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Airport Parkway (Ottawa Route 79) is an expressway in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. It runs from the Ottawa Macdonald-Cartier International Airport to an interchange with Heron Road where it turns into Bronson Avenue.[1][2]

Route description[edit]

Airport Parkway is a two-lane expressway for most of its length, and is home to one of Ontario's only two single-point urban interchanges at its Hunt Club Road exit. The speed limit is 80 km/h (50 mph) for its entire length.


Until 1997, Airport Parkway was maintained by the federal government of Canada under the jurisdiction of the National Capital Commission.


The road has had 300 collisions and three fatalities since 2000, making it the focus of future improvements.[3] There has been some discussing in twinning it to a four-lane expressway or freeway, although those discussions have stalled due to local controversy.[4]

Exit list[edit]

The following is a list of exits along Airport Parkway. Some exits on Bronson Avenue are also included.

Airport Parkway Exit list
To Downtown Ottawa
Bronson Avenue continues as undivided 4-lane arterial road to QueenswayOntario 417.png and Downtown Ottawa
Queen Elizabeth Driveway overpass Becomes six-lane expressway
Rideau Canal bridge
8 Colonel By Drive, Bronson Place
Traffic light.gif Campus Avenue/Sunnyside Avenue to Carleton University At-grade signalized intersection
Traffic light.gif Brewer Way, to Brewer Park At-grade signalized intersection
G. Dunbar Bridge over Rideau River Becomes Bronson Aveune NB; Becomes Airport Parkway SB
7B Riverside Drive, Ottawa Route 19 From NB, use Heron Road off-ramp to access Riverside Drive; Becomes four-lane expressway
7A Heron Road, Ottawa Route 16 Exits only, no entrances; NB ramp also provides access to Riverside Drive; No NB to EB access
O-Train Trillium Line overpass
6 Brookfield Road, Ottawa Route 51 Becomes two-lane expressway
Railway underpass
5 Walkley Road, Ottawa Route 74 NB exit and SB entrance only
Railway underpass
3 Hunt Club Road, Ottawa Route 32
1 Alert Road, Lester Road, Uplands Drive
Taxiway underpass Becomes four-lane divided road
Traffic light.gif Air Cargo Pvt/Airbus Pvt At-grade signalized intersection
Ottawa Macdonald-Cartier International Airport
Exit numbers are approximate kilometre posts; exits on the Airport Parkway aren't numbered.

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