer to a community specifically designed around an airport where the residents each would own their own airplane which they park in their hangar usually attached to the home or integrated into their home. The residential airpark or fly-in community features one or more runways with homes adjacent to the runway. Many fly-in communities feature a variety of amenities, such as golf course, equestrian facilities and more. Residential airparks or fly-in communities are usually privately owned and restricted to use by the property owners and their invited guests. Most do not include commercial operations or businesses.[1] The communities have also become a niche real estate market, with some firms dedicated solely to these developments.[2][3][4]

Some notable airparks[edit]


South Africa[edit]

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