Airport Tycoon 3

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Airport Tycoon 3
Airport Tycoon 3 Coverart.jpg
Developer(s) InterActive Vision
Publisher(s) Global Star Software
Distributor(s) 2K Games
Designer(s) Alienware
Engine RenderWare
Platform(s) PC
Release date(s)
  • NA October 30, 2003
Genre(s) Business Simulation Game/ Tycoon Moguel
Mode(s) Single-player

Airport Tycoon 3, the sequel to Airport Tycoon and Airport Tycoon 2, is a business simulation game in which the player builds and manages the biggest airport in the world. Airport Tycoon 3 takes away the time to build and allows for the customization of terminals, but not for custom terminal sizes. Several runways, prefabricated terminals, control towers, contractors, staff and airlines are available for use during the game.


The game contains some 50 different airlines: Polynesian Airways, Peru Air, Brazilian Wings, Air Tunis, African Airlines, Air Pakistan, Iceland Airways, Air Rusia, East Jet, Egyptean Airways, Mexican Airways, Alaska International, China International, Sahara Air, Thailand Travel, Turkish Skies, Persian Airways, Midland International, Baltic Air, Jerico Jet, Cargo America, Asian Wings, Greek Air, Philippine Airways, East Coast Air, Tasman International, Air Hungary, Air California, Air Luft, Air Benelux, Sky Wing, Continent Air, French International Airlines, West Coast Air, Alpha Ways, Singapore Travel, World Express, Pacific Transliner, Worldwide Travel, Royal Britanic Airlines, US International Airlines, American Jet System, Nippon Air, Ireland Direct, Air Sweden, International Airtrans, Trinity, Trans Atlantic, Trans Europe, DBA International


Based on four professional reviews, Metacritic finds that Airport Tycoon 3 has received "generally unfavorable" reviews and establishes a metascore of 46/100.[1]


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