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Ajilimojili Chicken (9373907910).jpg
Chicken with ajilimójili, rice, and salsa
Place of originUnited States
Region or statePuerto Rico
Main ingredientsolive oil, garlic, cilantro or culantro, hot peppers, pepper, vinegar or citrus

Ajilimójili is a hot or hot and sweet chili sauce from Puerto Rico, traditionally served over grilled seafood, vegetables, boiled tuber vegetables and especially grilled meats.


Ajilimójili is a combination of olive oil, garlic, cilantro or culantro, hot peppers (such as scotch bonnet, habanero chili or ají caballero), pepper, vinegar or citrus (most common are lemon juice, lime juice, sour orange juice, white vinegar, red vinegar, or malt vinegar), all finely chopped or blended, simmered and cooled to serve.[1] A variant, sweet ajilimójili, adds ingredients such as sweet red peppers, ajicitos, honey, tomato sauce and butter.

The sauce is one of the essential elements of Puerto Rican cooking.

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