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Categories Science
Frequency Monthly
Year founded 1981; 37 years ago (1981)
Company Cairo Communication
Country Italy
Based in Milan, Italy
Language Italian
Website Airone

Airone (English: Heron) is an Italian science magazine devoted to science and technology issues. It is published in Milan, Italy, by Editoriale Giorgio Mondadori (former company, now a division of Cairo Editore, a subsidiary of Cairo Communication).

History and profile[edit]

Airone was founded in 1981 as an ecologist magazine primarily containing articles about animal world, nature, ethnology and geography.[1][2] The founder and first director was Egidio Gavazzi.[2] It was for years the most widely circulated scientific magazine in Italy,[3][4] with a peak of average circulation of about 250,000 copies per month.[3][5] Between 1985 and 1986 it co-produced with RAI the nature documentary series Pan.[6][7] In 1989 it was launched a spin-off for the younger readers, Airone Junior, renamed Dodo in April 1995.[8][9]

Airone was described as a "magazine similar to National Geographic, but perhaps more conservation-minded",[10] and it was referred to as "a stunning natural history magazine, the best of several European magazines".[11] In an article about the first ten years of the magazine, the L'Unità journalist Antonio Del Giudice pointed how the magazine was "not just an editorial phenomenon, but also a cultural, political e social phenomenon".[2]

The circulation of Airone was 94,000 copies in 2007.[12] In December 2013 the magazine had a circulation of 83,000 copies per month.[13]

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