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Pronunciation ay-chis-son
Region of origin Scotland
Language(s) Scots
Meaning Adam ("red earth")
Other names
Variant(s) Acheson, Atkinson, Aicheson, and Aitcheson, Adcock, Atcock
Footnotes: Frequency Comparisons[1]

Aitchison is a Scottish[2] surname of Scots origin. It derives from the pet name Atkin, which is a diminutive of Adam.[citation needed]

Another variant of the name is Acheson. It corresponds to the English name Atkinson, which is particularly common in Northern England. At the time of the British Census of 1881,[3] the relative frequency of the name Aitcheson was highest in Berwickshire (174.6 times the British average), followed by Haddingtonshire, Roxburghshire, Selkirkshire, Peeblesshire, Dumfriesshire, Edinburghshire, Linlithgowshire, Northumberland and Lanarkshire. The Aitchisons are traditionally a mainly Borders and Lowlands family. They are considered to be a sept of Clan Gordon.[4]

In Ireland, the name is common only in Ulster and particularly in counties Antrim and Down. Some Aitchisons are descended from Planters, although the name was recorded in Ireland before that period.[5]

Acheson is a variation of the name in Scotland and the Border region, having been originally spelled Atzinson (with the 'z' being pronounced as 'y', as in yet).[5]


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