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Aisha (Arabic: عائشة‎, romanizedʿĀʾishah, lit.'she who lives' or 'womanly'; also spelled A'aisha, A'isha, Aischa, Aishah, Aicha, Aishat, Aisya, Aisyah, Ayşe, Aische, Aiša, Ajša, Aïcha, Aisyah, Aixa, Ayesha, or Iesha Aysha is an Arabic female given name. It originated from Aisha, the youngest wife of the Islamic prophet, Muhammad, and is a very popular name among Muslim women.

Ayesha and Aisha are common variant spelling in the Arab World and among American Muslim women in the United States, where it was ranked 2,020 out of 4,275 for females of all ages in the 1990 US Census.[1] The name Ayesha was briefly popular among English-speakers after it appeared in the book She by Rider Haggard,[2] as well as the song "Aicha"[3] by French Algerian singer Khaled.

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