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This article is about an airline called Airlines of Tasmania. For a list of airlines of Tasmania, see List of airlines of Australia.
Airlines of Tasmania
Airlines of Tasmania logo.svg
IATA ICAO Callsign
Founded 1978[citation needed]
Operating bases Cambridge Aerodrome
Launceston Airport
Fleet size 20
Destinations 2 (scheduled)
Company slogan Your Tasmanian Airline
Parent company Cambridge Aerodrome
Headquarters Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

Airlines of Tasmania, also known by the name Par-Avion in some markets,[1] is a regional airline based in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. It operates a single scheduled service serving Launceston in Tasmania and Cape Barren Island. Airlines of Tasmania/Par Avion also operates a wide variety of charter services ranging from business, scenic flights into Tasmania's South West, group charter and leisure. Airlines of Tasmania owns and operates Cambridge Aerodrome, a flying training school which is affiliated with the University of Tasmania and a tourism business into the Southwest National Park of Tasmania.


Par-Avion Britten-Norman BN-2 Islander on the Melaleuca Airstrip in Tasmania's South West Wilderness
Cessna 404 at Griffith Airport in New South Wales

Airlines of Tasmania was established as a regular public transport operator (previously it had been an airwork operator) in 1978, along with Par-Avion, a different branding used for chartered and sightseeing flights.[2] During its early years, the company had regular services to the West Coast from Queenstown and Strahan.[3][4] In the 2004–2005 year there was a service between Hobart and Strahan, but this service was closed due to marginal traffic. Early in 2008, the airline moved its Melbourne operations from Moorabbin Airport to Essendon Airport, due to the airline upgrading its fleet by introducing the Dornier Do 228.

During October 2010, Sharp Airlines took over all scheduled operations to Flinders Island.

During July 2012, Sharp Airlines took over all scheduled operations to King Island.

In December 2013, the airline announced a partnership with the University of Tasmania, for flying training study as part of a Tertiary Qualification.

In February 2014, the airline announced it was intending to expand into the mainland and commence regular services from Essendon to Griffith.[5] Following approval by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority, the airline announced the first services would begin on 17 March, under the Par Avion brand.[6] The airline will use Cessna 404 Titan equipment on the new route. The airline has since dropped the route but hasn't ruled out returning to the service in the future.

In September 2015 the airline announced they would introduce a new service from Hobart (Cambridge aerodome) to King island via Wynyard and in partnership with Sharp Airlines. Flights commenced in November using 6-9 passenger seating Piper Navajo and the occasional service using Cessna 404 weeks before the route was dropped. Airlines of Tasmania/ Par Avion Airlines would fly from Cambridge Aerodrome to Wynyard, passengers would then have to board a Sharp Airlines flight to connect with King Island. Flights operated twice daily on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. However unannounced still to the day the airline stopped flying the route in May 2016 to what is believed declining passenger numbers (to be confirmed the actual reason).


As of October 2016 Airlines of Tasmania mainly focuses on chartered flights. Scheduled flights are offered twice weekly between Launceston Airport and Cape Barren Island.[7] The sightseeing flights under the Par Avion branding are conducted from the Cambridge Aerodrome base near Hobart.[8][9]


An Airlines of Tasmania Piper PA-31 Navajo

As of April 2014, the Airlines of Tasmania fleet consists of the following aircraft:[10]

Airlines of Tasmania fleet
Aircraft In Service
Aero Commander 500S 1
Beechcraft Duchess 2
Britten-Norman Islander 3
Cessna 172 5
Cessna U206G 2
Cessna 404 Titan 2
Piper PA-31 Navajo 2
Piper PA-31-350 Chieftain 2
Total 19


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