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Aireon LLC
Private company
ProductsAir Traffic Control Data, GlobalBeacon, and Aireon Alert
ServicesSpace-Based ADS-B

Aireon is an American company based in McLean, VA. Founded in 2011, it manufactures, deploys, and operates a global aircraft tracking and surveillance system[1] utilizing satellite-based receivers to monitor the existing ADS-B transmissions of aircraft, for global air traffic surveillance.[2][3][4]


Aireon was launched in 2011 as a joint venture between satellite communications company Iridium Communications Inc, Nav Canada, NATS [5], ENAV [6], Naviair [7]and the Irish Aviation Authority to work on a surveillance system to track aircraft around the globe, beyond the range of ground-based radar and ADS-B receivers, in real time.[8] [9][10] Nav Canada invested $150 million to acquire 51% stake in the project. [11][12][13]

In September 2016, Aireon launched a partnership with FlightAware to provide space-based ADS-B to airlines and other aircraft operators with Qatar Airways as the launch customer.

In January 2017, Aireon launched and deployed its first ADS-B payloads on Iridium Next satellites.Seven launches followed the first launch.[14][15] The eighth and final launch in January 2019 competed the constellation, putting the total on-orbit Aireon payloads to 75 (66 operational payloads and 9 spares).  [16][17][18][19][20]

National ANSPs including Nav Canada, UK NATS, ENAV, IAA, Naviair, Isavia, CAAS of Singapore, ATNS of South Africa, DC-ANSP, ASECNA and Seychelles (SCAA) have signed a Data Services Agreement with Aireon[21][22][23][24]


ADS-B-equipped aircraft transmit short data packets containing identification, position and other information. The system was intended to be used with ground-based receivers. Through its receivers in space, Aireon monitors these transmissions, providing coverage where there is no ground infrastructure, relaying signals from all ADS-B equipped aircraft to controllers[25][26]

Iridium Communications hosts the Aireon payloads on its constellation of Iridium NEXT low-orbiting communication satellites.

Aireon's receiver data is also processed by FlightAware which has partnered with Aireon to provide data to airlines, other aircraft operators, and the public.


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