Aitor Alan Marquina Bañuls

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Aitor Alan Marquina Bañuls is one of the past leaders of the youths of the Grup d'Acció Valencianista (JJGAV). Owing to the semisecret character of the GAV, we do not know exactly when he became president of these youths, but it seems that it happened around 2007. Since he was president of the JJGAV, they increased their violent activities, and they took part in several episodes of violence and terrorism.[1] Nevertheless, they have not received any legal penalty for this. He himself took part in the Sueca's Casal Jaume I assault on 14 December 2007, which was made by the JJGAV. He was identified by the Sueca local police, but he was not condemned for that.[2] In 2013 more or less he ceased to be the co-president of the GAV Youths.


  1. ^ A part of these violent actions can be found in this dossier (Spanish).
  2. ^ In this link (Catalan) there is a full report of these facts.

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