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US Navy personnel using an aircraft fire trainer

An aircraft fire trainers is a firefighting simulator designed to practice rescue of passengers and crew during an aircraft accident. Aircraft fire training simulators allow firefighters to re-create different emergency scenarios such as large-scale external fuel spill, wing, engine and tail fires. They can also help to develop realistic internal rescue scenarios for seat, cockpit, cabin and cargo fire. Fire training simulators also offer flexibility for the right training activity while providing maximum safety at all times. They are used by municipal, industrial fire and rescue departments, international airports and military throughout the world. Ground collisions and accidents can be created as a part of a large-scale training exercise involving fire, ambulance and police cruise, ground staff and air crews. In addition, secondary incidents can be developed providing training on controlling incidents that can occur around the aircraft. Every activity is managed and viewed from the control tower.[citation needed]

When aircraft crash, specialized firefighting and rescue tactics are a must. However, burning up a million pound aircraft every so often is not a viable option - even for the largest of companies. The solution - full size mock-ups of several types of aircraft that are realistic enough to provide the right training, but are also much cheaper to produce and crucially - reusable.[1]


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