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A list of all Airline codes. The table lists the IATA airline designators, the ICAO airline designators and the airline call signs (telephony designator). Historical assignments are also included for completeness.

Airline codes for airlines beginning with:

IATA airline designator

IATA airline designators, sometimes called IATA reservation codes, are two-character codes assigned by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) to the world's airlines in accordance with the provisions of IATA Resolution 762. They form the first two characters of the flight number.

Designators are used to identify an airline for all commercial purposes, including reservations, timetables, tickets, tariffs, air waybills, and in airline interline telecommunications. There are three types of designator: unique, alpha/numeric, and controlled duplicate.

IATA maintains two policies to deal with the limited number of available codes:

  1. after an airline is delisted, the code becomes available for reuse after six months;
  2. IATA issues "controlled duplicates".

Controlled duplicates are issued to regional airlines whose destinations are not likely to overlap, in such a way that the same code would be shared by two different airlines. The controlled duplicate is denoted here with an asterisk (*) following the code and in IATA literature as well.

ICAO airline designator

The ICAO airline designator is a code assigned by the International Civil Aviation Organization to aircraft operating agencies, aeronautical authorities, and services. The codes are unique by airline which is not true for the IATA airline designator codes.

Each aircraft operating agency, aeronautical authority, and services related to international aviation is allocated both a three-letter designator and a telephony designator. The designators are listed in ICAO Document 8585: Designators for Aircraft Operating Agencies, Aeronautical Authorities and Services. The ICAO codes originally based on a two-letter-system and were identical to the airline codes used by IATA. After an airline joined IATA its existing ICAO-two-letter-code was taken over as IATA code. So in the 1970s the abbreviation BA was the ICAO code and the IATA code of British Airways while non-IATA-airlines like Court Line used their 2-letter-abbreviation as ICAO code only. In the early 1980s ICAO introduced the current three-letter-system due to the increasing number of airlines. It became the official new standard system in November 1987.

An example is:

  • Operator: American Airlines
  • Three-letter-ICAO-designator: AAL (the original ICAO-two-letter-designator AA was used until 1987 and is also the IATA code of the airline)

Certain combinations of letters are not allocated to avoid confusion with other systems (for example SOS). Other designators (particularly those starting with Y and Z) are reserved for government organizations.

Designator YYY is used for operators that do not have a code allocated.

Call signs

Most airlines employ a distinctive and internationally recognized call sign that is normally spoken during airband radio transmissions as a prefix to the flight number. The flight number is normally then published in their public timetable and appears on the arrivals and departure screens in the airport terminals served by that particular flight. In cases of emergency, the airline name and flight number, rather than the individual aircraft's registration, are normally mentioned by the main news media.

Some call signs are less obviously associated with a particular airline than others. This might be for historic reasons, or possibly to avoid confusion with a call sign used by an established airline.

Not all of these operators of aircraft are civilian and some only operate ad hoc chartered flights rather than scheduled flights; some operate both types of flights. Some cargo airlines specialize in freight transport, an emphasis that may be reflected in the company's name.

Companies' assigned names may change over time as a result of mergers, acquisitions, or change in company name or status. Country names can also change over time and new call signs may be agreed in substitution for traditional ones. The country shown alongside an airline's call sign is that wherein most of its aircraft are believed to be registered, which may not always be the same as the country in which the firm is officially incorporated or registered. There are many other airlines in business whose radio call signs are more obviously derived from the trading name.

The callsign should normally resemble the operators name or function and not be confused with callsigns used by other operators. The callsign should be easily and phonetically pronounceable in at least English, French, Spanish or Russian.


* on IATA code indicates a controlled duplicate. italics indicates a defunct airline.

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Airline codes
IATA ICAO Airline Call Sign Country Comments
ACZ BlockedAIR
AFT Blocked
GBT A-Jet Aviation Aircraft Management GLOBETROTTER Austria
AJR A-Jet Aviation Company JET MONGOLIA Mongolia
SFM A-Safar Air Services AIR SAFAR Nigeria
AJJ A2 Jet Leasing ATLANTIC JET United States
LEP Air Costa LECOSTA India 2014[1]
NKP Abakan Air ABAKAN AIR Russian Federation 2014[1]
ADD Advanced Air Japan 2014[1]
OWN Aero Owen AERO OWEN Mexico 2014[1]
ASR Aero Sotravia SOTRAVIA France 2014[1]
ARH Aerohelicopteros AEROHELCA Venezuela 2014[1]
VMX Aeroventas de Mexico VENTA Mexico 2014[1]
ACC Airspeed Charter Jamaica 2014[1]
FSY Algonquin Airlink FROSTY Canada 2014[1]
ALN Alpha Jet TOLEMAC Slovakia 2014[1]
UJX Atlas Ukraine Airlines ATLAS UKRAINE Ukraine 2014[1]
RGR Avior Regional AVIOR REGIONAL Venezuela 2014[1]
NGF Air Charity Network ANGEL FLIGHT United States Re-allocated in 2014 was used by Angel Flight America[2]
WFT Aircharters Worldwide WORLD FLIGHT United States Allocated 2014[3]
ATT Attawasol Airlines ATTAWASOL AIR Libya
EDY Apollo Air Service STOBART United Kingdom Was VLL Limited
JY IWY Air Turks and Caicos ISLANDWAYS Turks and Caicos Islands Name changed from Interisland Airways Limited
JU ASL Air Serbia AIR SERBIA Serbia formally JAT
QH LYN Air Kyrgyzstan ALTYN AVIA Kyrgyzstan Name changed from Kyrgyzstan
CCM Air Corsica CORSICA France
AHS AHS Air International HIGH SKY Pakistan
ROH Aberdair Aviation Ghana Ghana
ROO Aero Roa AERO ROA Mexico
AWF Aeroforward United States
SUP Aeronautical Charters SUN SPEED United States
PSO Aerotaxis Pegaso AEROPEGASO Mexico
VLB Air Volta VOLTA Bulgaria
WAS Air-Watania Iraq
FCJ AirSprint US FRACJET United States Previously used code "HAB"
TEW Airteam Charter TEAMWORK South Africa
STT Alpha Star Charter STAR CHARTER Saudi Arabia
LBZ Angkasa Super Service Indonesia
HEZ Arrow Aviation ARROW Israel
UAH Air Experience Flight, Cranwell United Kingdom Royal Air Force
DRO Adro Servicios Aereos ADRO SERVICIOS Mexico
RVQ Aero Jet International REVA AIR United States
ASK Aerosky MULTISKY Spain
AEH Aero4m AEROCUTTER Slovenia
Aeroecom AEROECOM Venezuela
A8 XAU Aerolink Uganda PEARL Uganda
NKY Aeromonkey AEROMON Mexico
AWP Aeroworld Pakistan Pakistan
ABZ Air Ambulance Services ISLAND LIFEFLIGHT Bahamas
RV ROU Air Canada Rouge ROUGE Canada
CNM Air China Inner Mongolia MENGYUAN China
VRE Air Côte d'Ivoire COTE DIVORIE Ivory Coast
AWL Air Walser Malta
AXY Air X Charter Malta
OES ART Aviation ART AUSTRIA Austria
ASF Austrian Air Force AUSTRIAN AIRFORCE Austria
AVG Aviation Legacy AVILEF Gambia
AZY Aztec Worldwide Airlines AZTEC WORLD United States
1B Abacus International Singapore Computer reservation system
W9 AAB Abelag Aviation ABG Belgium
6U ACX Air Cargo Germany LOADMASTER Germany defunct
AAD Aero Aviation Centre Ltd. SUNRISE Canada Ceased operations 1995
SII Aero Servicios Ejecutivos Internacionales ASEISA Mexico
BZS Aero Biniza BINIZA Mexico
ACO Aero Comondu AERO COMONDU Mexico
AET Aero-Palma AERO PALMA Spain defunct
E4 RSO Aero Asia International AERO ASIA Pakistan defunct
ZI AAF Aigle Azur AIGLE AZUR France Former name: Lucas Aigle Azur; former IATA code: LK
AAM Aviation Management Corporation AM CORP United States
AAO Atlantis Airlines (USA) ATLANTIS AIR United States
AAP Aerovista Airlines AEROVISTA GROUP Kyrgyzstan defunct
AE AE Air Ceylon Sri Lanka defunct
OZ AAR Asiana Airlines ASIANA Republic of Korea
4K* AAS Askari Aviation AL-ASS Pakistan
AAU Australia Asia Airlines AUSTASIA Australia Subsidiary merged into QANTAS; former IATA code: IM
AAV Astro Air International ASTRO-PHIL United States
8U AAW Afriqiyah Airways AFRIQIYAH Libya
Q9 AFU Afrinat International Airlines AFRINAT Gambia defunct, ICAO code no longer allocated
AAX Afric'air Express AFREX Côte d'Ivoire defunct
BRL Air Brasd'or BRASD'OR Canada
AFH Air Fecteau FECTO Canada defunct
BRM Air 500 BOOMERANG Canada defunct
AAG Atlantic Flight Training ATLANTIC United Kingdom Changed from Air Atlantique in 2014[1]
KI AAG Air Atlantique ATLANTIC United Kingdom Former name: Atlantic Air Transport; former IATA codes: 7M, DG, transferred to Atlantic Flight Training in 2014.
QB AAJ Air Alma AIR ALMA Canada Ceased operations 10/01/2002; former IATA code: 4L
ACS Air Cess Liberia defunct
ADT Air Dorval AIR DORVAL Canada defunct
AHN Air Hungaria AIR HUNGARIA Hungary
AHR Air Adriatic ADRIATIC Croatia defunct
LD AHK Air Hong Kong AIR HONG KONG Hong Kong
AHS Air Viggi San Raffaele AIRSAR Italy
AEQ Air Express LUNA Sweden
AAI Air Aurora BOREALIS United States Former IATA code: AX
ACU Air Cargo Transportation System AFRISPIRIT Kenya
ACV Air Charter Service United Kingdom ICAO code no longer allocated
ADC Air Atlantic Dominicana ATLAN-DOMINICAN Dominican Republic defunct
ADW Air Andaman AIR ANDAMAN Thailand defunct 2004
UX AEA Air Europa EUROPA Spain
I9* AEY Air Italy AIR ITALY Italy merged into Meridiana
ASW Air Southwest Ltd. AIRSOUTHWEST Canada defunct
ASX Air Special AIRSPEC Czech Republic
NX AMU Air Macau AIR MACAO Macao
ZV AMW Air Midwest AIR MIDWEST United States defunct
HM SEY Air Seychelles SEYCHELLES Seychelles
SFB Air Sofia AIR SOFIA Bulgaria defunct
BRF Air Bravo AIR BRAVO Uganda
AF AFR Air France AIRFRANS France
ACG Air Partner AIR PARTNER United Kingdom
SB ACI Air Caledonie International AIRCALIN France
VSG AirClass Airways VISIG Spain formerly Visig Operaciones Aéreas
EH AKX Air Nippon Network Co. Ltd. ALFA WING Japan
ALM Air ALM ANTILLEAN Netherlands Antilles defunct
ALN Air Lincoln CHICAGO LINCOLN United States
ACM Air Caledonia WEST CAL Canada
AGM Air Guam AIR GUAM United States
ZW AWI Air Wisconsin AIR WISCONSIN United States
ALU Air Luxor STP LUXORJET São Tomé and Príncipe
RSI Air Sunshine AIR SUNSHINE United States
GN AGN Air Gabon GOLF NOVEMBER Gabon defunct
AFS Air Data United Kingdom
AFV Air Afrique Vacancies AFRIQUE VACANCE Côte d'Ivoire
NQ AJX Air Japan AIR JAPAN Japan
VD LIB Air Liberté AIR LIBERTE France defunct
TT KLA Air Lithuania KAUNAS Lithuania defunct
AMG Air Minas Linhas Aéreas AIR MINAS Brazil defunct
4N ANT Air North Charter - Canada AIR NORTH Canada
ANV Air Nevada AIR NEVADA United States
NZ ANZ Air New Zealand NEW ZEALAND New Zealand
AOE Air One Executive Italy
AMI Air Maldives AIR MALDIVES Maldives defunct
QM AML Air Malawi MALAWI Malawi
AMN Air Montenegro MONTENEGRO Montenegro
ML BIE Air Mediterranee MEDITERRANEE France
P8 Air Mekong Vietnam defunct
TAH Air Moorea AIR MOOREA France defunct
AVZ Air Valencia AIR VALENCIA Spain
AMO Air Montreal (Air Holdings Inc.) AIR MONTREAL Canada
BM Air Sicilia Italy
AMR Air Specialties Corporation AIR AM United States Air American, Total Air
AMS Air Muskoka AIR MUSKOKA Canada
AJU Air Jetsul AIRJETSUL Portugal
AKA Air Korea Co. Ltd. Republic of Korea
LIV Air Livonia LIVONIA Estonia defunct
ZX ABL Air BC AIRCOACH Canada Merged into Air Canada Jazz
ABN Air Fret Senegal Senegal
LJA Air Jamahiriya Company AIR JAMAHIRIYA Libya ICAO code no longer allocated
G8 AGB Air Service Gabon Gabon defunct
7T AGV Air Glaciers AIR GLACIERS Switzerland
MVM Air Cargo America PEGASUS United States
AMY Air Ambar AIR AMBAR Dominican Republic
6V VGA Air Vegas AIR VEGAS United States defunct
AOU Air Tractor AIR TRACTOR Croatia
APA Air Park Aviation Ltd. CAN-AM Canada
APG Air People International AIR PEOPLE Thailand
NH ANA All Nippon Airways ALL NIPPON Japan
ANB Air Navigation And Trading Co. Ltd. AIR NAV United Kingdom Former ICAO code: AAT
NGO Air-Angol AIR ANGOL Angola
TZ TWG air-taxi Europe TWINGOOSE Germany
NGP Air Nigeria REGAL EAGLE Nigeria defunct
2Q SNC Air Cargo Carriers NIGHT CARGO United States
SND Air Samarkand ARSAM Uzbekistan
V7 SNG Air Senegal International AIR SENEGAL Senegal defunct
SNY Air Sandy AIR SANDY Canada
AII Air Integra INTEGRA Canada
BFF Air Baffin AIR BAFFIN Canada renamed to Air Nunavut
BDM Air Bandama BANDAMA Ivory Coast
AB BER Air Berlin AIR BERLIN Germany
ABT Air Brousse AIR BROUSSE Canada defunct
APV Air Plan International AIR PLAN Democratic Republic of the Congo
ARX Air Xpress, Inc. AIREX United States
ARZ Air Resorts AIR RESORTS United States
ASB Air-Spray 1967 Ltd. AIR SPRAY Canada
ASC Air Star Corporation AIR STAR Canada
4D ASD Air Sinai AIR SINAI Egypt
AQN Air Queensland BUSHAIR Australia defunct
ARC Air Routing International Corp. United States
QN ARR Air Armenia AIR ARMENIA Armenia
ABR Air Contractors CONTRACT Ireland Former IATA Code: AG; former name: Hunting Air Cargo Airlines
AIL Air Illinois AIR ILLINOIS United States defunct
AI AIC Air India Limited AIRINDIA India
AIG Air Inter Gabon Gabon
PJ SPM Air Saint Pierre SAINT-PIERRE France
SZ WOW Air Southwest SWALLOW United Kingdom defunct
ATJ Air Traffic GmbH SNOOPY Germany
8C ATN Air Transport International AIR TRANSPORT United States
ATQ Air Transport Schiphol MULTI Netherlands
ATS Air Transport Service Democratic Republic of the Congo
AUX Air Uganda International Ltd. Uganda
NF AVN Air Vanuatu AIR VAN Vanuatu
ZB BUB Air Bourbon BOURBON Reunion defunct
CC ABD Air Atlanta Icelandic ATLANTA Iceland
AIE Air Inuit AIR INUIT Canada
AIS Air Sureste SURESTE Spain
RB SBK Air Srpska Air Srpska Bosnia and Herzegovina defunct
SW NMB Air Namibia NAMIBIA Namibia
NSK Air Intersalonika INTERSALONIKA Greece
NTL Air Anatolia AIR ANATOLIA Turkey defunct
SGA Air Saigon AIR SAIGON Vietnam
AFW Afrique Regional Airways AFRAIR Côte d'Ivoire defunct
AW AFW Africa World Airlines BLACKSTAR Ghana
ACX Air Charters PARAIR Canada defunct
PE AEL Air Europe Italy AIR EUROPE Italy defunct
JM AJM Air Jamaica JAMAICA Jamaica
AWN Air Niamey AIR NIAMEY Niger
AWT Air West AIR WEST Canada
6G AWW Air Wales RED DRAGON United Kingdom defunct, ICAO code no longer allocated
TX FWI Air Caraïbes FRENCH WEST France
IX AXB Air India Express EXPRESS INDIA India
AXD Air Express AIR SUDEX Sudan
BSB Air Wings ARBAS Moldova
BT BTI Air Baltic AIRBALTIC Latvia
ANI Air Atlantic (Nig) Limited NIGALANTIC Nigeria
EL ANK Air Nippon ANK AIR Japan merged into All Nippon Airways, ICAO code no longer allocated
YW ANE Air Nostrum AIR NOSTRUM Spain
PX ANG Air Niugini NUIGINI Papua New Guinea
G9 ABY Air Arabia ARABIA United Arab Emirates
AC ACA Air Canada AIR CANADA Canada
AP ADH Air One HERON Italy
MHS Air Memphis AIR MEMPHIS Egypt
XT AXL Air Exel EXEL COMMUTER Netherlands defunct
AZF Air Zermatt AG AIR ZERMATT Switzerland
UM AZW Air Zimbabwe AIR ZIMBABWE Zimbabwe
MHU Air Memphis MEPHIS UGANDA Uganda
MKH Air Marrakech Service AIR MARRAKECH Morocco
AZX Air Max Africa AZIMA Gabon defunct
S2 RSH Air Sahara SAHARA India renamed to Jetlite
ATA Air Transport Association United States
TC ATC Air Tanzania TANZANIA Tanzania
XAC Air Charter World United States
2J VBW Air Burkina BURKINA Burkina Faso
ATH Air Travel Corp. AIR TRAVEL United States
KM AMC Air Malta AIR MALTA Malta
YT TGA Air Togo AIR TOGO Togo defunct
ASJ Air Satellite SATELLITE Canada defunct
ASN Air and Sea Transport Russia
ASS Air Class, S.A. de C.V. AIR CLASS Mexico
NPL Air Nepal International AIR NEPAL Nepal defunct
NPR Air Napier New Zealand
WAM Air Taxi & Cargo TAXI CARGO Sudan
RSM Air Somalia AIR SOMALIA Somali Republic
AWZ AirWest Sudan
G4 AAY Allegiant Air ALLEGIANT United States
AAZ Angus Aviation ANGUS Canada defunct
ABA Artem-Avia ARTEM-AVIA Ukraine defunct
ABB African Business and Transportations AFRICAN BUSINESS Democratic Republic of the Congo
ABE Aban Air ABAN Iran Former IATA code: K5
ABF Aerial Oy SKYWINGS Finland
ABG Abakan-Avia ABAKAN-AVIA Russia
M3 TUS ABSA Cargo Turismo Brazil
ABJ Abaeté Linhas Aéreas Brazil
ABK Alberta Citylink ALBERTA CITYLINK Canada defunct, ICAO code no longer allocated
ABO APSA Colombia AEROEXPRESO Colombia aka Aeroexpreso Bogota
ABU Aerovías Bueno AEROBUENO Colombia defunct
ACR Aerocenter, Escuela de Formación de Pilotos Privados de Avión AEROCENTER Spain
O4 ABV Antrak Air ANTRAK Ghana
GB ABX Airborne Express ABEX United States August 14, 2003 merged into DHL
GB ABX ABX Air ABEX United States August 15, 2003 Air operations of former Airborne Express
ABZ ATA Brasil ATA-BRAZIL Brazil defunct
ACC Avcard Services United Kingdom ICAO code no longer allocated
ACD Academy Airlines ACADEMY United States
8V ACP Astral Aviation ASTRAL CARGO Kenya
ACY Atlas Cargo Airlines ATLAS CARGOLINES Morocco
ADA Airservices Australia AUSCAL Australia Flight Inspection Unit
4G* Advance Leasing Company United States
7A Aztec Worldwide Airlines United States
8T TID Air Tindi Canada
ADB Antonov Airlines ANTONOV BUREAU Ukraine Antonov Design Bureau
ADD Advanced Air Co. Japan ICAO Code no longer allocated
ADE Ada Air ADA AIR Albania defunct, former IATA code: ZY
ADG Aerea Flying Training Organization AEREA TRAINING Spain
ADI Audeli Air AUDELI Spain
ADJ Abidjan Air Cargo ABICAR Côte d'Ivoire defunct
Z7* ADK ADC Airlines ADCO Nigeria defunct; former name: Aviation Development Company
ADL Aero Dynamics COTSWOLD United Kingdom
ADN Aerodienst GmbH AERODIENST Germany
ADP Aerodiplomatic AERODIPLOMATIC Mexico
ADY Aerodyne AERODYNE United States
ADQ Avion Taxi AIR DATA Canada 2695731 Canada Inc.
JP ADR Adria Airways ADRIA Slovenia
ADS Aviones de Sonora SONORAV Mexico
ADU Airdeal Oy AIRDEAL Finland
ADV Advance Air Charters ADVANCE Canada defunct
EM* AEB Aero Benin AEROBEN Benin defunct
AEC Aerocésar AEROCESAR Colombia defunct; aka Aerovías del César
AED Aerotrans Airlines Russia defunct
ADX Anderson Aviation ANDAX United States
A3 AEE Aegean Airlines AEGEAN Greece
AEG Aerofumigaciones Sam FUMIGACIONES SAM Chile defunct
2K GLG Aerogal AEROGAL Ecuador Aerolíneas Galápagos SA
AEI Aeroexpreso Interamericano INTERAM Colombia defunct
AEJ Air Express KHAKI EXPRESS Tanzania
AEK Aerocon AEROCON Bolivia
AEM Aero Madrid AEROMADRID Spain
KD AEN Air Enterprise AIR ENTERPRISE France defunct
AEO Aeroservicios Ejecutivos Del Occidente AERO OCCIDENTE Mexico
AEP Aerotec Escuela de Pilotos AEROTEC Spain
KO AER Alaska Central Express ACE AIR United States
VX AES ACES Colombia ACES Colombia defunct
KH AAH Aloha Air Cargo ALOHA United States
AAK Alaska Island Air ALASKA ISLAND United States
AA AAL American Airlines AMERICAN United States
AN AAA Ansett Australia ANSETT Australia defunct
AAC Army Air Corps ARMYAIR United Kingdom
5W AEU Astraeus FLYSTAR United Kingdom defunct, ICAO code no longer allocated
AEV Aeroventas AEROVENTAS Mexico
VV AEW Aerosvit Airlines AEROSVIT Ukraine defunct
AEX Airway Express AVCO United States ICAO code no longer allocated
AEZ Aerial Transit AERIAL TRANZ United States
AFA Alfa Air BLUE ALFA Czech Republic
WK AFB American Falcon AMERICAN FALCON Argentina defunct
QQ UTY Alliance Airlines UNITY Australia
UVS Air Universal UNI-LEONE Sierra Leone defunct
UVT Auvia Air AUVIA Indonesia
AFC African West Air AFRICAN WEST Senegal
AFE Airfast Indonesia AIRFAST Indonesia
FG AFG Ariana Afghan Airlines ARIANA Afghanistan
RV* AFI Africaone AFRICAWORLD The Gambia
Y2 AFJ Alliance Air JAMBO Uganda Ceased operations 08/10/2000
AFK Africa Air Links AFRICA LINKS Sierra Leone
SU AFL Aeroflot Russian Airlines AEROFLOT Russia
AFO Aero Empresa Mexicana AERO EMPRESA Mexico
AFQ Alba Servizi Aerotrasporti ALBA Italy
5Z AFX Airfreight Express United Kingdom Ceased operations 08/03/2002
AFY Africa Chartered Services AFRICA CHARTERED Nigeria
AFZ Africa Freight Services AFREIGHT Zambia
AGA Aeronaves Del Centro Venezuela
AGC Arab Agricultural Aviation Company AGRICO Egypt
AGF Atlantic Gulf Airlines ATLANTIC GULF United States defunct
5D SLI Aerolitoral COSTERA Mexico
AGG Algoma Airways ALGOMA Canada ICAO code no longer allocated
AGH Altagna ALTAGNA France
AGO Angola Air Charter ANGOLA CHARTER Angola
AGQ Aerogala GALASERVICE Chile defunct
1A AGT Amadeus Global Travel Distribution AMADEUS Spain
AGU Angara Airlines SARMA Russia
AGW Aero Gambia AERO GAMBIA Gambia defunct, ICAO code no longer allocated
JJ AGX Aviogenex GENEX Serbia
BLR Atlantic Coast Airlines BLUE RIDGE United States defunct
BLZ Aero Barloz AEROLOZ Mexico
PL PLI Aeroperú Aeroperu Peru defunct
8A BMM Atlas Blue ATLAS BLUE Morocco defunct
BNB Aero Banobras AEROBANOBRAS Mexico
AGY Aero Flight Service FLIGHT GROUP United States
AGZ Agrolet-Mci AGROLET Slovakia
GD AHA Air Alpha Greenland AIR ALPHA Denmark sold to Air Greenland
AHC Azal Avia Cargo AZALAVIACARGO Azerbaijan Cargo Airline of the State Concern Azerbaijan Hava
AHE Airport Helicopter Basel, Muller & Co. AIRPORT HELICOPTER Switzerland
CJE Aeroservices Corporate BIRD JET France
AHF Aspen Helicopters ASPEN United States
AHG Aerochago Airlines AEROCHAGO Dominican Republic defunct
AHH Airplanes Holdings AIRHOLD Ireland
AHP Aerochiapas AEROCHIAPAS Mexico
AHU ABC Air Hungary ABC HUNGARY Hungary
HT AHW Aeromist-Kharkiv AEROMIST Ukraine defunct
J2 AHY Azerbaijan Airlines AZAL Azerbaijan
U3 AIA Avies AVIES Estonia
4Y AIB Airbus Industrie AIRBUS INDUSTRIE France
AIH Alpine Air Chile ALPINE CHILE Chile
AIK African Airlines International Limited AFRICAN AIRLINES Kenya
AIN African International Airways FLY CARGO Swaziland
5A AIP Alpine Air Express ALPINE AIR United States
AIU Alicante Internacional Airlines ALIA Spain
ABP ABS Jets BAIR Czech Republic Named changed from Aba Air
ED* ABQ Airblue PAKBLUE Pakistan
THM Airmark Aviation THAI AIRMARK Thailand
AIR Airlift International AIRLIFT United States defunct
AIT Airest   Estonia
AIV Airvias S/A Linhas Aéreas AIRVIAS Brazil
W4 BES Aero Services Executive BIRD EXPRESS France
AIW Atlantic Island Airways TARTAN Canada
AIX Aircruising Australia CRUISER Australia
AIY Aircrew Check and Training Australia AIRCREW Australia
IZ AIZ Arkia Israel Airlines ARKIA Israel
AJA Afghan Jet International Airlines AFGHAN JET Afghanistan
AJE Aero Jet Express JET EXPRESS Mexico defunct
AJF Avia Consult Flugbetriebs AVIACONSULT Austria
AJI Ameristar Jet Charter AMERISTAR United States
AJK Allied Air BAMBI Nigeria
AJO Aero Ejecutivo AEROEXO Mexico defunct
AJP Aero Jets Corporativos AEROJETS Mexico
AJS Aeroejecutivos Colombia AEROEJECUTIVOS Colombia Aeroejecutivos Aeroservicios Ejecutivos
M6 AJT Amerijet International AMERIJET United States
AJV ANA & JP Express AYJAY CARGO Japan merged into Air Japan
AJW Alpha Jet International ALPHAJET United States
AJY AJet AYJET Cyprus defunct, ICAO code no longer allocated
AKB Aktjubavia KARAB Kazakhstan
AKC Arca Aerovías Colombianas Ltda. ARCA Colombia
AKF Anikay Air Company ANIKAY Kyrgyzstan
AKH Akhal AKHAL Turkmenistan
MNI Aeromilenio AEROMIL Mexico
AKK Aklak Air AKLAK Canada
4A AKL Air Kiribati Kiribati
AKN Alkan Air ALKAN AIR Canada
AKW Angkor Airways ANGKORWAYS Cambodia defunct
AKZ AK Navigator LLC ABSOLUTE Kazakhstan ICAO code no longer allocated
ALB Aero Albatros ALBATROS Mexico
ALD Albion Aviation ALBION United Kingdom
ALE Aeroalas Colombia AEROALAS Colombia defunct
ALF Allied Command Europe (Mobile Force) ACEFORCE Belgium
BTS Aerotaxis Albatros AEROLINEAS ALBATROS Mexico
FYS American Flyers AMERICAN FLYERS United States
DFA Aero Coach Aviation AERO COACH United States
EV ASQ Atlantic Southeast Airlines ACEY United States Merged into ExpressJet Airlines
BVR ACM Air Charter BAVARIAN Germany
ALG Air Logistics AIRLOG United States
ALL Aerovallarta VALLARTA Mexico
HP AWE America West Airlines CACTUS United States Merged with US Airways
TNO Aerotransporte de Carga Union AEROUNION Mexico
TND Aero Taxis Cessna TAXIS CESSNA Mexico
TMP Arizona Express Airlines TEMPE United States
ALO Allegheny Commuter Airlines ALLEGHENY United States US Airways Express
ALP Allpoints Jet ALLPOINTS China
ALP Alpliner AG ALPINER Switzerland Code now allocated to another user
ALQ Altair Aviation (1986) ALTAIR Canada
VH ALV Aeropostal Alas de Venezuela AEROPOSTAL Venezuela
ALW Alas Nacionales, S.A. ALNACIONAL Dominican Republic
ALY Alyeska Air Service ALYESKA United States
ALZ Alta Flights (Charters) Ltd.   Canada
AMA ATMA ADIK Kazakhstan
AMD Aerolíneas Medellín AEROLINEAS MEDELLIN Colombia defunct
AMF Ameriflight AMFLIGHT United States
AMH Alan Mann Helicopters Ltd. MANN United Kingdom ICAO code no longer allocated
AMJ Aviation Amos AVIATION AMOS Canada
AMK Amerer Air AMER AIR Austria
AMM Aeroputul International Marculesti AEROM Moldova
AMP Aero Transporte S.A. (ATSA) ATSA Peru
AMQ Aeromedicare Ltd. LIFELINE United Kingdom No longer current
AMQ Aircraft Management and Consulting AMEX Poland
TZ AMT ATA Airlines AMTRAN United States defunct
AMV AMC Airlines Egypt Aircraft Maintenance Company
AM AMX Aeroméxico AEROMEXICO Mexico
AMZ Amiya Airline AMIYA AIR Nigeria
ANC Anglo Cargo ANGLO United Kingdom Defunct, ICAO code no longer allocated
BRP AeroBratsk AEROBRA Russia
ANH Alajnihah for Air Transport ALAJNIHAH Libya
ANM Aerotransportacion de Norteamerica NORAM Mexico
ANM Antares Airtransport, Maintenance & Service GmbH ANTARES Germany ICAO Code now allocated to an other user
TL ANO Airnorth TOPEND Australia
ANQ Aerolínea de Antioquia ANTIOQUIA Colombia
OY ANS Andes Líneas Aéreas AEROANDES Argentina
IW AOM AOM French Airlines French Lines France defunct
ANW Aviación Del Noroeste, S.A. de C.V. AVINOR Mexico defunct
SAP Avia Jaynar TOBOL Kazakhstan
EMS Aero Servicios Empresariales SERVIEMPRESARIAL Mexico
AOA Alcon Servicios Aéreos, S.A. de C.V. ALCON Mexico
AOD Aero Vodochody AERO CZECH Czech Republic
AOF Atair Pty Ltd. ATAIR South Africa
2D AOG Aero VIP AVIP Argentina defunct
MUN Aeromundo Ejecutivo AEROMUNDO Mexico
MUR Aerolínea Muri MURI Mexico
AOI Astoria, Inc. ASTORIA Canada defunct
NRO Aero Rent JSC AEROMASTER Russia defunct
NRP Aeronord-Grup AERONORD Moldova
AOK Aeroatlantico Colombia Colombia defunct
AOL Angkor Airlines ANGKOR AIR Cambodia defunct
AON Aero Entreprise AERO ENTERPRISE France
AOO As, Opened Joint Stock Company COMPANY AS Ukraine
AOP Aeropiloto AEROPILOTO Portugal
VB VIV Aeroenlaces Nacionales AEROENLACES Mexico Former ICAO code: AEN
VIZ Aerovis Airlines AEROVIZ Ukraine
VJE AvJet Routing United Arab Emirates
VGF Aerovista Gulf Express VISTA GULF United Arab Emirates
VER Almaver ALMAVER Mexico
AOR Afro International Ent. Limited INTER-AFRO Nigeria
SMX Alitalia Express ALIEXPRESS Italy
OE AOT Asia Overnight Express ASIA OVERNIGHT Philippines
AOV Aero Vision AEROVISION France
AOX Aerotaxi Del Valle AEROVALLE Colombia
APC Airpac Airlines, Inc. AIRPAC United States
SVM Aeroservicios Monterrey SERVIMONTE Mexico
APF Amapola Flyg AB AMAPOLA Sweden
APH Alpha Aviation, Inc. AIRFLIGHT United States
API ASA Pesada, Lda. ASA PESADA Angola
APJ Air Print, S.A. AIR PRINT Luxembourg
PET Aerotransporte Petrolero AEROPETRO Colombia
GV ARF Aero Flight Aero Fox Germany defunct
BJT ACM Aviation BAY JET United States
BKL Aircompany Barcol BARCOL Russia
BLA All Charter Limited ALL CHARTER United Kingdom ICAO code no longer allocated
APL Appalachian Flying Service, Inc. APPALACHIAN United States
APM Airpac, Inc. ALASKA PACIFIC United States
APO Aeropro AEROPRO Canada defunct
APP Aerolíneas Pacífico Atlántico, S.A. (Apair) AEROPERLAS Panama
APQ Aspen Aviation ASPEN BASE United States
APU Aeropuma, S.A. AEROPUMA El Salvador
JW APW Arrow Air BIG A United States defunct
APX Apex Air Cargo PARCEL EXPRESS United States
APY APA Internacional APA INTERNACIONAL Dominican Republic
AQA Aeroatlas, S.A. ATCO Colombia
AQL Aquila Air Ltd. AQUILA Canada
AQO Aluminum Company Of America ALCOA SHUTTLE United States Alcoa Aircraft Operations
AQT Aviones de Renta de Quintana Roo, S.A. de C.V. AVIOQUINTANA Mexico
AQU AirQuarius Aviation QUARIUS South Africa defunct
AQZ Aerodyne Charter Company QUANZA United States
ARA Arik Air ARIK AIR Nigeria
ARB Avia Air N.V. AVIAIR Aruba
2B ARD Aerocondor AEROCONDOR Portugal defunct
4C ARE Aires, Aerovías de Integración Regional, S.A. AIRES Colombia renamed to LAN Colombia
AR ARG Aerolíneas Argentinas ARGENTINA Argentina
ARH Arrowhead Airways ARROWHEAD United States
ARI Aero Vics AEROVICS Mexico
ARJ Aerojet de Costa Rica, S.A. Costa Rica
SUN Antillana De Navegación Aérea Dominican Republic
SUO Aeroservicios De San Luis SERVICIO SANLUIS Mexico
SUP Aerosuper AEROSUPER Mexico
ARK Aero Link Air Services S.L. LINK SERVICE Spain
ARL Airlec - Air Aquitaine Transport AIRLEC France
ARM Aeromarket Express AMEX Spain defunct
ARO Arrow Aviation Ltd. ARROW Canada defunct
KLD Air Klaipėda AIR KLAIPEDA Lithuania
ARQ Armstrong Air, Inc. ARMSTRONG Canada
ARS Aeromet Servicios METSERVICE Chile
ART Aerotal Aerolíneas Territoriales de Colombia Ltda. AEROTAL Colombia
ARV Aravco Ltd. ARAVCO United Kingdom
OST Airline Alania ALANIA Russia
HUC Aerolíneas de Techuacán LINEAS TEHUACAN Mexico
HUT Aerotransportes Huitzilin AEROHUITZILIN Mexico
HUY Aero Transportes Del Humaya AERO HUMAYA Mexico
ARY Argosy Airways GOSEY United States
AS ASA Alaska Airlines, Inc. ALASKA United States
PL ASE Airstars MOROZOV Russia defunct
ASF Air Schefferville, Inc. SCHEFF Canada
ASG African Star Airways (PTY) Ltd. AFRICAN STAR South Africa
ASI Aerosun International, Inc. AEROSUN United States
ASM Awesome Flight Services (PTY) Ltd. AWESOME South Africa
ASO Aero Slovakia AERO NITRA Slovakia
ASP Airsprint AIRSPRINT Canada
ASR All Star Airlines, Inc. ALL STAR United States
AST Aerolíneas Del Oeste AEROESTE Mexico
NRE Aviones Are AVIONES ARE Mexico
WAP Arrow Panama ARROW PANAMA Panama
ASV Astravia-Bissau Air Transports Ltd. ASTRAVIA Guinea-Bissau
OB ASZ Astrakhan Airlines AIR ASTRAKHAN Russia defunct
ATB Atlantair Ltd. STARLITE Canada
ATD Aerotours Dominicana AEROTOURS Dominican Republic
ATE Atlantis Transportation Services, Ltd. ATLANTIS CANADA Canada
ATG Aerotrans Airline BACHYT Kazakhstan
HC ATI Aero-Tropics Air Services Australia defunct
ATK AeroTACA AEROTACA Colombia defunct, Aerotaxi Casanare
FO ATM Airlines of Tasmania AIRTAS Australia
CPV Air Corporate AIRCORPORATE Italy
ATP ASTRAL Colombia - Aerotransportes Especiales Ltda. ASTRAL Colombia
FEO Aeroferinco FERINCO Mexico
FES Aero Taxis Y Servicios Alfe AERO ALFE Mexico
FFA Avialesookhrana AVIALESOOKHRANA Russia
FFB Africair Service FOXTROT FOXTROT Senegal
ATR Atlas Airlines ATLAS-AIR United States
ATT Aer Turas AERTURAS Ireland defunct
ATU Atlant Aerobatics Ltd. ATLANT HUNGARY Hungary
ATV Avanti Air AVANTI AIR Germany
ATW Aero Trades (Western) Ltd. AERO TRADES Canada defunct, ICAO code no longer allocated
OS AUA Austrian Airlines AUSTRIAN Austria
IQ AUB Augsburg Airways AUGSBURG-AIR Germany defunct
TUP Aviastar-Tu TUPOLEVAIR Russia
RU ABW AirBridge Cargo AIRBRIDGE CARGO Russia Former IATA: BO
TUR ATUR Ecuador
TXU ATESA Aerotaxis Ecuatorianos ATESA Ecuador
TXX Austin Express COWBOY United States defunct
AUD Audi Air, Inc. AUDI AIR United States
AUF Augusta Air Luftfahrtunternehmen AUGUSTA Germany
MO AUH Abu Dhabi Amiri Flight SULTAN United Arab Emirates Presidential flight
AUM Air Atlantic Uruguay ATLAMUR Uruguay
AUN Aviones Unidos AVIONES UNIDOS Mexico
AUP Avia Business Group Russia
SVE Aero Servicios Expecializados AEROESPECIAL Mexico
GR AUR Aurigny Air Services AYLINE United Kingdom
NO AUS Aus-Air Australia defunct
AU AUT Austral Líneas Aéreas AUSTRAL Argentina
AUU Aurora Aviation, Inc. AURORA AIR United States ICAO code no longer allocated
AUY Aerolíneas Uruguayas, S.A. AUSA Uruguay
AO AUZ Australian Airlines AUSTRALIAN Australia Subsidiary merged with QANTAS
AV AVA Avianca - Aerovías del Continente Americano S.A. AVIANCA Colombia
AVB Aviation Beauport BEAUPAIR United Kingdom
AVF Aviair Aviation Ltd. CARIBOO Canada
AVH AV8 Helicopters KENT HELI United Kingdom
AVJ Avia Traffic Company ATOMIC Kyrgyzstan
AVK AV8 Helicopters AVIATE-COPTER South Africa
AVM Aviación Ejecutiva Mexicana, S.A. AVEMEX Mexico
AVO Aviation at Work AVIATION WORK South Africa
AVP Avcorp Registrations AVCORP United Kingdom No longer used
AVP Aviacion Corporativa de Peubla AVIA PUEBLA Mexico
LFP Alfa Aerospace ALFA-SPACE Australia
LFR Atlantic Airfreight Aviation LANFREIGHT São Tomé and Príncipe
LFT Aerolift Company LIFTCO Sierra Leone defunct
AVQ Aviation Services, Inc. AQUILINE United States
AVR Active Aero Charter, Inc. ACTIVE AERO United States
AVS Avialsa T-35 AVIALSA Spain
AVT Asia Avia Airlines ASIAVIA Indonesia defunct
AVU Avia Sud Aérotaxi AVIASUD France
AVV Airvantage Incorporated AIRVANTAGE United States
AVW Aviator Airways AVIATOR Greece
AVX Aviapaslauga PASLAUGA Lithuania defunct
XXX ASL Belgium
YRG Air Yugoslavia YUGAIR Serbia defunct; operations continue under Jat Airways
K8 ZAK Airlink Zambia Zambia Zambia Skyways Limited
ZZM Agence Nationale des Aerodromes et de la Meteorologie Ivory Coast
4Y BGA Airbus Transport International BELUGA France
B9 BGD Air Bangladesh AIR BANGLA Bangladesh defunct
BGF Aviodetachment-28 BULGARIAN Bulgaria
BGG Aero BG AERO BG Mexico
BHC Aerotaxis De La Bahia BAHIA Mexico
BIV Aviaservice AVIASERVICE Georgia
SZA Aerolíneas de El Salvador AESA El Salvador defunct
AVY Aerovaradero, S.A. AEROVARADERO Cuba
AWB Airways International, Inc. AIRNAT United States
AWK Airwork AIRWORK New Zealand
AWL Australian Wetleasing AUSSIEWORLD Australia
AWO Awood Air Ltd. AWOOD AIR Canada
AWR Arctic Wings And Rotors Ltd. ARCTIC WINGS Canada
ISM Auo Airclub AIST-M STORK Russia
AWS Arab Wings ARAB WINGS Jordan
AWV Airwave Transport, Inc. AIRWAVE Canada
AWY Aeroway, S.L. AEROWEE Spain
HJ AXF Asian Express Airlines FREIGHTEXPRESS Australia [citation needed]
AXH Aeromexhaga AEROMEXHAGA Mexico
AXI Aeron International Airlines, Inc. AIR FREIGHTER United States
AXK African Express Airways EXPRESS JET Kenya Former IATA code: QA; former ICAO code: AEK; former callsign: AFRICAN EXPRESS
AK AXM AirAsia RED CAP Malaysia ICAO code no longer allocated
D7 XAX AirAsia X XANADU Malaysia
AXN Alexandair ALEXANDROS Greece defunct
AXQ Action Airlines (Action Air Charter) ACTION AIR United States
BNI Alberni Airways ALBERNI Canada
BNZ Aerolíneas Bonanza AERO BONANZA Mexico
BOC Aerobona AEROBONA Mexico
BOI Aboitiz Air ABAIR Philippines renamed to 2GO
AXR Axel Rent, S.A. RENTAXEL Mexico
AXS Altus Airlines ALTUS United States
AXV Aviaxess AXAVIA France
AXX Avioimpex A.D.p.o. IMPEX Macedonia defunct
6V AXY Axis Airways AXIS France defunct
AYD Aladia Airlines AIRLINES ALADIA Mexico defunct
AYK Aykavia Aircompany Armenia ICAO code no longer allocated
AYM Airman, S.L. AIRMAN Spain
NPT Atlantic Airlines NEPTUNE United Kingdom
GBN Atlantic Airlines ATLANTIC GABON Gabon
EX BJK Atlantic Airlines BLACKJACK United States
HHA Atlantic Airlines de Honduras ATLANTIC HONDURAS Honduras defunct
AYN Atlantic Airlines, S.A. ATLANTIC NICARAGUA Nicaragua
AYS Awsaj Aviation Services Libya ICAO code no longer allocated
AYT Ayeet Aviation & Tourism AYEET Israel
3G AYZ Atlant-Soyuz Airlines ATLANT-SOYUZ Russia defunct
AZ AZA Alitalia ALITALIA Italy
AZB Azamat TUMARA Kazakhstan defunct
ZE AZE Arcus-Air Logistic ARCUS AIR Germany
AZK Azalhelikopter AZALHELICOPTER Azerbaijan
AZL Africa One SKY AFRICA Zambia defunct
AZM Aerocozumel AEROCOZUMEL Mexico
AZP Arizona Pacific Airways ARIZONA PACIFIC United States
AZS Aviacon Zitotrans Air Company ZITOTRANS Russia
AZT Azimut, S.A. AZIMUT Spain
AZV Azov Avia Airlines AZOV AVIA Ukraine defunct, Asov-Avia, Aircompany
MHC Aero Jomacha AERO JOMACHA Mexico
I5 IAD AirAsia India ARIYA India Founded 28. Mar 2013
AZY Arizona Airways, Inc. ARIZAIR United States
AZZ Azza Transport AZZA TRANSPORT Sudan
NAR Air Continental Inc NIGHT AIR United States
NAU Antanik-Air ANTANIK Ukraine
NER Air Newark NEWAIR United States
NFF Aircraft Support and Services Lebanon ICAO code no longer allocated
OBA Aerobanana AEROBANANA Mexico
OBK Amako Airlines AMAKO AIR Nigeria
R7 OCA Aserca Airlines AROSCA Venezuela
NFS Afrique CArgo Service Senegal Senegal
NGC Angoservice ANGOSERVICE Angola
NGE Angel Airlines ANGEL AIR Thailand defunct, ICAO code no longer allocated
NGF Angel Flight America ANGEL FLIGHT United States Renamed Air Charity Network in 2014[2]
OUL Air Atonabee CITY EXPRESS Canada defunct
OVA Aero Nova AERONOVA Spain
XPE Amira Air EXPERT Austria
XSS Aero Express Intercontinental INTER EXPRESS Mexico
XTJ Advance Aviation Services United States
TLR Air Libya Tibesti AIR LIBYA Libya
OVC Aerovic Ecuador
RVE Airventure AIRVENTURE Belgium
RVI Aero Servicios AERO SERVICIOS Mexico
RVL Airvallee AIR VALLEE Italy
OVE Aeromover AEROMOVER Mexico
OVI Aerovías Ejecutivas VIAS EJECUTIVAS Mexico
PTD Aero Servicio Pity PITY Mexico
PTE Aero Copter AERO-COP Mexico
PLL Air Pal AIRPAL Spain Escuela De Pilots
PLM Air Pullmantur PULLMANTUR Spain
RX AEH Aviaexpress AVEX Hungary defunct
PSG Aviones Para Servirle SERVIAVIONES Mexico
SLU Avio Sluzba AVIO SLUZBA Serbia
SCU Air Scorpio SCORPIO UNIVERS Bulgaria
SIP Air Spirit AIR SPIRIT United States
BMV Alatau Airlines OLIGA Kazakhstan
GUG Aviateca AVIATECA Guatemala
PXX Aroostook Aviation PINE STATE United States
PYC Aeropycsa AEROPYCSA Mexico
PVK Association of Private Pilots of Kazakhstan BORIS Kazakhstan ICAO code no longer allocated
BAS Aero Services AEROSERV Barbados
BBE Ababeel Aviation BABEL AIR Sudan
BBT Air Bashkortostan AGYDAL Russia defunct
MCY Ambulance Air Africa MERCY South Africa
MQ EGF American Eagle Airlines EAGLE FLIGHT United States Renamed Envoy Air, ICAO Code and Callsign withdrawn in 2014
PUE Aeropuelche PUELCHE Chile
PUT Aeroput Serbia defunct
ZS AZI Azzurra Air AZZURRA Italy defunct
FF Airshop Netherlands
ML ETC African Transport Trading and Investment Company TRANATTICO Sudan
VUE AD Aviation FLIGHTVUE United Kingdom
XCT Aero Costa Taxi Aéreo AEROCOSTAXI Mexico
VRO Aerovitro AEROVITRO Mexico
VRI Aerotaxi Villa Rica VILLARICA Mexico
VEG Aerovega AEROVEGA Mexico
VVG Aerovilla AEROVILLA Colombia
VLR Aerolíneas Villaverde VILLAVERDE Mexico
WIL Aero Air WILLIAMETTE United States
VEJ Aero Ejecutivos VENEJECUTIV Venezuela
WAB Aero Industries Inc WABASH United States
VNG Aero Servicios Vanguardia VANGUARDIA Mexico
VAD Aero Taxi Los Valles VALLES Spain
VMR Aero Vilamoura AERO VILAMOURA Portugal ICAO code no longer allocated
VLS Aero Virel VIREL Mexico
XAA Aeronautical Radio Inc United States
VUO Aerovuelox AEROVUELOX Mexico
VU VUN Air Ivoire AIRIVOIRE Ivory Coast defunct
BP BOT Air Botswana BOTSWANA Botswana
XPR Air-Rep United States
XLL Air Excel TINGA-TINGA Tanzania
VAE Air Evans AIR-EVANS Spain Ecuela de Pilotos Privados
WHY Air Sorel AIR SOREL Canada
WDR Air Net Private Charter WIND RIDER United States
XEC Air Executive Charter Germany
GS UPA Air Foyle FOYLE United Kingdom defunct, ICAO code no longer allocated
VTY Air Midwest (Nigeria) VICTORY Nigeria
VT VTA Air Tahiti AIR TAHITI French Polynesia
3N URG Air Urga URGA Ukraine
VDR Air Vardar VARDAR Macedonia
VL VIM Air VIA Bulgaria
WLR Air Walser AIRWALSER Italy
URA Aircompany Rosavia ROSAVIA Ukraine
XLB Aircraft Performance Group United States
WLA Airwaves Airlink AIRLIMITED Zambia
XFX Airways Corporation of New Zealand AIRCORP New Zealand
WAY Airways GARONNE France
WGS Airwings oy AIRWINGS Finland
WPK Air-Lift Associates WOLFPACK United States
VAB Airtrans Ltd Russia
URP ARP 410 Airlines AIR-ARP Ukraine
WPR Auckland Regional Rescue Helicopter Trust WESTPAC RESCUE New Zealand
URR Aurora Airlines AIR AURORA Slovenia defunct, ICAO code no longer allocated
UST Austro Aéreo AUSTRO AEREO Ecuador
WLT Aviation Partners WINGLET United States
VLV Avialift Vladivostok VLADLIFT Russia
VME Aviación Comercial de América AVIAMERICA Mexico
VVA Aviast Air IALSI Russia defunct
WLV Aviation North WOLVERINE United States
FK WTA Africa West WEST TOGO Togo
VNT Avient Air Zambia AVIENT Zambia
VZR Aviazur IAZUR France
VID Aviaprad AVIAPRAD Russia defunct
VXX Aviaexpress Aircompany EXPRESSAVIA Ukraine
XAM AMR Services Corporation ALLIANCE United States
XAO Airline Operations Services United States
VAZ Airlines 400 REMONT AIR Russia
V8 VAS ATRAN Cargo Airlines ATRAN Russian Federation
VAM Ameravia AMERAVIA Uruguay
K6 KHV Angkor Air AIR ANGKOR Cambodia
VBC AVB-2004 Ltd AIR VICTOR Bulgaria
XAT AT and T Aviation Division United States
VAI Avalair AIR AVALAIR Serbia
VRT Averitt Air Charter AVERITT United States
VE AVE Avensa AVENSA Venezuela defunct
V5 VLI Avolar Aerolíneas AEROVOLAR Mexico defunct
VSA Avstar Aviation STARBIRD South Africa
VSC AVESCA AVESCA Colombia defunct
XAV Aviaprom Enterprises AVIAPROM Russia
VTT Avia Trans Air Transport VIATRANSPORT Sudan
VSR Aviostart AS AVIOSTART Bulgaria
VTG Aviação Transportes Aéreos e Cargas ATACARGO Angola
XJA Assistance Aeroportuaire de L'Aeroport de Paris France
XFS American Flight Service Systems United States
XME Australian air Express AUS-CARGO Australia
XMG AMS Group Russia
CAJ Air Caraibes Atlantique CAR LINE France
CBE Aerovías Caribe AEROCARIBE Mexico
CBO Aerotaxi del Cabo TAXI CABO Mexico
CBS Air Columbus AIR COLUMBUS Ukraine
CBV Aereo Cabo CABOAEREO Mexico
CA CCA Air China AIR CHINA China
CDA Aerocardal CARDAL Chile
Q6 CDP Aero Condor Peru CONDOR-PERU Peru
CDU Aerotrans Russia
CDV Airline Skol SKOL Russia
CFF Aerofan AEROFAN Spain
CFM ACEF ACEF Portugal Transportes Aéreos e Cargas, code no longer allocated
CFR Africa One Democratic Republic of the Congo defunct
CFV Aero Calafia CALAFIA Mexico
CGB Air Cargo Belize CARGO BELIZE Belize
CGV Aero Clube Do Algarve CLUBE ALGARVE Portugal
CGW Air Great Wall CHANGCHENG China
CHJ Aircompany Chaika AIR CHAIKA Ukraine
CHR Air Charter Services ZAIRE CHARTER Democratic Republic of the Congo
CHV Air Charter Professionals CHARTAIR United States
CID Asia Continental Airlines ACID Kazakhstan defunct, ICAO code no longer allocated
5F CIR Arctic Circle Air Service AIR ARCTIC United States
CKL Aviation Charter Services CIRCLE CITY United States
CLL Aerovías Castillo AEROCASTILLO Mexico
CLP Aero Club De Portugal CLUB PORTUGAL Portugal
CMF Air Care Alliance COMPASSION United States
CND Aero Continente Dominicana CONDOMINICANA Dominican Republic defunct
CNE Air Toronto CONNECTOR Canada
CNH Aquila Air CHENANGO United States
CNU Air Consul AIR CONSUL Spain
CNX AllCanada Express CANEX Canada defunct
CPF Airtechservice TECHSERVICE Ukraine defunct
QC CRD Air Corridor AIR CORRIDOR Mozambique defunct
NV CRF Air Central AIR CENTRAL Japan Ceased operations 2010
CRJ Air Cruzal AIR CRUZAL Angola
CRP Aerotransportes Corporativos AEROTRANSCORP Mexico
CRQ Air Creebec CREE Canada
CTA Aero Charter and Transport CHAR-TRAN United States
CTE Air Tenglong TENGLONG China
CTR Aerolíneas Centauro CENTAURO Mexico
CUO Aerocuahonte CUAHONTE Mexico
CV CVA Air Chathams CHATHAM New Zealand
CW CWM Air Marshall Islands AIR MARSHALLS Marshall Islands
CWP Australian Customs Service COASTWATCH Australia
CYL Air One Cityliner CITYLINER Italy
CYO Air Transport COYOTE United States
ZA CYD AccessAir CYCLONE United States defunct
CYE Aerocheyenne AEROCHEYENNE Mexico
AH DAH Air Algérie AIR ALGERIE Algeria
DAP Aerovías DAP DAP Chile
DBA Air Alpha DOUBLE-A United States
DBD Air Niagara Express AIR NIAGARA Canada
DEF Aviation Defense Service TIRPA France
DEG Air Service Groningen DEGGER Netherlands
KI DHI Adam Air ADAM SKY Indonesia defunct
ER DHL Astar Air Cargo D-H-L United States defunct, DHL
DHM Archer Aviation ARCHER United Kingdom ICAO code no longer allocated
DIC Aeromedica AEROMEDICA Mexico
DIN Aerodin AERODIN Mexico
HO DJA Antinea Airlines ANTINEA Algeria defunct
DJU Air Djibouti AIR DJIB Djibouti defunct
EN DLA Air Dolomiti DOLOMITI Italy
DLS Aero Modelo AEROMODELO Mexico
DLU Aerolíneas del Sur DEL SUR Chile defunct
DMC Aerodinamica de Monterrey DINAMICAMONT Mexico
DMI Aeroservicios Dinamicos AERODINAMICO Mexico
DML Aerotaxis Dosmil Mexico
DNA Aerodespachos de El Salvador AERODESPACHOS El Salvador
DNC Aerodynamics Málaga FLYINGOLIVE Spain
DNJ Aerodynamics Incorporated DYNAJET United States
NM DRD Air Madrid ALADA AIR Spain defunct
DRM Airways Flight Training DARTMOOR United Kingdom
DRO Aeronaves Del Noreste AERONORESTE Mexico
DSC Addis Air Cargo Services ADDIS CARGO Ethiopia
DSK Aero Algarve SKYBANNER Portugal ICAO code no longer allocated
DST Aex Air DESERT United States
DVI Aero Davinci International AERO DAVINCI Mexico
DYN Aero Dynamics AERO DYNAMIC United States
EAE Aeroservicios Ecuatorianos AECA Ecuador
EAP Aero-Pyrenees AERO-PYRENEES France
EAT Air Transport TRANS EUROPE Slovakia
EE EAY Aero Airlines REVAL Estonia defunct
EBC Aero Ejecutivo De Baja California CALIXJET Mexico
4F ECE Air City AIRCITY Germany
ECG Aero Ejecutivos RCG EJECTUIVOS RCG Mexico
ECL Aeronáutica Castellana AERO CASTELLANA Spain
ECM Aerolíneas Comerciales AERO COMERCIALES Mexico
EDA Aerolineas Nacionales Del Ecuador ANDES Ecuador defunct
EET Air Este AESTE Spain
EI EIN Aer Lingus SHAMROCK Ireland
EJP Aeroservicios Ejecutivos Corporativos EJECCORPORATIVOS Mexico
E8 ELG Alpi Eagles ALPI EAGLES Italy defunct, ICAO code no longer allocated
END Arrendadora y Transportadora Aérea ARRENDADORA Mexico
ENW Aeronaves Del Noroeste AERONOR Spain
EOL Airailes EOLE France
EOM Aero Ermes AERO ERMES Mexico
EPL Aero Transportes Empresariales EMPRESARIALES Mexico
EPE Aero Empresarial AEROEMPRESARIAL Mexico
KY EQL Air São Tomé and Príncipe EQUATORIAL São Tomé and Príncipe defunct
ERG Avianergo AVIANERGO Russia defunct
ERI Aero Servicios Regiomontanos ASERGIO Mexico
ERK Aerosec AEROSEC Chile
ERM Aeromaan EOMAAN Mexico
ESB Aereosaba AEREOSABA Mexico
ESO Avitat United Kingdom
ESU Aerolíneas Ejecutivas Del Sureste ALESUR Mexico
ESZ Aeronáutica La Esperanza ESPERANZA Mexico
ETE Aero Siete AEROSIETE Mexico
EUK Air Atlanta Europe SNOWBIRD United Kingdom defunct
EVE Air Evex SUNBEAM Germany
EVR Aeronautical Academy of Europe DIANA Portugal
EXG Air Exchange EXCHANGE United States
FAC Atlantic Helicopters FAROECOPTER Denmark
FAG Argentine Air Force FUAER Argentina
PC FAJ Air Fiji FIJIAIR Fiji defunct
FAN AF-Air International FANBIRD Angola
FBW Aviation Data Systems United States
FCI Air Carriers FAST CHECK United States
FCO Aerofrisco AEROFRISCO Mexico
FCU Alfa 4 Mexico
FDA African Airlines AIR SANKORE Mali
FDS African Medical and Research Foundation FLYDOC Kenya
FGT Aero Freight FREIAERO Mexico
FIC Aerosafin AEROSAFIN Mexico
OF FIF Air Finland AIR FINLAND Finland
FII Aerodata Flight Inspection FLIGHT CHECKER Germany ICAO code no longer allocated
FIX Airfix Aviation AIRFIX Finland
FJ FJI Fiji Airways PACIFIC Fiji
FLD Air Falcon Pakistan
RC FLI Atlantic Airways FAROELINE Faroe Islands
QH FLZ Aero Leasing AIR FLORIDA United States dba Air Florida
FMT Air Fret De Mauritanie Mauritania
FNM Avio Nord Italy
FNO Aeroflota Del Noroeste RIAZOR Spain
FNX Aero Fenix AERO FENIX France ICAO code no longer allocated
FPY African Company Airlines AFRICOMPANY Democratic Republic of the Congo
FRJ Afrijet Airlines AFRIJET Nigeria
FRK Afrika Aviation Handlers AFRIFAST Kenya
FRQ Afrique Chart'air CHARTER AFRIQUE Cameroon
FRT Aerofreight Airlines Russia
FST Aeros Limited FAST TRACK United Kingdom ICAO code no longer allocated
FTC Air Affaires Tchad AFFAIRES TCHAD Chad
FTY ABC Bedarfsflug FLY TYROL Austria
NY FXI Air Iceland FAXI Iceland
2P GAP Air Philippines ORIENT PACIFIC Philippines
GAU Aerogaucho AEROGAUCHO Uruguay
GBJ Aero Business Charter GLOBAL JET Germany
GCK Aerogem Cargo AEROGEM Ghana defunct
GFO Aerovías del Golfo AEROVIAS GOLFO Mexico
GGL Aeronáutica GIRA GLOBO Angola
ZX GGN Air Georgian GEORGIAN Canada
GHL Aviance HANDLING United Kingdom Gatwick Handling
GHN Air Ghana AIR GHANA Ghana
GIL African International Transport AFRICAN TRANSPORT Guinea
2U GIP Air Guinee Express FUTURE EXPRESS Guinea
GIZ Africa Airlines AFRILENS Guinea
GLL Air Gemini TWINS Angola
GLT Aero Charter GASLIGHT United States
GME Aguilas Mayas Internacional MAYAN EAGLES Guatemala
GMM Aerotaxis Guamuchil AEROGUAMUCHIL Mexico
GMS Aeroservicios Gama SERVICIOS GAMA Mexico
0A GNT Amber Air GINTA Lithuania
GOA Alberta Government ALBERTA Canada
GRE Air Scotland GREECE AIRWAYS Greece
DA GRG Air Georgia AIR GEORGIA Georgia
GRI Air Cargo Center São Tomé and Príncipe
GL GRL Air Greenland GREENLAND Denmark
LL GRO Allegro ALLEGRO Mexico defunct
GRR Agroar - Trabalhos Aéreos AGROAR Portugal
GRX Aircompany Grodno GRODNO Belarus
GSP Airlift Alaska GREEN SPEED United States
GSV Agrocentr-Avia AGRAV Kazakhstan
GTC Altin Havayolu Tasimaciligi Turizm Ve Ticaret GOLDEN WINGS Turkey
5Y GTI Atlas Air GIANT United States
GTP Aerotaxi Grupo Tampico GRUPOTAMPICO Mexico
GUA Aerotaxis de Aguascalientes AGUASCALIENTES Mexico
GG GUY Air Guyane GREEN BIRD French Guiana
GVI Air Victoria Georgia IRINA Georgia
H9 HAD Air D'Ayiti HAITI AVIA Haiti
GG HAH Air Comores International AIR COMORES Comoros
HAT Air Taxi TAXI BIRD France
HEI Aerohein AEROHEIN Chile
HGH Atlantic Air Lift HIGHER France
HID Aviación Ejecutiva De Hildago EJECUTIVA HIDALGO Mexico
HJA Air Haiti AIRHAITI Haiti
HD HLN Air Holland ORANGE Netherlands defunct
HJT Al Rais Cargo AL-RAIS CARGO United Arab Emirates
HKH Air-Invest HAWKHUNGARY Hungary
HMA Air Tahoma TAHOMA United States ICAO code no longer allocated
HMT Air Nova HAMILTON United Kingdom ICAO code no longer allocated
HOM Aero Homex AERO HOMEX Mexico
HPO Almiron Aviation ALMIRON Uganda
HQO Avinor Norway
HYR Airlink Airways HIGHFLYER Ireland
8C HZT Air Horizon HORIZON TOGO Togo
IAE AC Insat-Aero Russia defunct
ICM Air Inter Cameroun INTER-CAMEROUN Cameroon
IKM Aero Survey EASY SHUTTLE Ghana Callsign changed from GHANA SURVEY
ILK Aero Airline ILEK Kazakhstan
IME Airtime Charters AIRTIME United Kingdom ICAO code no longer allocated
IMN Aerotaxis Cimarron TAXI CIMARRON Mexico
INA Aero Internacional AERO-NACIONAL Mexico
ING Aeroingenieria AEROINGE Chile defunct
INO Aeroservicios Intergrados de Norte INTENOR Mexico
IPL Airpull Aviation IPULL Spain
IRD Arvand Airlines ARVAND Iran
IRH Atlas Aviation Group ATLAS AVIA Iran
IRW Aram Airline ARAM Iran
IRX Aria Tour ARIA Iran
ITE Aerotaxi AEROTAXI Czech Republic
ITF Avita-Servicos Aéreos AIR AVITA Angola
ITO Aero Citro AERO CITRO Mexico
IVE Air Executive COMPANY EXEC Spain
IWS Aviainvest Russia
W9 JAB Air Bagan AIR BAGAN Myanmar
JAD Aerojal AEROJAL Mexico
JAR Airlink AIRLINK Austria
JEE Ambjek Air Services AMBJEK AIR Nigeria
UTX Avfinity United States
JMR Alexandair ALEXANDAIR Canada
JMX Air Jamaica Express JAMAICA EXPRESS Jamaica
JOA Air Swift Aviation Australia
JOB Aerojobeni JOBENI Mexico
IP JOL Atyrau Air Ways EDIL Kazakhstan
JPR Aerosmith Aviation JASPER United States ICAO code no longer allocated
JTS Arrendamiento de Aviones Jets AVIONESJETS Mexico
JUA Aero Juarez JUAREZ Mexico
QK JZA Air Canada Jazz JAZZ Canada
KAA Asia Aero Survey and Consulting Engineers AASCO Republic of Korea ICAO code no longer allocated
KAD Air Kirovograd AIR KIROVOGRAD Ukraine
KAM Air Mach ICO-AIR Italy
KAV Air Kufra AIRKUFRA Libya
KEK Arkhabay ARKHABAY Kazakhstan ICAO code no longer allocated
KFK Aero Charter Krifka KRIFKA AIR Austria
KFT Air Kraft Mir AIR KRAFT MIR Uzbekistan
KGD Air Concorde CONCORDE AIR Bulgaria
KHH Alexandria Airlines Egypt
KIE Afit TWEETY Germany
KKB Air South KHAKI BLUE United States
KK KKK Atlasjet ATLASJET Turkey
KLB Air Mali International TRANS MALI Mali
KLZ Aerokaluz AEROKALUZ Mexico
JS KOR Air Koryo AIR KORYO Democratic People's Republic of Korea
KOY Araiavia ALEKS Kazakhstan
KRE AeroSucre AEROSUCRE Colombia
KRT Air Kokshetau KOKTA Kazakhstan ICAO code no longer allocated
KSI Air Kissari KISSARI Angola
KTN Aeronavigaciya AERONAVIGACIYA Ukraine
KVR Alliance Avia KAVAIR Kazakhstan
KYC Av Atlantic DOLPHIN United States
KC KZR Air Astana ASTANALINE Kazakhstan
LAG Aviation Legacy AVILEG Gambia
Aerovías De Lagos AEROLAGOS Mexico Was LAG
LV LBC Albanian Airlines ALBANIAN Albania
LBI Albisa ALBISA Mexico
LBW Albatros Airways ALBANWAYS Albania
LDG Aerolíneas Aéreas Ejecutivas De Durango DURANGO Mexico
3S BOX Aerologic GERMAN CARGO Germany
LDN Al-Donas Airlines ALDONAS AIR Nigeria
LDR Aero Lider AEROLIDER Mexico
LEM Aleem Egypt
LET Aerolíneas Ejecutivas MEXEJECUTIV Mexico
LFA Air Alfa Turkey
LFC Aero Control Air LIFE FLIGHT CANADA Canada defunct
LGN Aerolaguna AEROLAGUNA Mexico
LHR Al Ahram Aviation AL AHRAM Egypt
D4 LID Alidaunia ALIDA Italy
LIE Al-Dawood Air AL-DAWOOD AIR Nigeria
LKP American Aviation LAKE POWELL United States ICAO code no longer allocated
LKS Airlink Solutions AIRLIN Spain
LKY Air Solutions LUCKY United States
CD LLR Alliance Air ALLIED India
LMA Aerolima AEROLIMA Mexico
LML Alamia Air ALAMIA AIR Libya ICAO code no longer allocated
LMP Air Plus Argentina AIR FLIGHT Argentina
LMT Almaty Aviation ALMATY Kazakhstan
LMX Aerolíneas Mexicanas J S LINEAS MEXICANAS Mexico
LMY Air Almaty AGLEB Kazakhstan
LMZ Air Almaty ZK ALUNK Kazakhstan
XL LNE Aerolane AEROLANE Ecuador Líneas Aéreas Nacionales Del Ecuador
LNK Airlink LINK South Africa
LNT Aerolíneas Internacionales LINEAINT Mexico
LOK Alok Air ALOK AIR Sudan
LOU Air Saint Louis AIR SAINTLOUIS Senegal
LPC Alpine Aviation NETSTAR South Africa
A6 LPV Air Alps Aviation ALPAV Austria
LRO Alrosa-Avia ALROSA Russia
LRW Al Rida Airways AL RIDA Mauritania
LSK Aurela AURELA Lithuania
LSM Aerobusinessservice Russia defunct
LSR Alsair ALSAIR France
LTI Aerotaxis Latinoamericanos LATINO Mexico
LUC Albinati Aeronautics ALBINATI Switzerland
TD LUR Atlantis European Airways Armenia
LVN Aliven ALIVEN Italy
LVR Aviavilsa AVIAVILSA Lithuania
L8 LXG Air Luxor GB LUXOR GOLF Guinea-Bissau
LK LXR Air Luxor AIRLUXOR Portugal ICAO code no longer allocated
LYT Apatas Air APATAS Lithuania
LZP Air Ban DOC AIR Bulgaria
LZR Air Lazur LAZUR BEE-GEE Bulgaria
MAM Aeródromo De La Mancha AEROMAN Spain
MK MAU Air Mauritius AIRMAURITIUS Mauritius
MBA Avag Air AVAG AIR Austria
MBB Air Manas AIR MANAS Kyrgyzstan
MBC Airjet Exploração Aérea De Carga MABECO Angola
MBV Aeriantur-M AEREM Moldova defunct
MCB Air Mercia WESTMID United Kingdom
MCD Air Medical AIR MED United Kingdom
MCO Aerolíneas Marcos MARCOS Mexico
MDC Atlantic Aero and Mid-Atlantic Freight NIGHT SHIP United States
MD MDG Air Madagascar AIR MADAGASCAR Madagascar
MDX Aerosud Charter MEDAIR South Africa
MEF Air Meridan EMPENNAGE Nigeria
MFL Aero McFly MCFLY Mexico
MGE Asia Pacific Airlines MAGELLAN United States
MGS Aeromagar AEROMAGAR Mexico
MIE Aero Premier De Mexico AEROPREMIER Mexico
9U MLD Air Moldova AIR MOLDOVA Moldova
MLF Amal Airlines AMAL Djibouti
L9 MLI Air Mali AIR MALI Mali defunct
MLN Air Madeleine AIR MADELEINE Canada
MMC Aermarche AERMARCHE Italy
MMD Air Alsie MERMAID Denmark
MMM Aviation Company Meridian AVIAMERIDIAN Russia
MMP AMP Incorporated AMP-INC United States
MNE Aerolíneas Amanecer AEROAMANECER Mexico
MNG Aero Mongolia AERO MONGOLIA Mongolia
MOC Air Monarch Cargo MONARCH CARGO Mexico
MOP Aeropublicitaria De Angola PUBLICITARIA Angola
MOR Aerolíneas De Morelia AEROMORELIA Mexico
A7 MPD Air Plus Comet RED COMET Spain
QO MPX Aeromexpress AEROMEXPRESS Mexico
MRL Aeromorelos AEROMORELOS Mexico
MRM Aerocharter MARITIME Canada
MRP Abas ABAS Czech Republic
MR MRT Air Mauritanie MIKE ROMEO Mauritania
MSC Air Cairo Egypt
MSK Air Sport AIR SPORT Bulgaria
MSO Aerolíneas Mesoamericanas MESO AMERICANAS Mexico
MSV Aero-Kamov AERAFKAM Russia
MTB Aerotaxis Metropolitanos AEROMETROPOLIS Mexico
MTE Aeromet Línea Aérea AEROMET Chile defunct
MTK Air Metack AIRMETACK Angola
MTY Air Montegomery MONTY United Kingdom ICAO code no longer allocated
MXO Aerotaxi Mexicano MAXAERO Mexico
MYS Aero Yaqui Mayo AERO YAQUI Mexico
MZK AVC Airlines Japan
MZL Aerovías Montes Azules MONTES AZULES Mexico
3S* AEN Aeroland Airways Greece defunct, ICAO code no longer allocated
2V* Amtrak United States Train services only
8D* SUW Astair Russian Federation Name changed to Interavia Airlines
F4 NBK Albarka Air AL-AIR Nigeria
NCL ACA-Ancargo Air Sociedade de Transporte de Carga Lda ANCARGO AIR Angola
NEL Aero Servicios de Nuevo Laredo AEROLAREDO Mexico
NGV Angoavia ANGOAVIA Angola
NID Aeroni AERONI Mexico
NIE Aeroejecutiva Nieto AERONIETO Mexico
AJ NIG Aero Contractors AEROLINE Nigeria
NKZ Aerokuzbass NOVOKUZNETSK Russia
NRS Atlantic Richfield Company NORTH SLOPE United States
NSO Aerolíneas Sosa SOSA Honduras
NTD Aero Norte Mexico
NTV Air Inter Ivoire INTER-IVOIRE Ivory Coast
NUL Aeroservicios De Nuevo Leon SERVICIOS NUEVOLEON Mexico
NVI Avial NV Aviation Company NEW AVIAL Russia
NWG Airwing NORWING Norway
OAO Arkhangelsk 2 Aviation Division DVINA Russia
OGI Aerogisa AEROGISA Mexico
OLV Aerolíneas Olve OLVE Mexico
OMG Aeromega OMEGA United Kingdom
ONR Air One Nine EDER Libya ICAO code no longer allocated
ONT Air Ontario ONTARIO Canada
ORP Aerocorp CORPSA Mexico IATA changed to RCP; callsign changed to AEROCORPSA
ORS Action Air AVIATION SERVICE Italy ICAO Code no longer allocated
OSN Aerosan AEROSAN Mexico
OSO Aviapartner Limited Company Russia
PAJ Aliparma ALIPARMA Italy
PBT Air Parabet PARABET Bangladesh
8Y PBU Air Burundi AIR-BURUNDI Burundi
PCG Aeropostal Cargo de Mexico POSTAL CARGO Mexico
PCK Air Pack Express AIRPACK EXPRESS Spain
PCS Air Palace AIR PALACE Mexico
OT PEL Aeropelican Air Services PELICAN Australia
PFI Aerolíneas Chihuahua PACIFICO CHIHUAHUA Mexico
PFT Air Cargo Express International PROFREIGHT United States
PHR Al Farana Airline PHARAOH Egypt
PHW PHOENIX SHARJAH United Arab Emirates ICAO code no longer allocated
PIE Air South West PIRATE United Kingdom
PIF Aeroservicios California Pacifico AEROCALPA Mexico
PKA AST Pakistan Airways PAKISTAN AIRWAY Pakistan
PNL Aero Personal AEROPERSONAL Mexico
PNU Aero Servicios Platinum AERO PLATINUM Mexico
POY Apoyo Aéreo APOYO AEREO Mexico
PRI Aerotransportes Privados AEROPRIV Mexico
PRT Atlantic Coast Jet PATRIOT United States
AD PRZ Air Paradise International RADISAIR Indonesia Defunct 2005
PSE Aeroservicio Sipse SIPSE Mexico
PSL Aeroservicios Corporativos De San Luis CORSAN Mexico
PVA Aerotransportes Privados TRANSPRIVADO Mexico
PZA Aéreo Taxi Paraza AEREO PARAZA Mexico
QD QCL Air Class Líneas Aéreas ACLA Uruguay
QEA Aviation Consultancy Office Australia
QAT Aero Taxi AIR QUASAR Canada defunct
QKC Aero Taxi Aviation QUAKER CITY United States
QLA Aviation Quebec Labrador QUEBEC LABRADOR Canada
QS QSC African Safari Airways ZEBRA Kenya
QUI Aero Quimmco QUIMMCO Mexico
RAD Alada AIR ALADA Angola
RAI Aerotur Air DIASA Kazakhstan
RAP Air Center Helicopters RAPTOR United States
RBE Aur Rum Benin RUM BENIN Benin
RBJ Aeroserivios Del Bajio AEROBAJIO Mexico
4Y RBU Airbus France AIRBUS FRANCE France
RBV Air Roberval AIR ROBERVAL Canada
RBX Arubaexel ARUBA Aruba
RCC Air Charters Eelde RACER Netherlands
RCE Aerocer AEROCER Mexico
RCF Aeroflot-Cargo AEROFLOT-CARGO Russia
MC RCH Air Mobility Command REACH United States United States Air Force
RCI Air Cassai AIR CASSAI Angola
RCO Aero Renta De Coahuila AEROCOAHUILA Mexico
RCP Aerocorp AEROCORPSA Mexico
RCQ Aerolíneas Regionales REGIONAL CARGO Mexico
RCU Atlantic S.L. AIR COURIER Spain
RCX Air Service Center SERVICE CENTER Italy
RDD Adygeya Airlines ADLINES Russia defunct
RDM Air Ada AIR ADA Mauritania
RE REA Aer Arann AER ARANN Ireland
REN Aero-Rent AERORENT Mexico
RES Australian Maritime Safety Authority RESCUE Australia
UU REU Air Austral REUNION France
REY Aero-Rey AEROREY Mexico
RFC Aero Africa AERO AFRICA Swaziland
RFD Aerotransportes Rafilher RAFHILER Mexico
RGO Argo ARGOS Dominican Republic
RGT Airbourne School of Flying AIRGOAT United Kingdom ICAO code no longer allocated
RHL Air Archipels ARCHIPELS France
RIF Aviation Ministry of the Interior of the Russian Federation INTERMIN AVIA Russian Federation
RIS Aeris Gestión AERIS Spain
6K RIT Asian Spirit ASIAN SPIRIT Philippines
RJS Aeroservicios Jet ASERJET Mexico
RKA Air Afrique AIRAFRIC Ivory Coast
A5 RLA Airlinair AIRLINAIR France
RLK Air Nelson New Zealand
RLL Air Leone AEROLEONE Sierra Leone
QL RLN Aero Lanka AERO LANKA Sri Lanka
RLZ Air Alize ALIZE France
RMD Air Amder AIR AMDER Mauritania
R3 RME Armenian Airlines ARMENIAN Armenia defunct
MV RML Armenian International Airways ARMENIA Armenia defunct
RMO Arm-Aero ARM-AERO Armenia
RMX Air Max AEROMAX Bulgaria
2O RNE Air Salone AIR SALONE Sierra Leone
RNM Aeronem Air Cargo AEROMNEM Ecuador
RNR Air Cargo Masters RUNNER United States
U8 RNV Armavia ARMAVIA Armenia defunct, ICAO code no longer allocated
ROE Aeroeste ESTE-BOLIVIA Bolivia
ROH Aero Gen AEROGEN Mexico
ROI Avior Airlines AVIOR Venezuela
ROL Aeroel Airways AEROEL Israel ICAO code no longer allocated
BQ ROM Aeromar Lineas Aereas Dominicanas BRAVO QUEBEC Dominican Republic defunct
ROO Aeroitalia AEROITALIA Italy defunct
ROD Aerodan AERODAN Mexico
P5 RPB AeroRepública AEROREPUBLICA Colombia
RPC Aerolíneas Del Pacífico AEROPACSA Ecuador
RRC Aero Roca AEROROCA Mexico
RRE Aerotransportes Internacionales De Torreon AERO TORREON Mexico
RRM Acvila Air-Romanian Carrier AIR ROMANIA Romania defunct
RSC Aerolíneas Ejecutivas Tarascas TARASCAS Mexico
BF RSR Aero-Service CONGOSERV Republic of the Congo
5L RSU AeroSur AEROSUR Bolivia
RTE Aeronorte LUZAVIA Portugal ICAO code no longer allocated
RTO Arhabaev Tourism Airlines ARTOAIR Kazakhstan
RTQ Air Turquoise TURQUOISE France
RTU Aerotucan AEROTUCAN Mexico
RUD Air Anastasia ANASTASIA Ukraine
RUM Air Rum AIR RUM Sierra Leone
RUN ACT Havayollari CARGO TURK Turkey
RVT Aircompany Veteran AIR-VET Armenia
RWB Alliance Express Rwanda Rwanda
RWC Arrow Ecuador Arrowec ARROWEC Ecuador
RWY Aerogroup 98 Limited TYNWALD United Kingdom ICAO code no longer allocated
RXT Aeroxtra AERO-EXTRA Mexico
RWS Air Whitsunday Australia
RZL Aero Zambia AERO ZAMBIA Zambia
RZN Aero Zano ZANO Mexico
RZZ Anoka Air Charter RED ZONE United States
SBH Aerosaab AEROSAAB Mexico
SCD Associated Aviation ASSOCIATED Nigeria
SCM American Jet International SCREAMER United States
EX SDO Air Santo Domingo AERO DOMINGO Dominican Republic
SDP Aero Sudpacifico SUDPACIFICO Mexico
SEF Aero Servicios Ejecutivas Del Pacifico SERVIPACIFICO Mexico
JR SER Aero California AEROCALIFORNIA Mexico
SGV Aerosegovia SEGOVIA Nicaragua
SHH Airshare Holdings AIRSHARE United Kingdom ICAO code no longer allocated
SIY Aerosiyusa SIYUSA Mexico
SIZ Aero Silza AEROSILZA Mexico
SJN Air San Juan SAN JUAN United States
SKP Aero-North Aviation Services SKIPPER Canada defunct
SMI Aero Sami SAMI Mexico
Z3 SMJ Avient Aviation AVAVIA Zimbabwe
SOD Aerolíneas Sol ALSOL Mexico
SOE Air Soleil AIR SOLEIL Mauritania
SOG Aero Soga AEROSOGA Guinea-Bissau defunct
SPD Airspeed Aviation SPEEDLINE Canada ICAO code no longer allocated
M3 SPJ Air Service AIR SKOPJE Macedonia
SPO Aeroservicios Ejecutivos Del Pacifico EJECTUIV PACIFICO Mexico
SPY Asian Aerospace Service THAI SPACE Thailand
SPZ Airworld SPEED SERVICE South Africa
SQR Alsaqer Aviation ALSAQER AVIATION Libya ICAO code no longer allocated
SRI Air Safaris and Services AIRSAFARI New Zealand
SRV Aero Servicio Corporativo SERVICORP Mexico
SSL Air Sultan SIERRA SULTAN Sierra Leone
SSM Aero 1 Pro-Jet RAPID Canada defunct
SSN Airquarius Air Charter SUNSTREAM South Africa ICAO code no longer allocated
STK Aeropac SAT PAK United States
STT Air St. Thomas PARADISE United States
SUE Aerolíneas Del Sureste AEROSURESTE Mexico
SUY Aerial Surveys (1980) Limited SURVEY New Zealand
GM SVK Air Slovakia SLOVAKIA Slovakia ICAO code no longer allocated
SWH Adler Aviation SHOCKWAVE Canada
R3 SYL Aircompany Yakutia AIR YAKUTIA Russia
SYT Aerosud Aviation SKYTRACK South Africa
TAA Aeroservicios de La Costa AERO COSTA Mexico
TBL Aerotrebol AEROTREBOL Mexico
TBO Aero Taxi de Los Cabos AERO CABOS Mexico
JY TCI Air Turks and Caicos KERRMONT Turks and Caicos Islands ICAO code no longer allocated
TCO Aerotranscolombina de Carga TRANSCOLOMBIA Colombia
TDG Air Cargo Express TURBO DOG United States
TDT Atlas Helicopters TRIDENT United Kingdom
TDY Air Today AIR TODAY United States
TED Aero Servicios Azteca AEROAZTECA Mexico
OR TFL Arkefly ARKEFLY Netherlands
TIR Antair ANTAIR Mexico
TLB Atlantique Air Assistance TRIPLE-A France
TLD Aereo Taxi Autlan AEREO AUTLAN Mexico
TLE Aero Util AEROUTIL Mexico
TLU Aero Toluca Internactional AEROTOLUCA Mexico
TME Aero Taxi del Centro de Mexico TAXICENTRO Mexico
TOC Aerotropical TROPICMEX Mexico
TOH Air Tomisko TOMISKO CARGO Serbia
CG TOK Airlines PNG BALUS Papua New Guinea
TON Aero Tonala AEROTONALA Mexico
TPB Aero Tropical AERO TROPICAL Angola
TY TPC Air Calédonie AIRCAL France
TPO Aero Taxi del Potosi TAXI-POTOSI Mexico
TQS Aeroturquesa AEROTURQUESA Mexico
TRH Airmark Aviation TRANSTAR United States
FL TRS AirTran Airways CITRUS United States defunct, last flight 12/30/2014, now part of Southwest Airlines
TS TSC Air Transat AIR TRANSAT Canada
TSQ airtransse AIRTRA Japan
TTB Aerolíneas Turísticas del Caribe AERO TURISTICAS Mexico
TTE Avcenter TETON United States
TUN Air Tungaru TUNGARU Kiribati defunct
EC TWN Avialeasing Aviation Company TWINARROW Uzbekistan
TXD Aerotaxis del Noroeste TAXI OESTE Mexico
TXF Aerotaxis Alfe ALFE Mexico
TXI Aereotaxis AEREOTAXIS Mexico
TZA Aero Tomza AERO TOMZA Mexico
TZT Air Zambezi ZAMBEZI Zimbabwe
UAG Afra Airlines AFRALINE Ghana
UAR Aerostar Airlines AEROSTAR Ukraine
UCK Air Division of the Eastern Kazakhstan Region GALETA Kazakhstan
DW UCR Aero-Charter Ukraine CHARTER UKRAINE Ukraine
U7 UGA Air Uganda UGANDA Uganda
UED Air LA AIR L-A United States
6U UKR Air Ukraine AIR UKRAINE Ukraine
UMB Air Umbria AIR UMBRIA Italy
UND Atuneros Unidos de California ATUNEROS UNIDOS Mexico
USC AirNet Express STAR CHECK United States Renamed from US Check Airlines
VNR Avantair AVANTAIR United States
FLP Aeroclub Flaps AEROCLUB FLAPS Spain defunct
6R DRU Alrosa Air Company MIRNY Russia
AD AZU Azul Linhas Aéreas Brasileiras Azul Brazil
6A CHP Aviacsa AVIACSA Mexico
JZ SKX Avia Express SKY EXPRESS Sweden Former names: AMA-Flyg I Goteborg; Salair; former ICAO code: AAX
SRY As-Aero Armenia
WD* AAN Amsterdam Airlines AMSTEL Netherlands Former IATA code: FH*
AAT Air Central Asia Kyrgyzstan
ABI Antigua and Barbuda Airways Anair Antigua and Barbuda
ACB African Cargo Services AFRICARGO Kenya
ACH Air Cargo Plus AIR PLUS Liberia
AAE Astec Air East AIR EAST United States defunct
AAE Arizona Air ARIZONA United States defunct
AQ AAH Aloha Airlines ALOHA United States Ceased operations; former IATA code: TS
AAJ Alfa Airlines ALFA SUDAN Sudan
AAN Andalusair ANDALUSAIR Spain defunct
AAP Astro Air International ASTRO AIR Philippines defunct
AAP Arabasco Air Services ARABASCO Saudi Arabia
3J AAQ Air Alliance LIAISON Canada defunct
AAR Americ Air PATRIOT United States defunct
AAS Airtransservice Aviaservice Russia defunct
AAS Austrian Air Services AIR SERVICES Austria defunct
OB AAT Austrian Airtransport AUSTRIAN CHARTER Austria defunct; former IATA code: U8, OG; former ICAO code: AUC
AAV Aly Aviation United Kingdom defunct; former ICAO code: AAY
AAW Austin Airways AUSTIN Canada defunct
SM AAW Aberdeen Airways United Kingdom defunct; subsidiary of Air Provence
AAW Almeta Air ALMETA AIR Austria defunct
KJ AAZ Asian Air Kyrgyzstan
BX ABL Air Busan Republic of Korea
AK ABR Air Bridge Carriers AIRBRIDGE United Kingdom defunct
ABT Ambeo AMBITION United Kingdom
ABE Arberia Airlines ARBERIA AIRLINES Albania defunct
ACE Air Charter Express Ghana
YE ACQ Aryan Cargo Express India
ACS Aircraft Sales and Services AIRCRAFT SALES Pakistan
ABS Air Central AIR CENTRAL United States defunct
ADF Ade, Aviación Deportiva ADE AVIACION Spain
ADT Arrendaminetos y Transportes Turisticos ARRENDA-TRANS Mexico
ADZ Avio Delta Bulgaria
ADW ADC Airways Lebanon defunct
AED Aie Experience Flight AIE EXPERIENCE United Kingdom defunct
AED Aernord Aernspa Italy defunct
AEG Air East AIR EAST Slovakia defunct
AEI Air Italy Polska POLISH BIRD Poland
AEK Aero Costa Rica ACORISA Costa Rica Ceased operations
AES Aerosur Paraguay AEROPARAGUAY Paraguay
AET Aerotime AEROTIME United Kingdom defunct
VJ AFF Africa Airways AFRIWAYS Benin
AFM Air Four Italy
QH FLA Air Florida PALM United States relaunching
3O MAC Air Arabia Maroc ARABIA MAROC Morocco This ICAO designator was previously used by Malta Air Charter
ADO Air Do AIR DO Japan
MRY Air Marine AIR MARINE France
PNK Air Pink AIRPINK Serbia
AFN African International Airlines SIMBA Lesotho
BDV Aberdair Aviation ABERDAV Kenya
TTN Absolute Flight Services TITANIUM South Africa
ATZ Ace Air ACE TAXI South Korea
ARO Acero Taxi ACERO Mexico
CRV Acropolis Aviation ACROPOLIS United Kingdom
ADC AD Astra Executive Charter AD ASTRA Poland
DDS Addis Airlines ADDIS LINE Ethiopia
TEC ADI Shuttle Group TECHJET United States
AXX Advance Air Luftfahrtgesellschaft SKY SHUTTLE Germany
AAX Advance Aviation ADVANCE AVIATION Thailand
ADV Advanced Flight Training ADVANCED United Kingdom
DVN Adventia Spain
EBS AEG Aviation Services United States
ALS Aeralp AERALP France
AEF Aerea Spain
DRD Aereo Dorado AEREO DORADO Mexico
FUT Aereo Futuro AEREO FUTURO Mexico
MMG Aereo Ruta Maya RUTA MAYA Guatemala
AGI Aereo Transportes Los Angeles de America ANGELES AMERICA Mexico
WWG Aereo WWG AERO-W Mexico
AKR Aero Clinker AERO CLINKER Mexico
RRB Aero Club de Castellon Spain
ARP Aero Corporate IVORYCORP Côte d'Ivoire
EPU Aero Elite Acapulco ELITACAPULCO Mexico
XPN Aero Express Niger
TEJ Aero Jet Angola
GHM Aero Service Bolivia Bolivia
GLM Aero Services Mali GLOBAL MALI Mali
GUE Aero Servicio Guerrero AERO GUERRERO Mexico
ABA Aero-Beta AEROBETA Germany
AJH Aeroaljarafe ALJARAFE Spain
AOB Aerocaribe Coro CARIBE CORO Venezuela
ERC Aerocharter Guatemala defunct
BSO Aeroclub Barcelona-Sabadell Spain
NVA Aeroclub de Albacete Spain
LUE Aeroclub de Alicante Spain
MLL Aeroclub de Mallorca MALLORCA Spain
AVX Aeroclub de Vitoria Spain
CTD Aerocorporativos AEROCORPORATIVOS Mexico
RRO Aerocredo Russia
FAQ Aerofaq Ecuador
PLS Aeroflot-Plus AEROPLUS Russia
LIN Aerolimousine AEROLIMOUSINE Russia
PCP Aerolínea Principal Chile PRINCIPAL Chile
ALT Aerolíneas Centrales AERLINEAS CENTRALES Mexico
DMJ Aerolíneas Damojh DAMOJH Mexico
AHL Aerolíneas Hidalgo HIDALGO Mexico
LDL Aerologic Russia
APR Aerolíneas Primordiales AEROPERLAS Mexico
VSC Aeronautic de Los Pirineos Spain
AGM Aviation West Charters ANGEL MED United States 2015[4]
X9 NVD Avion Express NORDVIND Lithuania Name changed from Nordic Solutions Air
BAH The Amiri Flight BAHRAIN Bahrain
AVD Álamo Aviación, S.L. ALAMO Spain }