Ajab Gul

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Ajab Gul
Born July 15, 1964 (1964-07-15) (age 52)[1]
Peshawar, Pakistan
Nationality Pakistani
Occupation Actor, Film Director, Producer
Years active 1984–present

Ajab Gul (Pashto: عجب گل) is a Pakistani actor turned film director and producer who has mostly worked in Pashto films. As well as working in Pakistani cinema he has worked in television and theater.[2]


He has starred in commercial movies such as Yaar Baash, Sharabi, Kyun Tum Say Itna Pyar Hai as well as critical performance movies such as Dukhtar. He has also starred in a string of successful television serials like "Fareb", "Girift", "Piyas", "Sooraj Kay Sath Sath", "Musafatain", "Pathar", "Ghulam Gardish", "Tawan", "Chashman", "Dastar", "Sheharzaad". His theatrical play "Janam Janam ki Maile Chadar" has set a record in South East Asia for its non stop 1680 shows. His directorial debut was the film Khoey Ho Tum Kahan (KHTK), which had a decent theatrical run upon its release in 2001. Among the high points of the film was its phenomenal soundtrack composed by Zain and some stunning cinematography. The success of this film was so huge that the Indian film industry released a similar movie Humraaz in 2002. Gul made his comeback with his blockbuster Kyun Tum Say Itna Pyar Hai, his follow up to KHTK.



Year Film Language
1991 Kalay Chor Urdu
1993 Chattan Pashto
1996 Charsa karke bharey
1999 Chaskedar
2006 Sabar Sha Zargiya Pashto
2006 Yaar Baash Pashto
2007 Dunya Mey Sta Sanama
2007 Godfather
2008 Sharabi Pashto
2008 I Love You
2013 Qurbani
2013 Ghairat
2014 Dukhtar Pashto/Urdu
2015 Iqrar Pashto
2016 Janaan Pashto/Urdu
2016 Salute Pashto/Urdu
2017 Karnal Sher Khan Pashto


Year Film Acted Notes
2001 Khoey Ho Tum Kahan Directorial Debut
2005 Kyun Tum Say Itna Pyar Hai Yes Writer and Music Director
2010 Jaal Yes
2015 Iqrar Yes


Maan Chale Ka Soda
Soorag Kay Sath Sath
Ghulam Gardish

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