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Airline firms with certificated air carriers, headquartered, directed and operated from Texas

The following is a list of individual passenger, charter, and cargo airlines - U.S. federal Aviation Authority (FAA)|United States Department of Transportation (DOT) Certificated airlines, their parent company firms, consortium firms, private equity firms, or other business operating schemes, doing business as airlines, and headquartered, directed, operated and based within the U.S. State of Texas

List of firms headquartered in the state of Texas[edit]

Passenger airlines[edit]


Cargo and charter airlines[edit]

Firms doing business as airlines through investment holdings in DOT/FAA certificated air carriers[edit]

American Airlines Group, Fort Worth, Texas commercial aviation business and airline holding company


Note: American Airlines Group also controls the brand AmericanConnection along with the former certificated airline TWA Airlines LLC, (formerly Trans World Airlines)

List of defunct or merged carriers/firms - headquartered in Texas, but no longer in business[edit]

The following is a list of Air Transportation Firms certificated as FAA/DOT Certificated air carriers or doing business as similar type firms in which their primary business is an FAA/DOT Certificated Air Carrier in the conduct of commerce, based and headquartered directed from Texas. This basing and headquarter directing from Texas may be due to business acquisitions, mergers, or buyouts by; airline parent companies, airline holding companies, consortiums, private equity firms, or other strategic investment business schemes, which leave the FAA / DOT airlines air carrier operating certificate with a Texas-based firm.

Former certificated air transportation firms, headquartered in Texas[edit]

Firms with certificated carrier holdings, headquartered in Texas, but no longer in business[edit]

Dalfort Corporation d/b/a
Exec Express II Inc., d/b/a
ExpressJet Holdings
Metro Airlines, Houston, Texas then Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport then Grapevine, Texas (evolved into an airline holding firm with the acquisition of a number of different airlines)
Texas Air Corporation

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