Aisa Hota Hai

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Aisa Hota Hai
Official Poster
Directed by Aashish Dubey
Produced by Aashish Dubey
Screenplay by Aashish Dubey
Story by Aashish Dubey
Starring Muzaffer Khan
Sahasra Pathak
Pritha Nag
Amar Yadav
Salman Zaidi
Aashish Dubey
Cinematography Ravindra Nath Guru
Edited by Pankaj Yadav & Rohit Kanth
Release date
27 March 2012 Fribourg International Film Festival
Running time
13 minutes
Country India
Language Hindi / English

Aisa Hota Hai (It Happens ) is an Indian Short Film. The film stars Muzaffer Khan, Deba, Sahasra Pathak, Pritha Nag, Amar Yadav, Salman Zaidi, and Aashish Dubey in the lead, most of the cast is in this film is new. It is directed and produced by Aashish Dubey.The film is first Screened at prestigious film festival Fribourg International Film Festival on 27 March 2012. After That film got selected in many film festivals like New Jersey Independent South Asian Cine Fest, Indian Film Festival Stuttgart, Festival of Nations Film Festival AUSTRIA and many other film festivals around the world.


It’s a story about five people who have met in mysterious circumstances. All of them are on the other side of the law. Each one of them tries to maximize as the story progresses. The situation is very volatile and keeps changing every moment. So each one of them has to think about what they need to do in order to survive the ordeal.



As this was an independent film, it was very difficult to make this film for Aashish dubey .As he never had any money to make it . Two of his friends convinced him to make this film so that they can act as main actors.

It took Him six months to write the script, because he has to accommodate his two friends according to their look in the film. He said the main intention to make this film was to make show reel of their as ACTORS and his as Writer /Director. he mentioned that they all were fighting to get any kind of work since 2006. Every Producer /Director /casting directors ask for THREE things( beside family background) in so called Bollywood .first REFERENCE second DEGREE and least important SHOW REEL.As they were never eligible for first two thing so they thought to apply for the last one he added . But unfortunately after getting tremendous response from International Film Festivals they are unemployed till date as no Bollywood people want to see their work as they do not have any REFERENCE .

After shooting the film in December 2010 it took Aashish Dubey one year to edit the film as there was no money for editing. Some how after one year, two of his friends edited the film and he completed the film in January 2012 . He used the location sound for the film because he does not have any friends in sound department.








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