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Ajaz Ahmed (born 1976)[1][2] is a Pakistani farmer, with an unverified claim to being the world's tallest living person. He hails from Bakkhar village in Daryakhan, Punjab, and claims to be 8ft 4in or (2.56) meters tall although some sources state him as 7 ft 10 inches (2.39) meters tall. In 2009 he claimed to be 8ft 1 inches or (2.46) meters tall.[3] Ahmed is a victim of hormonal dysfunction. Ajaz Ahmed is still growing. He suffers from an orthopaedic problem that afflicted his right leg after he underwent surgery for a hip-bone fracture. Being a farmer from a rural family, he came to the notice of a Pakistani social worker, Talat Mehmood, who helped him get in touch with Qamruddin Ansari, the manager for Ghulam Shabbir, the holder of the Guinness Record for the biggest shoe size (U.S. size 452), and the late Alam Channa, the world's tallest man at the time.[4][5][6]