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Airspeed AS.5 Courier

This is a list of aircraft produced or proposed by Airspeed Limited a British aircraft manufacturer from 1931 to 1951.

A Charles E. Brown in-flight view of an Airspeed As.10 Oxford
Airspeed Horsa Mk.1
Airspeed Queen Wasp
Airspeed AS.65 Consul
Airspeed AS.8 Viceroy
Airspeed Eland Ambassador at Farnborough 1955
Airspeed AS.39 FleetShadower prototype
Airspeed AS.4 Ferry on approach
Airspeed AS.10 Oxford at the Imperial War Museum Duxford

List of aircraft and projects[edit]

Model[1] Name First flight Remarks
AS.1 Tern 1931 Sailplane
AS.2 Glider project
AS.3 Two-seat monoplane project
AS.4 Ferry 1932 Ten-seat biplane
AS.5 Courier 1933 Five-seat monoplane
AS.6 Envoy 1934 Six-seat monoplane
AS.7 Projected military variants of the Envoy
AS.8 Viceroy 1934 Racing variant of the Envoy
AS.9 Eight-gun fighter project
AS.10 Oxford 1937 Twin-engined advanced trainer
AS.11 Courier Projected all-metal variant for the Canadian-market
AS.12 Four-engined aircraft project
AS.14 Ambassador Twin-engined 16-seat transport
AS.15 Bomber project
AS.16 planned licence build of Fokker F.XXII four-engine transport
AS.17 planned licence build of Fokker D.XVII single-seat fighter for Greece.
AS.18 Projected variant of the AS.17
AS.19 Fokker D.XIX single-seat fighter
AS.20 planned licence build of Fokker F.XXXVI transport
AS.21 Fokker D.XX single-seat fighter
AS.22 Fokker C.X two-seat fighter
AS.23 planned licence-built Douglas DC-2. None manufactured.
AS.24 Mailplane variant of the AS.14
AS.26 Gun-carrying biplane
AS.27 Irvine biplanes (2) 1936 (August) Special defence-aircraft to Specification 38/35, two prototypes ordered by the Air Ministry but not built.[2] Carrying a winch with 2000 feet of steel cable, to be released above cloud so that enemy bombers would not know where to expect barrage cables. the scheme was abandoned. [3]
AS.28 Twin-engined passenger transport
AS.29 Bomber to Specification B.1/35
AS.30 Queen Wasp 1937 Radio-controlled target to Specification 32/35
AS.31 Twin-boom rear mounted cockpit fighter project to Specification F.35/35<ref>The British Aircraft Specification File" by KJ Meekcoms & EB Morgan, Air-Britain, 1994, p.217</>
AS.32 Airliner project
AS.33 24-seat airliner project
AS.34 Airliner project
AS.35 Airliner project
AS.36 Two-seat trainer to Specification T.1/37
AS.37 Radio-controlled flying boat target to specification Q.8/37
AS.38 Variant of the AS.30 for communications duties
AS.39 Fleet Shadower 1939 Naval observation aircraft to Specification S.23.37
AS.40 Oxford 1938 Radio-research variant of the Oxford
AS.41 Experimental Leonides-powered variant of the Oxford
AS.42 Oxford 1938 Variant of the Oxford for New Zealand to specification T.39/37
AS.43 Oxford 1938 Survey variant of the AS.42
AS.44 Oxford replacement project
AS.45 Cambridge 1941 Single-engined trainer to Specification T.4/39
AS.46 Oxford V 1942 Winterised variant of the Oxford
AS.47 Twin-boom bomber project
AS.48 Single-seat night fighter project
AS.49 Single-seat fighter/trainer to Specification T.24/40
AS.50 Queen Wasp Production aircraft
AS.51 Horsa I 1941 Troop-carrying glider
AS.52 Horsa 1941 Bomb-carrying glider
AS.53 Vehicle transport variant of the Horsa
AS.54 Two-seat training glider to Specification TX.3/43
AS.55 Freighter project
AS.56 Single-seat fighter
AS.57 Ambassador 1947 Airliner
AS.58 Horsa II 1943 Vehicle transport glider
AS.59 Ambassador II Re-engined Ambassador project
AS.60 Ayrshire Military transport variant of the Ambassador to Specification C.13/45
AS.61 Dakota I conversions
AS.62 Dakota II conversions
AS.63 Dakota III conversions
AS.64 Military transport variant of the Ambassador to Specification C.26/43
AS.65 Consul 1946 Civil version of the Oxford
AS.66 Freighter variant of the Ambassador
AS.67 Freighter variant of the Ambassador



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