Aishiteiru to Itte Kure

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Aishiteiru to Itte Kure
Genre Drama
Written by Eriko Kitagawa
Directed by Jiro Shono
Nobuhiro Doi
Katsuo Fukuzawa
Starring Etsushi Toyokawa
Takako Tokiwa
Akiko Yada
Isao Hashizume
Miyoko Akaza
Opening theme "Love Love Love by Dreams Come True
Country of origin Japan
Original language(s) Japanese
No. of episodes 12
Producer(s) Seiichiro Kijima
Running time 54 minutes
Original network TBS
Original release July 7 (1995-07-07) – September 22, 1995 (1995-09-22)

Aishiteiru to Itte Kure (愛していると言ってくれ, "Tell Me You Love Me") is a Japanese TV drama series which was aired in Japan on TBS from July through September 1995. It was the number one Japanese drama that year, and led to a brief fad of interest in Japanese Sign Language.


Hiroko, a young actress living in Tokyo, meets Koji one day when attempting to grab an apple from a tree in the neighborhood and he plucks it out for her. The two meet again and again in the park until one time, when she is practicing a role in the park, she learns from a child that Koji can neither speak nor hear. From this point on, the two begin to grow closer together and Hiroko even learns Japanese Sign Language to understand Koji better.



  • Screenwriter: Eriko Kitagawa
  • Producer: Seiichiro Kijima
  • Directors: Jiro Shono (1,2,5,7,8,12), Hiroyasu Doi (3,4,6,10,11), Katsuo Fukuwa (9)
  • Music: Masato Nakamura


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