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This is a list of all airline codes. The table lists the IATA airline designators, the ICAO airline designators and the airline call signs (telephony designator). Historical assignments are also included for completeness.


Airline codes
IATA ICAO Airline Call sign Country Comments
BW BWA Caribbean Airlines CARIBBEAN AIRLINES Trinidad and Tobago
QAI Conquest Air CHICKPEA United States 2014[1]
CNW Continental Airways Moldovoa 2014[1]
CRF Croix Rouge Francais CROIX ROUGE France 2014[1]
CBH Corporate Eagle Management Services CLUB HOUSE United States Allocated in 2014[2]
CCT Connect Air CONNECT Canada Allocated in 2014[3]
CME Commerce Bank COMMERCE BANK United States (Kansas City) Allocated in 2014[4]
CAA Civil Aviation Authority of the Czech Republic INSPECTOR Czech Republic
BKR Civil Air Patrol South Carolina Wing BOX KAR United States
BFN Compagnie Nationale Naganagani Burkino Faso
AWX Civil Aviation Authority Directorate of Airspace Policy ALLWEATHER United Kingdom
BBN Civil Aviation Authority Airworthiness Division BRABAZON United Kingdom
ATQ CHC Helicopters Nigeria COLIBRI Nigeria
APL Corporativo Aereo Principal AEREO PRINCIPAL Mexico
AIO Chief of Staff, United States Air Force AIR CHIEF United States
AID Christian Konig - Century Airbirds CENTURY AIRBIRD Austria
Cambridge Recurrent Training CAMBRIDGE United Kingdom
California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection CALFIRE United States
Careflight Queensland SAMARITAN Australia
7N PWD Pawa Dominicana Pawa Dominicana Dominican Republic
Castle Air Charter CASTLEFILM United Kingdom
Challenges Aviation TIGER United Kingdom
Challenges Limited HERITAGE United Kingdom
Cheqair ASTON United Kingdom
Clacton Aero Club CLASSIC WINGS United Kingdom
Coral Sun Airways CORAL SUN Kirbati
Cowan Group COWAN United States
SMW Carpatair Flight Service SMART WINGS Romania Was Carpatair Flight Training
CCL Cambodia Airlines ANGKOR WAT Cambodia
CCB Caricom Airways DOLPHIN Barbados

CYH China Southern Airlines Henan YUHAO China
CFB Chongqing Forebase General Aviation FOREBASE China
XCA Colt Transportes Aereos COLT Brazil
GCY CHC Global Operations International HELIBIRD United Kingdom
TIP C and M Aviation TRANSPAC United States
SRJ C Air Jet Airlines SYRJET Syrian Arab Republic
RWG C&M Airways RED WING United States
RMU C.S.P., Societe AIR-MAUR Mauritania
CJZ Caliber Jet CALIBER JET United States
CRC Cameroon Airlines Corporation CAMAIRCO Cameroon
AUN Common Sky COMMON SKY Austria
CBI Cabi CABI Ukraine
CPI Compagnia Aerea Italiana AIRCAI Italy
5C ICL CAL Cargo Air Lines CAL Israel
CMR CAM Air Management CAMEO United Kingdom
CTZ CATA Línea Aérea CATA Argentina
CCF CCF Manager Airline TOMCAT Germany
CED CEDTA (Compañía Ecuatoriana De Transportes Aéreos) CEDTA Ecuador
HBI CHC Denmark HELIBIRD Denmark
HEM CHC Helicopter HEMS Australia
AW SCH CHC Airways SCHREINER Netherlands formerly Schreiner Airways. ICAO code in use by another company, call sign no longer allocated
HKS CHC Helikopter Service HELIBUS Norway
VCI CI-Tours CI-TOURS Ivory Coast
CKC CKC Services United States
CMZ CM Stair CEE-EM STAIRS Mauritania
CNT Centre national d'études des télécommunications - C.N.E.T. KNET France
CRH CRI Helicopters Mexico HELI-MEX Mexico
IRO CSA Air IRON AIR United States
CSE CSE Aviation OXFORD United Kingdom
CTQ CTK Network Aviation CITYLINK Ghana
CBR Cabair College of Air Training CABAIR United Kingdom
CVE Cabo Verde Express KABEX Cape Verde
CWD Caernarfon Airworld AMBASSADOR United Kingdom
CXE Caicos Express Airways CAICOS Turks and Caicos Islands
CCE Cairo Air Transport Company Egypt
CGC Cal Gulf Aviation CAL-GULF São Tomé and Príncipe
REZ Cal-West Aviation CAL AIR United States
CSL California Air Shuttle CALIFORNIA SHUTTLE United States
3C CMV Calima Aviación CALIMA Spain
MO CAV Calm Air CALM AIR Canada
R9 CAM Camai Air AIR CAMAI United States Village Aviation
K6 KHV Cambodia Angkor Air ANGKOR AIR Cambodia
UY UYC Cameroon Airlines CAM-AIR Cameroon defunct
HSO Campania Helicopteros De Transporte HELIASTURIAS Spain
C6 CJA CanJet CANJET Canada
PIL Canada Jet Charters PINNACLE Canada
CP CDN Canadian Airlines CANADIAN Canada defunct
CTG Canadian Coast Guard CANADIAN COAST GUARD Canada
HIA Canadian Eagle Aviation HAIDA Canada
CFC Canadian Forces CANFORCE Canada
BZD Canadian Global Air Ambulance BLIZZARD Canada ICAO Code and callsign no longer allocated
CDN Canadian Helicopters CANADIAN Canada
TKR Canadian Interagency Forest Fire Centre TANKER Canada ICAO Code and callsign no longer allocated
XNC Canadian National Telecommunications Canada ICAO Code and callsign no longer allocated
5T MPE Canadian North EMPRESS Canada Air Norterra
CP CPC Canadian Pacific Airlines EMPRESS Canada ICAO Code and callsign no longer allocated
CDR Canadian Regional Airlines CANADIAN REGIONAL Canada ICAO Code and callsign no longer allocated
CWH Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum WARPLANE HERITAGE Canada
W2 CWA Canadian Western Airlines CANADIAN WESTERN Canada
CWW Canair CANAIR China
CUI Cancun Air CAN-AIR Mexico
9K KAP Cape Air CAIR United States
CTO Cape Air Transport Australia
SEM Cape Central Airways SEMO United States
CMY Cape Smythe Air CAPE SMYTHE AIR United States
CPX Capital Air Service CAPAIR United States
CPD Capital Airlines CAPITAL DELTA Kenya
NCP Capital Airlines Limited CAPITAL SHUTTLE Nigeria
PT CCI Capital Cargo International Airlines CAPPY United States Allocation deleted 2013
CCQ Capital City Air Carriers CAP CITY United States
EGL Capital Trading Aviation PRESTIGE United Kingdom
CEX Capitol Air Express CAPITOL EXPRESS United States
CWZ Capitol Wings Airline CAPWINGS United States
VAN Caravan Air CAMEL Mauritania
CWN Cardiff Wales Flying Club CAMBRIAN United Kingdom
FVA Cardinal/Air Virginia AIR VIRGINIA United States
GOL Cardolaar CARGOLAAR Namibia
CDI Cards Air Services CARDS Philippines
CFH Care Flight CARE FLIGHT Australia
CDM Carga Aérea Dominicana CARGA AEREA Dominican Republic
EST Carga Express Internacional CARGAINTER Mexico
GG GGC Cargo 360 LONG-HAUL United States
MCX Cargo Express MAURICARGO Mauritania
CRV Cargo Ivoire CARGOIV Ivory Coast
CLM Cargo Link (Caribbean) CARGO LINK Barbados
CLA Cargo Logic Air FIREBIRD United Kingdom
CTW Cargo Three THIRD CARGO Panama
2G CRG Cargoitalia WHITE PELICAN Italy
W8 CJT Cargojet Airways CARGOJET Canada
CV CLX Cargolux CARGOLUX Luxembourg
C8 ICV Cargolux Italia CARGO MED Italy
DEL Carib Aviation RED TAIL Antigua and Barbuda
BCB Carib Express WAVEBIRD Barbados
DCC Caribbean Air Cargo CARICARGO Barbados
CLT Caribbean Air Transport CARIBBEAN Netherlands ICAO Code and callsign no longer allocated
CLT Club Aerocelta de Vuelo Con Motor Spain
BW BWA Caribbean Airlines CARIBBEAN Trinidad and Tobago
IQQ Caribbean Airways CARIBJET Barbados
CSX Choice Airways CHOICE AIR United States
TLC Caribbean Express CARIB-X United States
8B GFI Caribbean Star Airlines CARIB STAR Antigua and Barbuda
CRB Caricom Airways CARIBBEAN COMMUTER Suriname
CRT Caribintair CARIBINTAIR Haiti
CVG Carill Aviation CARILL United Kingdom
V3 KRP Carpatair CARPATAIR Romania
CRR Carranza CARRANZA Chile defunct
ULS Carroll Air Service ULSTER United States
CMT Casement Aviation CASEMENT United States
CSO Casino Airline CASAIR United States
CSP Casper Air Service CASPER AIR United States
RV CPN Caspian Airlines CASPIAN Iran
CSJ Castle Aviation CASTLE United States
CAZ Cat Aviation EUROCAT Switzerland
CBT Catalina Flying Boats CATALINA AIR United States
TEX Catex CATEX France
KA HDA Cathay Dragon DRAGON Hong Kong
CX CPA Cathay Pacific CATHAY Hong Kong
CJR Caverton Helicopters CAVERTON AIR Nigeria
KX CAY Cayman Airways CAYMAN Cayman Islands
5J CEB Cebu Pacific CEBU Philippines
CIL Cecil Aviation CECIL United Kingdom
CEG Cega Aviation CEGA United Kingdom
CEC Celtic Airways CELTAIR United Kingdom
CWE Celtic West CELTIC United Kingdom
CEV Centre d'Essais en Vol CENTEV France
CNL Centennial Airlines WYO-AIR United States
CNS Cobalt Air LLC CHRONOS United States
CVO Center Vol CENTERVOL Spain
CTS Center-South CENTER-SOUTH Russia
CET Centrafrican Airlines CENTRAFRICAIN Central African Republic
CAX Central Air Express CENTRAL EXPRESS Democratic Republic of the Congo
CTL Central Airlines CENTRAL COMMUTER United States
CNY Central Airways CENTRAL LEONE Sierra Leone
ACN Central American Airlines AEROCENTRO Nicaragua
YOG Central Aviation YOGAN AIR United States
DRN Central De Discos De Reynosa DISCOS REYNOSA Mexico
CMA Central European Airlines EUROCENTRAL Czech Republic
CHA Central Flying Service CHARTER CENTRAL United States
CEM Central Mongolia Airways CENTRAL MONGOLIA Mongolia
9M GLR Central Mountain Air GLACIER Canada
CQC Central Queensland Aviation College Australia
CSI Central Skyport SKYPORT United States
CLW Centralwings CENTRALWINGS Poland
DTV Centre Airlines DUTCH VALLEY United States
CGS Centre of Applied Geodynamica GEO CENTRE Russia
J7 CVC Centre-Avia AVIACENTRE Russia
CCV Centro De Helicopteros Corporativos HELICORPORATIVO Mexico
ACF Centro de Formación Aeronáutica de Canarias FORCAN Spain
WE CWC Centurion Air Cargo CHALLENGE CARGO United States
URY Century Aviation CENTURY AVIA Mexico
HAI Century Aviation International Canada
XAD Certified Air Dispatch United States
CER Cetraca Aviation Service CETRACA Democratic Republic of the Congo
IRU Chabahar Airlines CHABAHAR Iran
CLG Chalair Aviation CHALLAIR France
OP CHK Chalk's International Airlines CHALKS United States
CLS Challenge Air Transport AIRISTO Germany
CHS Challenge Aviation CHALLENGE AVIATION Australia
OFF Challenge International Airlines CHALLENGE AIR United States
CHG Challenge Aero SKY CHALLENGER Ukraine
CPH Champagne Airlines CHAMPAGNE France
MG CCP Champion Air CHAMPION AIR United States
NCH Chanchangi Airlines CHANCHANGI Nigeria
2Z CGN Chang An Airlines CHANGAN China
CHN Channel Island Aviation CHANNEL United States
WML Chantilly Air MARLIN United States
CPL Chaparral Airlines CHAPARRAL United States
S8 CSU Chari Aviation Services CHARI SERVICE Chad
CAH Charlan Air Charter CHARLAN South Africa ICAO Code and callsign no longer allocated
HMD Charlie Hammonds Flying Service HAMMOND United States
CGD Charlotte Air National Guard United States
CHW Charter Air CHARTER WIEN Austria
HRT Chartright Air CHARTRIGHT Canada
RP* CHQ Chautauqua Airlines CHAUTAUQUA United States Was US*
CBB Cheboksary Airenterprise JSC CHEBAIR Russia
CHM Chemech Aviation Pakistan
CHZ Cherline CHERL Russia
CMK Chernomor-Avia CHERAVIA Russia
CBM Cherokee Express BLUE MAX United States
CCY Cherry Air CHERRY United States
CAB Chesapeake Air Service CHESAPEAKE AIR United States
CVR Chevron U.S.A CHEVRON United States
CYA Cheyenne Airways CHEYENNE AIR United States
CGO Chicago Air WILD ONION United States
C8 WDY Chicago Express Airlines WINDY CITY United States defunct
RAT Chief Rat Flight Services RIVERRAT South Africa
CCH Chilchota Taxi Aéreo CHILCHOTA Mexico
DES Chilcotin Caribou Aviation CHILCOTIN Canada
CAD Chilliwack Aviation CHILLIWACKAIR Canada
ETN Chim-Nir Aviation CHIMNIR Israel
CI CAL China Airlines DYNASTY Taiwan
CK CKK China Cargo Airlines CARGO KING China
MU CES China Eastern Airlines CHINA EASTERN China
G5 HXA China Express Airlines CHINA EXPRESS China
CFA China Flying Dragon Aviation FEILONG China
CTH China General Aviation Corporation TONGHANG China
CAG China National Aviation Corporation CHINA NATIONAL China
CJ CBF China Northern Airlines CHINA NORTHERN China defunct.
WH CNW China Northwest Airlines CHINA NORTHWEST China defunct
CHC China Ocean Helicopter Corporation CHINA HELICOPTER China
8Y CYZ China Postal Airlines CHINA POST China
CZ CSN China Southern Airlines CHINA SOUTHERN China
CXN China Southwest Airlines CHINA SOUTHWEST China defunct
KN CUA China United Airlines LIANHANG China
XO CXH China Xinhua Airlines XINHUA China
3Q CYH China Yunnan Airlines YUNNAN China defunct
CGU Chinguetti Airlines CHINGUETTI Mauritania
CEP Chipola Aviation CHIPOLA United States
CPW Chippewa Air Commuter CHIPPEWA-AIR United States
X7 CHF Chitaavia CHITA Russia
CAS Christman Air System CHRISTMAN United States
OEC Christophorus Flugrettungsverein CHRISTOPHORUS Austria
CHO Chrome Air Services CHROME AIR United States
CHU Church Aircraft CHURCHAIR United States
A2 CIU Cielos Airlines CIELOS Peru
QI CIM Cimber Sterling CIMBER Denmark
C7 CIN Cinnamon Air CINNAMON Sri Lanka
RRU Cirrus HELICIRRUS Chile defunct
NTS Cirrus Air NITE STAR United States
C9 RUS Cirrus Airlines CIRRUS AIR Germany defunct
JTI Cirrus Middle East Lebanon
FIV CitationAir FIVE STAR United States
XCX Citibank United States
HZX Citic General Aviation ZHONGXIN China
CF SDR City Airline SWEDESTAR Sweden
G3 CIX City Connexion Airlines CONNEXION Burundi defunct
XBG City of Bangor United States
CAQ Cityair (Chester) Limited AIR CHESTER United Kingdom
CII Cityfly CITYFLY Italy
CJ CFE CityFlyer Express FLYER United Kingdom Defunct, ICAO code in use by BA CityFlyer
CNB Cityline Hungary CITYHUN Hungary
HSR Citylink Airlines HOOSIER United States
CIW Civair Airways CIVFLIGHT South Africa
CAP Civil Air Patrol CAP United States
CT CAT Civil Air Transport Mandarin Taiwan defunct
CIA Civil Aviation Authority CALIMERA Slovakia
CIV Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand CIVAIR New Zealand
CBA Civil Aviation Inspectorate of the Czech Republic CALIBRA Czech Republic
FMC Claessens International Limited CLAESSENS United Kingdom
CLK Clark Aviation CLARKAIR United States
CSF Clasair CALEDONIAN United Kingdom
CLY Clay Lacy Aviation CLAY-LACY United States
CGK Click Airways CLICK AIR Kyrgyzstan
CLZ Cloud 9 Air Charters CLOUDLINE South Africa
CLD Clowes Estates Limited CLOWES United Kingdom
SDJ Club 328 SPACEJET United Kingdom
6P ISG Club Air CLUBAIR Italy
DQ Coastal Air U.S. Virgin Islands United States
TCL Coastal Air Transport TRANS COASTAL United States Escape Aviation
CNG Coastal Airways SID-AIR United States
CSV Coastal Travels COASTAL TRAVEL Tanzania
CHL Cohlmia Aviation COHLMIA United States
OLR Colaéreos COLAEREOS Ecuador
CLE Colemill Enterprises COLEMILL United States
9L CJC Colgan Air COLGAN United States
CAE Colibri Aviation HUMMINGBIRD Canada
YD CAT Cologne Air Transport GmbH Germany defunct since 1996
CCX Colt International United States
WCO Columbia Helicopters COLUMBIA HELI United States
KLR Columbus Air Transport KAY-LER United States
GHP Colvin Aviation GRASSHOPPER EX United States
OH COM Comair COMAIR United States
MN CAW Comair COMMERCIAL South Africa
GCM Comair Flight Services GLOBECOM South Africa
CDE Comed Group COMEX United Kingdom
CVV Comeravia COMERAVIA Venezuela
CRS Comercial Aérea COMERCIAL AEREA Mexico
CMG Comet Airlines SUNSPY Nigeria
FYN Comfort Air FLYNN Germany
CMJ Comfort Jet Services COMFORT JET Togo
CLA Comlux Aviation COMLUX Switzerland
CMH Commair Aviation COMMODORE United Kingdom
CTM Commandement Du Transport Aerien Militaire Francais COTAM France
CML Commander Air Charter COMMANDAIR Canada
CRM Commander Mexicana COMMANDERMEX Mexico [1]
CMS Commercial Aviation ACCESS Canada
GAR Commodore Aviation Australia
CJS Commonwealth Jet Service COMMONWEALTH United States
C5 UCA CommutAir COMMUTAIR United States
KR CWK Comores Airlines CONTICOM Comoros
CGR Compagnia Generale Ripreseaeree COMPRIP Italy
CMM Compagnie Aérienne du Mali CAMALI Mali
CPM Compagnie Mauritanienne Des Transports Mauritania
GIC Compagnie de Bauxites de Guinee CEBEGE Guinea
AIF Compañía Aérea de Valencia Spain
ATF Compañía Aerotécnicas Fotográficas AEROTECNICAS Spain
LCT Compañía De Actividades Y Servicios De Aviación STELLAIR Spain
EJV Compania Ejecutiva EJECUTIVA Mexico
HSE Compania Helicopteros Del Sureste HELISURESTE Spain
MDR Compania Mexicana De Aeroplanos AEROPLANOS Mexico
GJ MXC Compania Mexicargo MEXICARGO Mexico
HSS Compañía Transportes Aéreos Del Sur TAS HELICOPTEROS Spain
TAV Compañía de Servicios Aéreos Tavisa TAVISA Spain
CYF Company Flight COMPANY FLIGHT Denmark
CP CPZ Compass Airlines COMPASS ROSE United States
CPS Compass International Airways COMPASS United Kingdom
XCO Compuflight Operations Service United States
XCS Compuserve Incorporated United States
CRC Conair Aviation CONAIR-CANADA Canada
COD Concordavia CONCORDAVIA Ukraine
CNR Condor Aero Services CONAERO United States
DE CFG Condor Flugdienst CONDOR Germany
COF Confort Air CONFORT Canada
CAK Congo Air Bahamas
CGA Congressional Air CONGRESSIONAL United States
ROY Conifair Aviation Canada
BSN Connectair Charters BASTION Canada
CAC Conquest Airlines CONQUEST AIR United States
CXO Conroe Aviation Services CONROE AIR United States
VCH Consorcio Helitec CONSORCIO HELITEC Venezuela
UZA Constanta Airline CONSTANTA Ukraine
KIS Contactair CONTACTAIR Germany
XCL Contel ASC United States
CO COA Continental Airlines CONTINENTAL United States ICAO Code and callsign withdrawn
PC PVV Continental Airways CONTAIR Russia
CO Continental Express JETLINK United States
CS CMI Continental Micronesia AIR MIKE United States
CON Continental Oil CONOCO United States
V0 VCV Conviasa CONVIASA Venezuela
CKA Cook Inlet Aviation COOK-AIR United States
SVY Cooper Aerial Surveys SURVEYOR United Kingdom
CM CMP Copa Airlines COPA Panama
CAT Copenhagen Air Taxi AIRCAT Denmark
COP Copper State Air Service COPPER STATE United States
AAQ Copterline COPTERLINE Finland Former name: Copter Action; former callsign: COPTER ACTION
CQ CCW Central Charter CENTRAL CHARTER Czech Republic
XC CAI Corendon Airlines CORENDON Turkey Turistik Hava Tasimacilik
CD CND Corendon Dutch Airlines DUTCH CORENDON Netherlands
CRA Coronado Aerolíneas CORAL Colombia
CPB Corpac Canada PENTA Canada
CNC Corporación Aéreo Cencor CENCOR Mexico
CPG Corporacion Aeroangeles CORPORANG Mexico
CGY Corporacion Paraguaya De Aeronautica Paraguay
CPT Corporate Air AIR SPUR United States
CPR Corporate Air CORPAIR United States
CPO Corporate Aircraft Company MOKAN United States
COO Corporate Airlink CORPORATE Canada
CKE Corporate Aviation Services CHECKMATE United States
VHT Corporate Flight International VEGAS HEAT United States
VTE Corporate Flight Management VOLUNTEER United States
CJI Corporate Jets SEA JET United States
SS CRL Corsairfly CORSAIR France
XK CCM Corse Méditerranée CORSICA France Name changed to Air Corsica
F5 COZ Cosmic Air COSMIC AIR Nepal
COT Costa Airlines Venezuela Callsign was COAIR
CHI Cougar Helicopters COUGAR Canada
MGB Coulson Flying Service MOCKINGBIRD United Kingdom
NSW Country Connection Airlines Australia
CIK Country International Airlines COUNTRY AIR Kyrgyzstan Defunct
CSD Courier Services DELIVERY United States
CUT Court Helicopters COURT AIR South Africa
OU Court Line COURTLINE United Kingdom defunct
CVL Coval Air COVAL Canada
7C COY Coyne Aviation COYNE AIR United Kingdom
CFD Cranfield University AERONAUT United Kingdom
CRE Cree Airways CREE AIR Canada
ELM Crelam CRELAM Mexico
CAN Crest Aviation CREST United Kingdom
KRM Crimea Universal Avia TRANS UNIVERSAL Ukraine
OU CTN Croatia Airlines CROATIA Croatia
HRZ Croatian Air Force CROATIAN AIRFORCE Croatia
CRX Cross Aviation CROSSAIR United Kingdom
QE ECC Crossair Europe Cigogne Switzerland
CWX Crow Executive Air CROW EXPRESS United States
CKR Crown Air Systems CROWN AIR United States
CRO Crown Airways CROWN AIRWAYS United States
CRW Crownair REGAL Canada
VCR Cruiser Linhas Aéreas VOE CRUISER Brazil
CTY Cryderman Air Service CENTURY United States
CYT Crystal Shamrock CRYSTAL-AIR United States
IRO CSA Air IRON AIR United States
CU CUB Cubana de Aviación CUBANA Cuba
CTF Cutter Aviation CUTTER FLIGHT United States
CBL Cumberland Airways (Nicholson Air Service) CUMBERLAND United States
CTT Custom Air Transport CATT United States
RGN Cygnus Air CYGNUS AIR Spain
CYC Cyprair Tours CYPRAIR Cyprus
CYS Cypress Airlines SKYBIRD Canada
CY CYP Cyprus Airways CYPRUS Cyprus
YK KYV Cyprus Turkish Airlines AIRKIBRIS Turkey Ceased operations 2010
CEF Czech Air Force CZECH AIR FORCE Czech Republic
AHD Czech Air Handling AIRHANDLING Czech Republic
OK CSA Czech Airlines CSA Czech Republic
CIE Czech Government Flying Service CZECH REPUBLIC Czech Republic
8L CGP Cargo Plus Aviation United Arab Emirates
GJ CDC CDI Cargo Airlines HUALONG China
HNL CHC Helicopters Netherlands MAPLELEAF Netherlands
5Z KEM CemAir CEMAIR South Africa
JLH Centro de Servicio Aeronautico CESA Mexico
FCB Cobalt NEW AGE Cyprus
XG CLI Clickair CLICKJET Spain Merge into Vueling


* on IATA code indicates a controlled duplicate.
italics indicates a defunct airline.

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