Airport Security Unit (Hong Kong)

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Airport Security Unit (ASU)
Country Hong Kong
BranchHong Kong Police Force
TypeAirport police
RoleAirport security and counter terrorism
Size130 officers[1][2]
Part ofAirport District
Garrison/HQChek Lap Kok Police station,
8 Catering Road West,
Chek Lap Kok
Airport Security Unit officers on duty.
Airport Security Unit officer on patrol with MP5s.

The Airport Security Unit (ASU; Chinese: 機場特警組) formed in 1977 as the Special Action Squad,[3] are the airport police of the Hong Kong Police Force tasked with the security of the Hong Kong International Airport.


ASU is responsible for airport security, primarily targeting terrorist situations such as aircraft hijacking, but in urgent situations, is used as a backup force for situations outside of the airport.

ASU officers can be identified by their distinctive deep blue uniform and are armed with sub machine guns as well as semi-automatic pistols. They also have different patches.


  • Glock 17[1] - Standard issue sidearm for all ASU officers, loaded with 15 round of 9mm Parabellum magazines and carried in a drop leg holster
  • Heckler & Koch MP5[1] - Standard issue SMG for all ASU officers. Loaded with 28 round of 9mm Parabellum magazines, the MP5 could be deployed in multiple variants, such as A3、A5 and RAS versions.
  • M4[1] - One of the standard issue rifles of ASU.

In popular culture[edit]

Compared to other units, the Airport Security Unit rarely appeared in the mass media, and there has yet to be any movie or television dedicated to them. However, the Unit was featured occasionally as part of films typically of the cantonese-action genre:



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