Ají panca

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Ají panca
Ají panca.jpg
SpeciesCapsicum baccatum
Heat Mild
Scoville scale100 SHU
Peruvian adobo chicken with ají panca
Peruvian chanfainita is made with bofe (cow lung) diced and cooked with diced potatoes with an ají panca sauce

Ají panca, Peruvian red pepper, is a variety of Capsicum baccatum (a chili pepper) grown in Peru and used in Peruvian cuisine.[1] It is commonly grown on the coast of Peru and measures 3 to 5 in (7.6 to 12.7 cm) long and 1 to 1.5 in (2.5 to 3.8 cm) across. It has thick flesh and fruity overtones, it turns deep red to burgundy when ripe. It is commonly sun-dried at the farms and sold dry. It is very mild and if deseeded and deveined is considered to have no heat but is instead used for its flavor and color.[2]


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