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Ajapsandali - Georgian eggplant stew.jpg
Place of origin Georgia, Azerbaijan
Main ingredients Eggplant, potatoes, tomatoes, bell peppers, seasoning
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Ajapsandali (Georgian: აჯაფსანდალი), or ajapsandal[1] (Azerbaijani: əcəbsəndəl) is a traditional Azerbaijani and Georgian vegetarian dish consisting of eggplant, potato, tomato, bell pepper and seasoning.[2]

Ajapsandali is a popular family dish of Azerbaijani and Georgian cuisines. The main ingredients are eggplants, tomatoes, bell peppers, garlic, and cilantro. Some variations of the dish also include potatoes and the chili pepper. All the ingredients of ajapsandali are common Georgian food and readily available during the summer season. This dish is a relative to popular Turkish dish İmam bayıldı.


Translated from the Turkic dialects means "How delicious you are!"[3]


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