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Aircraft Products
TypeAutomobile Manufacturing
Area served
United States

The Airscoot was a car made by the Wichita, Kansas-based company Aircraft Products in 1947 to fit the need for a small car that could commute to and from airports then be folded up and put aboard private aircraft. It was able to attain this goal by weighing a mere 72 lb (33 kg), and measuring only 37 inches (940 mm) in length. Passenger and stowage accommodations included seats for two passengers and a luggage rack in front for two suitcases. Its one-cylinder, 2.6 horsepower (1.9 kW) air-cooled engine claimed to be capable of 60 mpg‑US (3.9 L/100 km; 72 mpg‑imp), though the gas tank could only hold 3/10ths of a gallon. Little further information is available on this car.[1]


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