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Ajit J. Khubani is an American businessman, the founder and CEO of "As Seen On TV" products company Telebrands.[1]

He attended Montclair State University in New Jersey where he majored in business administration while working for his father’s importing business. During this time, Khubani tried selling a product on his own. Using money from his savings, he took out an ad in the National Enquirer for a Walkman-type radio, which his father had sold to him on credit. He sold 2,000 of them and broke even. Eventually, at the age of 25 years, Khubani sold a massaging slippers product, earning $200,000.[citation needed]

Khubani's first successful product with TeleBrands was Ambervision sunglasses. He went on to create other products, including the PedEgg.[2]

Khubani tours the U.S. hosting "TeleBrands Inventors Days", where at-home inventors come to demonstrate their products.[3]


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