Aaj Robibar

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Aaj Robibar
Genre Comedy, Drama
Written by Humayun Ahmed
Directed by Humayun Ahmed
Country of origin Bangladesh
Original language(s) Bengali
No. of episodes 7
Original channel BTV
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Aaj Robibar (Bengali: আজ রবিবার) [Today is Sunday] is a Bengali comedy sitcom (referred to in Bengali as 'Dharabahik Natok'/drama serial) by Humayun Ahmed.[1][2]


The sitcom revolves around the day-to-day life of an eccentric household consisting of a grandfather, his three socially in-adept sons, two granddaughters, a boarder, the male-servant and the maid. From the eldest brother who remains a bachelor and plays chess with himself, to the servant who tries to peek in through a key-hole and gets squirted with ink on a daily basis, this show is thoroughly entertaining.

This is a play which is actually a story of funny incidents that took place at a household in Dhaka. The play starts with Kanka (younger granddaughter) introducing the characters of this play. Kanka and her elder sister Titli are fun loving girls and are in love with Aneez (a boarder). Aneez is extremely dedicated to studies and doesn't seems to realize their love for him.The father of Kanka and Title Jamil,the second brother and an architect by profession seems to be inclined to singing songs mainly of the ones composed by Hasan Raza.Jamil, who lost is wife 17 years ago,probably the time when Kanka was born,falls in love with an attractive, mature and intelligent woman Meera. Meera a spinster is taken to the house as a governess by Jamil. Jamil's elder brother Azgar, an eminent psychiatrist by profession seems to be always obsessed with his own imagination of incidents and personalities. The youngest brother remains insane and is usually quiet in the entire play. The story has traditional songs of Bangladesh like the "Jale Bhasa Padma aami".

The male servant Moti and the maid Phuli seems to like each other in the story.



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