Sea Island Connector

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Sea Island Connector
Coordinates 49°11′32″N 123°08′11″W / 49.192348°N 123.136311°W / 49.192348; -123.136311Coordinates: 49°11′32″N 123°08′11″W / 49.192348°N 123.136311°W / 49.192348; -123.136311
Carries Three lanes of Bridgeport Road, bicycles
Crosses Middle Arm Fraser River
Locale Richmond, BC
Maintained by City of Richmond
Opened 2002
The Sea Island Bridge (left) beside its twin, the Moray Bridge (right).

Sea Island Connector (also known as the Airport Connector Bridge) is a low-level three-lane one-way bridge in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada. It connects Bridgeport Road on Lulu Island with Grant McConachie Way on Sea Island, where the Vancouver International Airport is located. It handles traffic heading into Sea Island. Across from this bridge is the Moray Bridge, a drawbridge which handles traffic coming from Sea Island. The bridge was built in order to relieve the traffic jams on the Moray Bridge.

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