Airlines (video game)

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Airlines screenshot.jpg
Screenshot from the game
Genres Simulation
Developers InterActive Vision
Publishers Take-Two Interactive
Platforms MS-DOS
First release 1994

Airlines is an MS-DOS based construction and management simulation game created by Interactivision later renamed InterActive Vision. The main object of the game was to successfully set up an airline by buying aircraft, planning routes, setting ticket prices and dealing with events such as hostage and oil crises. The game had 4 airlines, a minimum of one of which was human controlled, the rest computer controlled. The game begins with the year set as 1970 and as time progresses more aircraft models become available corresponding with their first flights in reality.

The aircraft in the game, unlike in many other airline simulations, used real aircraft names, illustrations and model specifications.


In October 2002 Interactivison released Airlines 2, despite the fact that the original Airlines game was largely unknown.[citation needed] Airlines 2 appeared to have slightly better market success.[citation needed]

Features of Airlines 2:[1]
110 aircraft types with animation
250 airports with 15 possible regions to start with
More than 300 routes being available at the same time

Similar games[edit]


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