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This is a list of all airline codes. The table lists the IATA airline designators, the ICAO airline designators and the airline call signs (telephony designator). Historical assignments are also included for completeness.


Airline codes
IATA ICAO Airline Call sign Country Comments
NAK École Nationale de l'Aviation Civile ENAC SCHOOL France Formerly SFA prior to SEFA ATO being absorbed by the École Nationale de l'Aviation Civile.
NSR Nine Star Airways AIR STAR Thailand 2014[1]
NEW Northeastern Aviation MEADOW FLIGHT United States 2014[1]
SIQ National Center for Atmospheric Research SCIENCE QUEST United States
NEJ Netjets Business Aviation NET BUSINESS China
NHV NHV Aviation Ghana
NHC Northern Helicopter NORTHERN Germany
DMD Namdeb Diamond Corporation DIAMONDJET Namibia


NIN Niger Airlines NIGER AIRLINES Niger
N5 FEY Fly Easy FLYEASY India
NUB Nomad Aviation VALLETTA Malta
NJA New Japan Aviation SHIN NIHON Japan
ROW Nor Aviation ROTORWING Norway
NLG NEL Cargo NELCARGO Ivory Coast
NHG NHT Linhas Aéreas HELGA Brazil
WAR NZ Warbirds Association WARBIRDS New Zealand
ANL Nacoia Lda AIR NACOIA Angola
NHZ Nada Air Service NADA AIR Chad
BFN Compangnie Nationale Naganagani Burkina Faso
NAH Nahanni Air Services Ltd NAHANNI Canada
NKL Nakheel Aviation NAKHEEL United Arab Emirates
MRE Namibia Commercial Aviation MED RESCUE Namibia
NDF Namibian Defence Force NAMIBIAN AIR FORCE Namibia
CNJ Nanjing Airlines NINGHANG China
DV ACK Nantucket Airlines ACK AIR United States WAS 9k
NYA Nanyah Aviation NANYAH Israel
NAP Napier Air Service Inc NAPIER United States
NCM Nas Air AIR BANE Angola
P9 Nas Air Mali
Nas Air Saudi Arabia
NJC Nashville Jet Charters NASHVILLE JET United States
NCO Natalco Air Lines NATALCO São Tomé and Príncipe
NTK National Air Traffic Controllers Association NATCA United States
NSR National Air Charter NASAIR Indonesia
RFI National Air Traffic Services SHERLOCK United Kingdom
NAN National Airlines NATION AIR United States defunct
N4 NCN National Airlines Chile
N7 ROK National Airlines RED ROCK United States defunct
NA NAL National Airlines NATIONAL United States defunct
N8 NCR National Air Cargo dba National Airlines NATIONAL CARGO United States
IN NIH NAM Air NAM Indonesia
KUS National Airlines KUSWAG South Africa
9O National Airways Cameroon Cameroon
LFI National Airways Corporation AEROMED South Africa
GTY National Aviation Company Egypt
TNC National Aviation Consultants NATCOM Canada
NXT National Express NATIONAL FREIGHT United States Texas Air Charters
GRD National Grid plc GRID United Kingdom
JTE National Jet Express JETEX Australia
AND National Jet Service AIR INDIANA United States
NC NJS National Jet Systems NATIONAL JET Australia
DN NAA Norwegian Air Argentina Noruega Argentina
NOL National Overseas Airlines Company NAT AIRLINE Egypt
NLS Nationale Luchtvaartschool PANDER Netherlands
NAE Nations Air Express Inc NATIONS EXPRESS United States
CE NTW Nationwide Airlines NATIONWIDE South Africa
NWZ Nationwide Airlines (Zambia) ZAMNAT Zambia
EVM Natural Environment Research Council SCIENCE United Kingdom
NRR Natureair NATUREAIR Costa Rica
NRK Naturelink Charter NATURELINK South Africa
NVC Nav Canada NAV CAN Canada
NAV Nav Flight Planning NAV DISPATCH Czech Republic
NVP Navegacao Aérea De Portugal Portugal
NAY Navegación Servicios Aéreos Canarios S.A. NAYSA Spain
IRI Navid NAVID Iran
NVM Naviera Mexicana NAVIERA Mexico
NVL Navigator Airlines NAVLINES Armenia
XNV Navinc Airlines Services United States Tigin Limited
1N Navitaire United States
XNS Navtech System Support Canada
NZA Nayzak Air Transport Libya
NEB State of Nebraska NEBRASKA United States
NEC Necon Air NECON AIR Nepal
NCG Nederlandse Kustwacht NETHERLANDS COASTGUARD Netherlands
NFT Nefteyugansk Aviation Division NEFTEAVIA Russia
NLA Neiltown Air NEILTOWN AIR Canada
NLC Nelair Charters NELAIR South Africa
CGE Nelson Aviation College COLLEGE New Zealand
RA RNA Nepal Airlines ROYAL NEPAL Nepal was Royal Nepal Airlines
TOX Neosiam Airways SKY KINGDOM Thailand
NSL Neric NERICAIR United Kingdom
1I EJA NetJets EXECJET United States
NET Network Aviation Services NETWORK Nigeria
NEZ New England Air Express ENGAIR United States
EJ NEA New England Airlines NEW ENGLAND United States
NHT New Heights 291 NEWHEIGHTS South Africa
NWD New World Jet Corporation NEW WORLD United States
NYH New York Helicopter NEW YORK United States
GRY New York State Police GRAY RIDER United States
KRC Royal New Zealand Air Force KIWI RESCUE New Zealand
HVA Newair HAVEN-AIR United States
NLT Newfoundland Labrador Air Transport NALAIR Canada
2N NTJ NextJet NEXTJET Sweden
NXF Nextflight Aviation NEXTFLIGHT United States
NXS Nexus Aviation NEXUS AVIATION Nigeria
NIS Nicaragüense de Aviación NICA Nicaragua
NCN Nicon Airways NICON AIRWAYS Nigeria Ceased operations 2007
NGA Nigeria Airways NIGERIA Nigeria
NGR Nigerian Air Force NIGERIAN AIRFORCE Nigeria
NGX Nigerian Global AIR GLOBAL Nigeria
EXT Night Express EXECUTIVE Germany
NKV Nikolaev-Air AIR NIKOLAEV Ukraine Airline of Special Purpose
NSA Nile Safaris Aviation NILE SAFARIS Sudan
NVA Nile Valley Aviation Company Egypt defunct
NLW Nile Wings Aviation Services NILE WINGS Sudan
NBS Nimbus Aviation NIMBUS United Kingdom
KZ NCA Nippon Cargo Airlines NIPPON CARGO Japan
NVK Nizhnevartovskavia VARTOSKAVIA Russia
SRG Search and Rescue 202 United Kingdom
SRD Search and Rescue 22 United Kingdom
NOH No. 32 (The Royal) Squadron NORTHOLT United Kingdom
AKG No. 84 Squadron RAF GRIFTER United Kingdom
NBL Nobil Air NOBIL AIR Moldova
DD NOK Nok Air NOK AIR Thailand
XW NCT NokScoot BIG BIRD Thailand
NRL Nolinor Aviation NOLINOR Canada
NMD Nomad Aviation NOMAD AIR Namibia
NOC Norcopter NORCOPTER Norway
NEF Nord-Flyg NORDEX Sweden
JH NES Nordeste Linhas Aéreas Regionais NORDESTE Brazil
6N NRD Nordic Regional NORTH RIDER Sweden
NDS Nordstree (Australia) Australia
N4 NWS Nordwind Airlines NORDLAND Russia
NRT Norestair NORESTAIR Spain
N5 Norfolk Air Norfolk Island Defunct
NCF Norfolk County Flight College COUNTY United Kingdom
FNA Norlandair NORLAND Iceland
NOA Norontair NORONTAIR Canada
HMF Norrlandsflyg LIFEGUARD SWEDEN Sweden
NRX Norse Air Charter NORSE AIR South Africa
NIR Norsk Flytjeneste NORSEMAN Norway
NOR Norsk Helikopter NORSKE Norway
DOC Norsk Luftambulanse HELIDOC Norway
RTV Nortavia TIC-TAC Portugal
NAI North Adria Aviation NORTH-ADRIA Croatia
NA NAO North American Airlines NORTH AMERICAN United States
HMR North American Charters HAMMER Canada
NAJ North American Jet Charter Group JET GROUP United States
NAT North Atlantic Air Inc MASS AIR United States
NFC North Atlantic Cargo NORTH ATLANTIC Norway
NBN North British Airlines TEESAIR United Kingdom
NCB North Caribou Flying Service Ltd NORTH CARIBOU Canada
NCC North Coast Air Services Ltd NORTH COAST Canada
N9 North Coast Aviation Papua New Guinea
M3 NFA North Flying NORTH FLYING Denmark
NRC North Sea Airways NORTH SEA Netherlands
SBX North Star Air Cargo SKY BOX United States
NRV North Vancouver Airlines NORVAN Canada
NWW North West Airlines HALANT Australia
PTO North West Geomatics PHOTO Canada
NEN North-East Airlines NORTHEAST SWAN Nigeria
VBG North-West Air Transport Company - Vyborg VYBORG AIR Russia
HW NWL North-Wright Airways NORTHWRIGHT Canada
NLL Northafrican Air Transport NORTHAFRICAN AIR Libya
NFL Northaire Freight Lines GREAT LAKES United States
NSF Northamptonshire School of Flying NORTON United Kingdom
NCE Northcoast Executive Airlines TOP HAT United States
NEE Northeast Airlines NORTHEAST United States
NPX Northeast Aviation NORTHEAST EXPRESS United States
NC NAC Northern Air Cargo YUKON United States
BYC Northern Airlines Sanya BEIYA China
NDA Northern Airways NORTHERN DAKOTA United States
CMU Northern Aviation Service LANNA AIR Thailand
U7 Northern Dene Airways Canada
NEX Northern Executive Aviation NEATAX United Kingdom
NIC Northern Illinois Commuter ILLINOIS COMMUTER United States
NTX Northern Jet Management NORTAX United States
NTA Northern Thunderbird Air THUNDERBIRD Canada
KOE Northland Aviation KOKEE United States
NSS Northstar Aviation NORTHSTAR United States
NHL Northumbria Helicopters NORTHUMBRIA United Kingdom
NAL Northway Aviation Ltd NORTHWAY Canada
NWE Northwest Aero Associates United States
NW NWA Northwest Airlines NORTHWEST United States defunct
merged with Delta Air Lines
FY NWR Northwest Regional Airlines Australia
NWT Northwest Territorial Airways TERRITORIAL Canada
J3 PLR Northwestern Air POLARIS Canada
NWN Northwinds Northern NORTHWINDS Canada
NAM Nortland Air Manitoba MANITOBA Canada
DY NAX Norwegian Air Shuttle NOR SHUTTLE Norway
DI NRS Norwegian Air UK REDNOSE United Kingdom subsidiary of Norwegian Air Shuttle
DN Norwegian Air Argentina Argentina subsidiary of Norwegian Air Shuttle
D8 IBK Norwegian Air International NORTRANS Ireland subsidiary of Norwegian Air Shuttle[2]
DU NLH Norwegian Long Haul NORSTAR Norway subsidiary of Norwegian Air Shuttle
DH NAN Norwegian Air Norway NORSHIP Norway subsidiary of Norwegian Air Shuttle
TFN Norwegian Aviation College SPIRIT Norway
XNT Notams International United States
BJ LBT Nouvel Air Tunisie NOUVELAIR Tunisia
O9 NOV Nova Airline NOVANILE Sudan
PTR Nova Scotia Department of Lands and Forests PATROL Canada
1I NVR Novair NAVIGATOR Sweden
VQ NVQ Novo Air NOVO AIR Bangladesh
NVG Novogorod Air Enterprise SADKO AVIA Russia
NSP Novosibirsk Aircraft Repairing Plant NARPAIR Russia
NBE Novosibirsk Aviaenterprise NAKAIR Russia
NPO Novosibirsk Aviation Production Association NOVSIB Russia
NOY Noy Aviation NOY AVIATION Israel
N6 ACQ Nuevo Continente AERO CONTINENTE Peru Operating license revoked by Chile 10/06/2002; Ceased operations 2005; Former name: Aero Continente
NHR Nuevo Horizonte Internacional NUEVO HORIZONTE Mexico
NUN Nunasi-Central Airlines NUNASI Canada
NIN Nurman Avia Indopura NURVINDO Indonesia
NYS Nyasa Express NYASA Malawi
1I NJE NetJets Europe FRACTION Portugal
NK NKS Spirit Airlines SPIRIT WINGS United States
* on IATA code indicates a controlled duplicate.
italics indicates a defunct airline.

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