Airplane Museum of Szolnok

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Airplane Museum of Szolnok
JA 37 Viggen front view.jpg
Saab JA 37 Viggen at the Airplane Museum
LocationSzolnok, Hungary
TypeAviation museum

The Szolnoki Repülőmúzeum ("Airplane Museum of Szolnok") is a large museum displaying old military and civilian aircraft and aircraft engines in Szolnok, Hungary. It was located next to the "Lt. Ittebei Kiss József" Helicopter Base of the Hungarian Air Force; the collection (or part of it) has now moved to premises in the city centre, under the new name of Reptár.[1]


The museum started out as the aircraft and technical peripherals collection of the "Kilián György Flight Technical College" in 1973. Since then many things changed but the collection remained, growing always bigger. Originally the museum focused on military aviation but later civil and utility aircraft were introduced to the collection which is divided into two: the open air part, and a separate indoor area with weaponry, uniforms and photographic collections. The museum also stores the remains of a number of Second World War warplanes shot down over Hungary and it plays a leading role in salvaging and conservation of such wrecks. As result of these efforts the museum recovered an Il-2, two Bf 109s and a LaGG-5. The collection also included a Lisunov Li-2 which was since restored to airworthy condition, thus becoming the only airworthy exemplar of the kind.


Fixed-wing motorized aircraft[edit]

Ilyushin Il-28 light bomber
Yakovlev Yak-11 (LET C-11) trainer aircraft, sold in 2006



Kamov Ka-26 helicopter


Isotov TV2-117A turboshaft engine


  • A unique Fiat G.12 fuselage section
  • Ejection seats
  • Various onboard weapon systems
  • Aerial photo reconnaissance cameras
  • Radar systems

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