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Formagrid, Inc.
Airtable Logo.svg
Type of site
Collaborative software
HeadquartersSan Francisco, California, US
  • Howie Liu
  • Andrew Ofstad
  • Emmett Nicholas
Current statusActive

Airtable is a cloud collaboration service headquartered in San Francisco. It was founded in 2012 by Howie Liu, Andrew Ofstad, and Emmett Nicholas.

Airtable is a spreadsheet-database hybrid, with the features of a database but applied to a spreadsheet. The fields in an Airtable table are similar to cells in a spreadsheet, but have types such as 'checkbox', 'phone number', and 'drop-down list', and can reference file attachments like images.[1][2]

Users can create a database, set up column types, add records, link tables to one another, collaborate, sort records and publish views to external websites.


  • Feb 2015: Raised $3 million from Caffeinated Capital, Freestyle Capital, Data Collective, CrunchFund.[3]
  • April 2015: Airtable launches its API and embedded databases.[4]
  • May 2015: Raised $7.6 million funding from Charles River Ventures and Ashton Kutcher.[5]
  • July 2015: Introduced Airtable Forms to collect and organize data.[6]
  • August 2015: Airtable made "Add to Slack" option available to integrate Airtable with Slack.[7]
  • December 2015: Airtable redesigned its iOS app.[8]
  • December 2015: Airtable introduced barcode as new field type.[9]
  • March 2018: Raised $52 million in Series B funding; announced the launch of Airtable Blocks.[10]
  • November 2018: Raised $100 million in Series C funding.[11]
  • September 2020: Raised $185 million in Series D funding.[12]
  • March 2021: Raised $270 million in Series E funding;[13] funding was led by Greenoaks and also included WndrCo, Caffeinated Capital, CRV, and Thrive.[14]

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