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Ajit Singh Saini (1922–2007) was an eminent and critically acclaimed writer[1][2][3][4] of Punjab (India). He was associated with the Punjabi daily "Ajit"[5] as its managing editor[6] and columnist.[7] He is remembered in Punjab both as a freedom-fighter and an acclaimed writer and columnist. He was an officer in Indian National Army (INA) and a close lieutenant of Subhas Chandra Bose. Saini worked with the wire service of INA and Arzi Hukumat-e-Azad Hind or Provisional Government of Free India, more simply, Indian government in exile.[7]

Indian National Army (INA) officer[edit]

Ajit Saini joined in the British Indian Army as a military officer on the rank of lieutenant. While fighting the Japanese army in the Malayan campaign, he came under the influence of Capt. Mohan Singh and thereafter defected to the Indian National Army in order to fight for India's liberation.[7] His first job as part of INA was as the army's liaison officer for handling INA's communication with Japanese forces and diplomats. Thereafter he also worked as the assistant editor of INA news magazine Azad Hind which was published from Singapore.[7][8]

Career as a journalist and writer[edit]

In 1956 Ajit Saini joined Information and Broadcasting Department of Government of India and launched his dedicated writing career.[7] He was also the managing editor of the Punjabi daily 'Ajit'[5] which is one of Punjab's reputed newspaper.[9]

Awards and recognition[edit]

Ajit Saini was felicitated during his lifetime both for his contributions to India's freedom movement and to the literary arena. During his lifetime he won the following awards and recognitions:[7]

  • Commendation from the Chief Minister of Punjab, Giani Zail Singh, later India's President, for contribution to freedom movement.
  • Commendation from Sahit Vichar Kendar for literary contributions.
  • Commendation from the Punjab Teachers Union for journalistic excellence.

His short-story anthology titled, 'Wadhiya Tea-set', was released in a literary conference held in New Delhi by the late ex-Prime Minister Narasimha Rao who was then India's Foreign Minister.

Critically acclaimed literary works[edit]

Some of Ajit Saini's notable anthologies of short stories in Punjabi language which won critical acclaim are as follows:[7][10]

  • Jai Hind
  • Wadhiya Tea-set
  • Tutade Rishte
  • Mitti Di Pukar
  • Aurat Faltu Nahin
  • Adhura Shahkar
  • Ek Manas ki Jaat

Death widely condoled: Chief Minister's message[edit]

Ajit Saini, died December 10, 2007 and his demise was widely condoled in Punjab. In a condolence message the Chief Minister said that 'Saini was a multi-faceted personality who served in the Indian National Army (INA) and made a significant contribution towards the Indian freedom struggle. As a noted Journalist and an eminent Columnist Ajit Saini through his prolific writings in the esteemed columns of regional and national newspapers proved to be instrumental in bringing social awakening amongst the down-trodden and unprivileged section of the society. In his death "a void has been created in the literary circles which was difficult to be filled"', said Badal.[9][11][12][13][14]


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