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This is a list of all airline codes. The table lists the IATA airline designators, the ICAO airline designators and the airline call signs (telephony designator). Historical assignments are also included for completeness.

Airline codes for airlines beginning with:


Airline codes
IATA ICAO Airline Call sign Country Comments
DJT Dreamjet DREAMJET France 2014[1]
DPJ Delta Private Jets JET CARD United States Changed from ELJ/ELITE JET in 2014[2]
DJR Desert Jet DESERT FLIGHT United States
DLC Dehong South Asian General Aviation SOARCOPTER China Was Ruili Jingcheng Helicopters
DNS Dniproaviaservis Company Ukraine
DRF Dream Flyers Training Center Spain
NAU Danaus Lineas Aereas DANAUS Mexico
GDF DF Aviation Ukraine
DDA D & D Aviation DUSTY United States
DNK D&K Aviation DIRECT JET United States
V5 VPA DanubeWings VIP TAXI Slovakia Former names VIP Air and VIP Wings
DHE DAP Helicopteros HELIDAP Chile
VLF DFS UK Limited VOLANTE United Kingdom
RKC DAS Airlines DAS CONGO Democratic Republic of the Congo
DX DTR DAT Danish Air Transport DANISH Denmark
ENT DAT Enterprise Limited DATENT United Kingdom defunct
BDN DERA Boscombe Down GAUNTLET United Kingdom
DET DETA Air SAMAL Kazakhstan
DAE DHL Aero Expreso YELLOW Panama
DHV DHL Aviation WORLDSTAR South Africa
ES DHX DHL International DILMUN Bahrain
L3 JOS DHL de Guatemala Guatemala
D3 DAO Daallo Airlines DALO AIRLINES Djibouti
N2 DAG Dagestan Airlines DAGAL Russia
DHA Dahla Airlines Democratic Republic of Congo
DCS DC Aviation TWIN STAR Germany
DCX Daimler-Chrysler DAIMLER United States
DKA Daka Kazakhstan
DLR Dala Air Services DALA AIR Nigeria
H8 KHB Dalavia DALAVIA Russia
DXP Dallas Express Airlines DALLAS EXPRESS United States
DAS Damascene Airways AIRDAM Syrian Arab Republic
DSA Danbury Airways DANBURY AIRWAYS United States
DOP Dancopter DANCOPTER Denmark
DAF Danish Air Force DANISH AIRFORCE Denmark
DAR Danish Army DANISH ARMY Denmark
DNY Danish Navy DANISH NAVY Denmark
DNU Danu Oro Transportas DANU Lithuania
DRT Darta DARTA France
0D DWT Darwin Airline DARWIN Switzerland
DSQ Dasab Airlines DASAB AIR Uganda
DSH Dash Air Charter DASH CHARTER United States
GOB Dash Aviation PILGRIM United Kingdom
DGX Dasnair DASNA Switzerland
DAB Dassault Aviation France
CVF Dassault Falcon Jet Corporation CLOVERLEAF United States
DSO Dassault Falcon Service DASSAULT France
DTN Data International DATA AIR Sudan
XDT Date Transformation Corp United States
D5 DAU Dauair DAUAIR Germany
DCO David Crawshaw Consultants Limited United Kingdom
DWN Dawn Air DAWN AIR United States
DJS DayJet DAYJET United States
DAY Daya Aviation DAYA Sri Lanka
DHC De Havilland DEHAVILLAND Canada
IAY Deadalos Flugtbetriebs IASON Austria
DAA Decatur Aviation DECUR United States
DKN Deccan Charters DECCAN India
JDC Deere and Company JOHN DEERE United States
DWR Delaware Skyways DELAWARE United States
DEA Delta Aerotaxi JET SERVICE Italy
SNO Delta Air Charter SNOWBALL Canada
ELJ Delta Private Jets ELITE JET United States Changed to DPJ/JET CARD in 2014[2]
DL DAL Delta Air Lines DELTA United States
KMB Delta Engineering Aviation KEMBLEJET United Kingdom
DLI Delta Express International DELTA EXPRESS Ukraine
DSU Delta State University DELTA STATE United States
J7 DNM Denim Air DENIM Netherlands Defunct
FEC Denver Express FALCON EXPRESS United States
DJT Denver Jet DENVER JET United States
FGC Departament d'Agricultura de la Generalitat de Catalunya FORESTALS Spain
DRY Deraya Air Taxi DERAYA Indonesia
DRX Des R Cargo Express Mauritania
MIZ Desarrollo Milaz MILAZ Mexico
DTY Destiny Air Services DESTINY Sierra Leone
2A Deutsche Bahn Germany
1I AMB Deutsche Rettungsflugwacht CIVIL AIR AMBULANCE Germany
LFO Deutsches Zentrum fur Luft-und Raumfahrt EV LUFO Germany
DIS Di Air DI AIR Serbia
SPK Diamond Aviation SPARKLE United States
DRB Didier Rousset Buy DIDIER Chile
DGT Digital Equipment Corporation DIGITAL United States
DIP Diplomatic Freight Services DIPFREIGHT United Kingdom
ENA Dirección General de Aviación Civil y Telecomunicasciones ENA Spain
DIA Direct Air BLUE SKY United States
XAP Direct Air trading as Midway Connection MID-TOWN United States
DCT Direct Flight United Kingdom
SXP Direct Fly EXPRESS SKY Poland defunct
AW DIR Dirgantara Air Service DIRGANTARA Indonesia
DCV Discover Air DISCOVER United States
DH DVA Discovery Airways DISCOVERY AIRWAYS United States
XDS Dispatch Services United States
DIX Dix Aviation DIX FLIGHT Germany
DEE Dixie Airways TACAIR United States
Z6 UDN Dniproavia DNIEPRO Ukraine
FDN Dolphin Air FLYING DOLPHIN United Arab Emirates
IXX Dolphin Express Airlines ISLAND EXPRESS United States
DPL Dome Petroleum DOME Canada
YU ADM Dominair DOMINAIR Dominican Republic defunct; former IATA code: SS; former name: Aerolíneas Dominicanas, ICAO code no longer allocated
MYO Dominguez Toledo (Grupo Mayoral) MAYORAL Spain
DO DOA Dominicana de Aviación DOMINICANA Dominican Republic defunct
E3 DMO Domodedovo Airlines DOMODEDOVO Russia defunct
DVB Don Avia DONSEBAI Kazakhstan
DON Donair Flying Club DONAIR United Kingdom
D9 DNV Donavia DONAVIA Russia formerly Aeroflot-Don
5D UDC DonbassAero DONBASS AERO Ukraine
DAD Dorado Air DORADO AIR Dominican Republic
DOR Dornier DORNIER Germany
DAV Dornier Aviation Nigeria DANA AIR Nigeria
DOM Dos Mundos DOS MUNDOS Dominican Republic
KA HDA Dragonair, Hong Kong Dragon Airlines DRAGON Hong Kong
DCA Dreamcatcher Airways DREAM CATCHER United Kingdom
DRE Drummond Island Air MICHIGAN United States
DUB Dubai Airwing DUBAI United Arab Emirates
DBK Dubrovnik Air SEAGULL Croatia
DUK Ducair LION KING Luxembourg
DBJ Duchess of Britany (Jersey) Limited DUCHESS United Kingdom
LPD UK Royal/HRH Duke of York LEOPARD United Kingdom
DUN Dun'Air DUNAIR Mauritania
PHD Duncan Aviation PANHANDLE United States
VVF Dunyaya Bakis Hava Tasimaciligi WORLDFOCUS Turkey
DUO Duo Airways FLY DUO United Kingdom
DJE Durango Jet DURANGO JET Mexico
DNL Dutch Antilles Express DUTCH ANTILLES Netherlands Antilles
DCE Dutch Caribbean Express DUTCH CARIBBEAN Netherlands Antilles
DBR Dutchbird DUTCHBIRD Netherlands ICAO code allocated to another company, call sign no longer allocated
DBR Dobrolet LLC DOBROLET Russia Defunct, ICAO code still allocated (2017)
DFS Dwyer Aircraft Services DWYAIR United States
XDY Dynair Services United States
DNR Dynamair Aviation DYNAMAIR Canada
DYE Dynamic Air DYNAMIC Netherlands ICAO code and call sign no longer allocated
DYA Dynamic Airways DYNAMIC AIR United States
DI BAG Dba SPEEDWAY Germany Merged into Air Berlin

* on IATA code indicates a controlled duplicate. italics indicates a defunct airline.

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