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This is a list of all airline codes. The table lists the IATA airline designators, the ICAO airline designators and the airline call signs (telephony designator). Historical assignments are also included for completeness.


Airline codes
IATA ICAO Airline Call sign Country Comments
Q2 DQA Maldivian (airline) SKYSURFER Maldives
MMH McMahon Helicopter NIGHT RIDER United States 2015[1]
HOG Mahogany Air Charters HOGAN AIR Zambia 2014[2]
MTS Med Jets Mexico 2014[2]
MSF Minsheng International Jet MEINSHENG China 2014[2]
MXS Millon Express MILLON EXPRESS United States Trading name for Sunrise Airlines allocated in 2014[3]
MHF Maritime Helicopters AIR MARITIME United States Allocated 2014[4]
MWM Modern Transporte Aereo De Carga MODERNAIR Brazil
MSJ Magnum Air MAGNUM AIR Philippines
MWI Malawian Airlines 2014 MALAWIAN Malawi
MYP Mann Yadanarpon Airlines MANN ROYAL Myanmar
RDK Memorial Hermann Hospital System RED DUKE United States Houston, Texas
MLV Multiservicios Aereos Del Valle MULTI VALLE Mexico
MMJ Macau Jet International MACAUJET China
MXF Maximum Flight Advantages MAXFLIGHT United States
OD MXD Malindo Airways MALINDO EXPRESS Malaysia
MJC Mandarin Air AIR MANDA China
DZR Midwest Aviation DOZER United States
MSN Milenium Air Servicios Aereos Integrados Mexico
MFB Mountain Flyers 80 MOUNTAINHELI Switzerland
HTL My Fair Jet HOTLINE Austria
JNH M & N Aviation JONAH United States
MCF MAC Fotografica MAC FOTO Spain
AQ MPJ MAP-Management and Planung MAPJET Austria
TFG MAS Airways TRAFALGAR United Kingdom
M7 MAA MasAir MAS CARGA Mexico
IN MAK MAT Macedonian Airlines MAKAVIO Macedonia
MCC MCC Aviation DISCOVERY South Africa
JLA MIA Airlines SALLINE Romania
OM MGL MIAT Mongolian Airlines MONGOL AIR Mongolia
MNC MIT Airlines MUNCIE Canada
MB MNB MNG Airlines BLACK SEA Turkey
EBF MSR Flug-Charter SKYRUNNER Germany
MAQ Mac Aviation MAC AVIATION Spain
MCN Mac Dan Aviation Corporation MAC DAN United States
MTD MacKnight Airlines Australia
CC MCK Macair Airlines Australia
MCS Macedonian Airlines MACAIR Greece
MDH Madina Air MADINA AIR Libya
DM Maersk Denmark Defunct
MJB Magic Blue Airlines MAGIC BLUE Netherlands
MGR Magna Air MAGNA AIR Austria
MLH Mahalo Air MAHALO United States
W5 IRM Mahan Air MAHAN AIR Iran
M2 MZS Mahfooz Aviation MAHFOOZ Gambia
MAT Maine Aviation MAINE-AV United States
MAJ Majestic Airlines MAGIC AIR United States
AKM Mak Air MAKAIR Kazakhstan
MLG Malagasy Airlines Madagascar
MLX Malawi Express MALAWI EXPRESS Malawi
MKK Malaya Aviatsia Dona AEROKEY Russia
MH MAS Malaysia Airlines MALAYSIAN Malaysia
VXP Mali Air Express AVION EXPRESS Mali
MTZ Mali Airways MALI AIRWAYS Mali
MLC Malila Airlift MALILA Democratic Republic of the Congo
MLS Mall Airways MALL-AIRWAYS United States
LOD Malmoe Air Taxi LOGIC Sweden
TF SCW Malmö Aviation SCANWING Sweden
R5 MAC Malta Air Charter MALTA CHARTER Malta Defunct?
MWS Malta Wings MALTA WINGS Malta
MA MAH Malév Hungarian Airlines MALEV Hungary defunct
MLB Manaf International Airways MANAF Burundi
RI MDL Mandala Airlines MANDALA Indonesia
AE MDA Mandarin Airlines MANDARIN Taiwan
JE MNO Mango TULCA South Africa
MHN Manhattan Air MANHATTAN United Kingdom
MTO Manitoulin Air Services MANITOULIN Canada
MNR Mann Air TEEMOL United Kingdom
MAN Mannion Air Charter MANNION United States
MTS Mantrust Asahi Airways MANTRUST Indonesia
MNX Manx Airlines MANX United Kingdom
MAD Maple Air Services MAPLE AIR Canada
MAR March Helicopters MARCH United Kingdom
MCP Marcopolo Airways MARCOPOLO Afghanistan
MGI Marghi Air MARGHI Nigeria
MRK Markair MARKAIR United States
MKO Markoss Aviation GOSHAWK United Kingdom
MCE Marshall Aerospace MARSHALL United Kingdom
M7 MSL Marsland Aviation MARSLANDAIR Sudan
XMA Martin Aviation Services United States
MBE Martin-Baker MARTIN United Kingdom
MP MPH Martinair MARTINAIR Netherlands
MRA Martinaire MARTEX United States
MFA Martyn Fiddler Associates SEAHORSE United Kingdom
MVN Marvin Limited MARVIN United Kingdom
TRP Maryland State Police TROOPER United States
MTH Massachusetts Institute of Technology RESEARCH United States
MSY Massey University School of Aviation MASSEY New Zealand
MSW Master Airways MASTER AIRWAYS Serbia
MPL Master Planner United States
LMJ Masterjet MASTERJET Portugal
Q4 Mastertop Linhas Aéreas Brazil
MIA Mauria MAURIA Mauritania
MNV Mauritanienne Aerienne Et Navale NAVALE Mauritania
MRF Mauritanienne Air Fret MAUR-FRET Mauritania
MWY Mauritanienne Airways MAURITANIENNE Mauritania
MDE Mauritanienne De Transport Aerien MAURI-TRANS Mauritania
MVR Maverick Airways MAV-AIR United States
H5 MVL Mavial Magadan Airlines Mavial Russia
MAI Max Avia MAX AVIA Kyrgyzstan
MSF Max Sea Food MAXESA El Salvador
MAX Max-Aviation MAX AVIATION Canada
8M MXL Maxair MAXAIR Sweden
MXU Maximus Air Cargo CARGO MAX United Arab Emirates
MY MXJ Maxjet Airways MAX-JET United States Defunct
MXS Maxsus-Avia MAXSUS-AVIA Uzbekistan
MXP May Air Xpress BEECHNUT United States
MW MYD Maya Island Air MYLAND Belize
7M MYI Mayair MAYAIR Mexico
MBS Mbach Air MBACHI AIR Malawi Ground Services
MCH McAlpine Helicopters MACLINE United Kingdom
MKL McCall Aviation MCCALL United States
DAC McDonnell Douglas DACO United States
MDS McNeely Charter Services MID-SOUTH United States
MEK Med-Trans of Florida MED-TRANS United States
MDM Medavia MEDAVIA Malta
MRZ Medical Air Rescue Services MARS Zimbabwe
MCL Medical Aviation Services MEDIC United Kingdom
MDF Mediterranean Air Freight MED-FREIGHT Greece
MDY Mediterranean Airways Egypt
MEJ Medjet International MEDJET United States
MGK Mega MEGLA Kazakhstan
MEL Mega Linhas Aéreas MEGA AIR Brazil
M8 MKN Mekong Airlines MEKONG AIRLINES Cambodia Defunct
IM MNJ Menajet MENAJET Lebanon
Mercer Airlines United States Defunct
MXX Merchant Express Aviation MERCHANT Nigeria
MEC Mercury Aircourier Service MERCAIR United States
POV Meridian AIR POLTAVA Ukraine
MRD Meridian Air Cargo MERIDIAN United States
MHL Meridian Airlines HASSIMAIR Nigeria
DSL Meridian Aviation DIESEL United Kingdom
MEM Meridian Limited MERIDIAN CHERRY Ukraine
IG ISS Meridiana MERIDIANA Italy Callsign was MERAIR
MEI Merlin Airways AVALON United States
MZ MNA Merpati Nusantara Airlines MERPATI Indonesia
YV ASH Mesa Airlines AIR SHUTTLE United States
XJ MES Mesaba Airlines MESABA United States
MSQ Meta Linhas Aéreas META Brazil
MET Meteorological Research Flight METMAN United Kingdom
MER Methow Aviation METHOW United States
MVI Metro Business Aviation United Kingdom
MEX Metro Express EAGLE EXPRESS United States
MTR Metroflight METRO United States
MTJ Metrojet METROJET Hong Kong
PIX Metropix UK METROPIX United Kingdom
MPS Metropolis METRO REGIONAL Netherlands Metropolis Noord 1
MXB Mex Blue MEX BLUE Mexico
MJT Mex-Jet MEJETS Mexico
MX MXA Mexicana de Aviación MEXICANA Mexico
MXT México Transportes Aéreos TRANSMEX Mexico
HUR Miami Air Charter HURRICANE CHARTER United States
GL BSK Miami Air International BISCAYNE United States
OWL Miami Valley Aviation NIGHT OWL United States
MPT Miapet-Avia MIAPET Armenia
BIB Michelin Air Services France
WIZ Micromatter Technology Solutions WIZARD United Kingdom
NYL Mid Airlines NILE Sudan
MPA Mid-Pacific Airlines MID PAC United States
MJR Midamerica Jet MAJOR United States
ME MEA Middle East Airlines CEDAR JET Lebanon
MID Midland Airport Services United Kingdom
MFR Midline Air Freight MIDLINE FREIGHT United States
MIS Midstate Airlines MIDSTATE United States
JI MDW Midway Airlines (1993–2003) MIDWAY United States defunct
ML MDW Midway Airlines (1976–1991) MIDWAY United States defunct
FLA Midway Express PALM United States
FAX Midwest Air Freighters FAIRFAX United States
YX MEP Midwest Airlines MIDEX United States
MY MWA Midwest Airlines (Egypt) Egypt
NIT Midwest Aviation NIGHTTRAIN United States
MWT Midwest Aviation Division MIDWEST United States
HTE Midwest Helicopters De Mexico HELICOPTERSMEXICO Mexico
MJ MLR Mihin Lanka MIHIN LANKA Sri Lanka
MAB Millardair MILLARDAIR Canada
RJM Millen Corporation MILLEN United Kingdom
MLK Millennium Air NIGERJET Nigeria
DLK Millennium Airlines DEKKANLANKA Sri Lanka
MFS Miller Flying Services MILLER TIME United States
OXO Million Air MILL AIR United States
MIM Mimino MIMINO Russia
NAB Mina Airline Company Egypt
OMR Minair ORMINE Central African Republic
EBE Minebea Technologies MINEBEA United States
MAZ Mines Air Services Zambia MINES Zambia
MNL Miniliner MINILINER Italy
MNS Ministic Air MINISTIC Canada
WDG Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food WATCHDOG United Kingdom
LIR Minsk Aircraft Overhaul Plant LISLINE Belarus
MIC Mint Airways MINT AIRWAYS Spain
MIR Miramichi Air Service MIRAMICHI Canada
MIF Miras MIRAS Kazakhstan
MOS Misr Overseas Airways Egypt
MAF Mission Aviation Fellowship MISSI Indonesia
MSN Missionair MISIONAIR Spain
MRN Missions Gouvernemtales Francaises MARIANNE France
BDG Mississippi State University BULLDOG United States
MVA Mississippi Valley Airways VALAIR United States
M4 MSA Mistral Air AIRMERCI Italy
MBO Mobil Oil MOBIL Canada
MXE Mocambique Expresso MOZAMBIQUE EXPRESS Mozambique
MFZ Mofaz Air MOFAZ AIR Malaysia
MOW Mohawk Airlines MOHAWK AIR United States
MW MUL Mokulele Airlines MUKULELE United States Callsign and code changed from BUG/SPEEDBUGGY in 2013
MLE Moldaeroservice MOLDAERO Moldova
2M MDV Moldavian Airlines MOLDAVIAN Moldova
RRV Mombasa Air Safari SKYROVER Kenya
ZB MON Monarch Airlines MONARCH United Kingdom defunct October 2017
MNH Monarch Airlines MONARCH AIR United States
8I Myway Airlines Italy
MFC Moncton Flying Club EAST WIND Canada
MDB Monde Air Charters MONDEAIR CARGO United Kingdom
MTI Monerrey Air Taxi MONTERREY AIR Mexico
MKY Monky Aerotaxis MONKY Mexico
YM MGX Montenegro Airlines MONTENEGRO Montenegro former callsign was "MONTAIR"
5M MNT Montserrat Airways MONTSERRAT Montserrat
MNY Mooney Aircraft Corporation MOONEY FLIGHT United States
MAL Morningstar Air Express MORNINGSTAR Canada
MSS Morris Air Service WASATCH United States
MRO Morrison Flying Service MORRISON United States
3R GAI Moskovia Airlines GROMOV AIRLINE Russia JSC
MPI Mosphil Aero MOSPHIL Philippines
M9 MSI Motor Sich MOTOR SICH Ukraine
NM NZM Mount Cook Airlines MOUNTCOOK New Zealand
MTN Mountain Air Cargo MOUNTAIN United States
N4 MTC Mountain Air Company MOUNTAIN LEONE Sierra Leone
PKP Mountain Air Express PIKES PEAK United States
BRR Mountain Air Service MOUNTAIN AIR United States
MBI Mountain Bird MOUNTAIN BIRD United States
MHA Mountain High Aviation MOUNTAIN HIGH United States
MPC Mountain Pacific Air MOUNTAIN PACIFIC Canada
MTV Mountain Valley Air Service MOUNTAIN VALLEY United States
MDN Mudan Airlines Somali Republic
CMJ Mudanjiang General Aviation MUDANJIANG China
MTX Multi Taxi MULTITAXI Mexico
WBR Multi-Aero WEBER United States
MFT Multiflight YORKAIR
MNZ Murmansk Aircompany MURMAN AIR Russia
MUA Murray Air MURRAY AIR United States
MMR Musrata Air Transport MUSRATA AIR Libya
MAW Mustique Airways MUSTIQUE Barbados
MYW My Way Airlines FRANKY Italy
VZ MYT MyTravel Airways KESTREL United Kingdom Defunct, callsign now used by Thomas Cook Airlines
UB UBA Myanma Airways UNIONAIR Myanmar
8M MMA Myanmar Airways International MYANMAR Myanmar
MAV Minoan Air MINOAN Greece
MYA Myflug MYFLUG Iceland
VKG MyTravel Airways VIKING Denmark defunct; callsign now used by Thomas Cook Airlines Scandinavia
AAD Mann Air Ltd Ambassador United Kingdom t/a Ambassador
M2 MHV MHS Aviation GmbH SNOWCAP Germany
ZT AWC Titan Airways ZAP United Kingdom


* on IATA code indicates a controlled duplicate.
italics indicates a defunct airline.

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