Ajith Bandara

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Ajith Bandara
Nationality Sri Lankan

Ajith Bandara is a Sri Lankan singer. He is popular in the country for winning the first season of the singing contest Sirasa Superstar in 2006.[1] His first album was "Thilaka Thiyanna". The album was launched in Sugathadasa Indoor Stadium in Colombo.

After the releasing the first album, it was given much publicity specially by the Sirasa TV. At present public does not see him on media.

Track listing[edit]

Thilaka Thiyanna album included songs
No. Title Length
1. "Amma" (Album Version) 03.23
2. "Asipiya Salana Nisa" (Album Version) 04.02
3. "Heen Manike" (Album Version)  
4. "Mage Nage" (Album Version) 03.23
5. "Mage Sithata Muva Vemin" (Album Version) 04.01
6. "Mata Enna Nodi" (Album Version) 3.49
7. "Oba Innavanam Inna Ma Langa" (Album Version) 03.44
8. "Parasathu Mal Pipila" (Album Version) 03.36
9. "Rea Sandalia" (Album Version)  
10. "Seetha Handeakare" (His first Music video made by this song) 3.59
11. "Sewwandiye" (Album Version) 04.26
12. "Sihineka Sitha Davatee" (Album Version) 04.26
13. "Sudu Hansiye Mihiraviye" (Album Version) 04.59
14. "Tharuka Niva" (Album Version) 03.46
15. "Thilaka Thiyanna" (Sung with fellow Superstar contestants usually) 03.36
16. "Vilak Nelum Mal Aragena" (Album Version)  


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